You cannot understand how much Your Father loves You, for there is no parallel in Your experience of the world to help You understand it

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The Urtext of Jesus Christ as Printed Book and Audiobook

June 7, 2019


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Jesus Christus – Urtext

What happens next?

I do not know. Nothing happens. At the moment I do consider this world neither “exciting” nor “interesting” at all. Just like hell.

Maybe because of that I definitely fell in Love with Jesus Christ. He does not exaggerate in Any way when He says:

Ich wurde als das Ding erschaffen das Ich suche.
Ich bin das Ziel das die Welt sucht.
Ich bin Gottes Sohn, Seine eine Ewige Liebe.
Ich bin das Mittel und ebenso das Ende der Erlösung.

I was quite diligent since My last newsletter and have translated now 1/4 or 493 pages of His Urtext into German. You can download It as mp3-audiobook read by Myself immediately for a donation of at least 20 Euro from My website:

Den Urtext von Jesus Christus als mp3-Hörbuch sofort herunterladen

I already recorded 6 of the altogether 20 hours. This includes the complete Handbuch as well as all Besondere Botschaften. For Your one-time donation You can download lifelong the latest version whenever You want.

Additionally You can order for a donation of at least 40 Euro order the 493 pages I translated as a printed book. However It will only be printed after 5.000 Euro have been donated for it altogether. If a single Person donates 5.000 Euro that means that the book will be printed for Everyone. If You order the printed book You get the mp3-audiobook for free which You can download immediately.

Den Urtext von Jesus Christus als Buch bestellen

What is maybe much more interesting for You is that the complete English Original with Its powerful 1971 pages or 80 hours is now also available for at least 20 Euro donation as mp3-audiobook read by Myself or for at least 80 Euro donation as a printed book. For the English Original as a printed book I wait until a total of 10.000 Euro has been donated before it is printed. But if You order the book You get the mp3-audiobook for free with it which You can download immediately.

Jesus Christ – Urtext

I was created as the thing I seek.
I am the goal the world is searching for.
I am God’s Son, His one Eternal Love.
I am Salvation’s means and end as well.

Download immediately the Urtext as mp3-audiobook

Order the Urtext of Jesus Christ as a printed book

My German translation as well as the English Original will always be published free and at full length in the latest version on My website. Even if You do not order anything I would appreciate very much if You donate to My Superdigi Foundation. And maybe You want to tell Others about the Urtext of Jesus Christ Who might be interested in It or if You have an audience You could talk about It. In fact I think that It has to be the biggest talking point of every newspaper, every TV- and radiostation and of course the whole Internet. At least for a while. I would love to answer any question regarding It. But maybe Jesus Christ can do that better than Me.

He answers 14 basic questions in the Workbook. 28 further frequently asked questions are answered in the Manual by Him. I noticed that in fact the first sentence of His answer often suffices. Therefore I send You in this mail only the first sentence of the answer. You can read the rest on My website.

In full length, 6 pages, You get here His own answer to the basic question

What Says the Urtext?


My next focus will be to correct My German translation. I do everything totally on My own. If You want You can help Me with suggestions. But keep these two rules in Mind:

1) The content must stay the same like the English Original.

2) My German Translation must work in its own way or better than the English Original.

After that I am going to complete the German and English audiobooks.

My big dream would be, after working thousands of hours without pay, that I could make this My profession and I can make a living from it.

If something happens I will let You know.

So long,


Hell continues

January 11, 2018

The crucified Jesus Christ

In this newsletter I send You Chapter 2 of the Textbook with the title The Illusion of Separation.

The very first sentence of the Urtext of Jesus Christ says:

It is crucial to say first that this is a required Course.

Obviously He gets the opposite of what He intended because the interest in His Course still seems to be equal zero. Being ignored, all My efforts to make It known, one of these is this newsletter, are in no way successful. I need not to mention that no One donates anything.

Actually all of this should not worry Me too much, because My beloved Aunt Trudel died three years ago and left Me half of Her fortune which in total is probably worth 500.000 EURO and consist mainly of a small holiday flat in Berchtesgaden and a penthouse in Munich. The other half goes to OTTO PRÖSSNER. Instead of talking directly with Me about the split of this heritage He sued Me and ignored Me ever since. As a result of this lawsuit, an 6 more that followed up, I had to pay 40.000 EURO.

Merely by letting the penthouse in Munich One could have earned 50.000 EURO in the meantime. OTTO PRÖSSNER does this without My consent to People I do not know and keeps All the money for Himself. A couple of weeks ago My Lawyer resigned and the Court told Me if there won’t be another Lawyer present at the 7th trial in Munich on January 30, 2018 I will loose automatically.

Because of that My debt currently sums up to 20.000 EURO and I have no money left to travel to Munich Myself. Something has to change short-term in principle. Making more debt is no solution.

Frankly I do not know what to do. All My attempts to get a job or money were not successful. Therefore I ask You if Somebody has an idea for Me. I would appreciate it if You only send Me actual offers.


As death is an illusion the hell that is My Life will unfortunately continue. In My next newsletter I will tell You how.

Apart from that Jesus Christ will answer these 14 questions:

What is Forgiveness?

What is Salvation?

What is the World?

What is Sin?

What is the Body?

What is the Christ?

What is the Holy Spirit?

What is the Real World?

What is the Second Coming?

What is the Last Judgment?

What is Creation?

What is the Ego?

What is a Miracle?

What am I?

The answers to these questions have are in an unusual way integrated into the 620 pages strong Workbook where We are only supposed to find 365 exercises and the instructions on how to do them.

The Workbook sounds differently, many exercises contain prayers where the subject is I. The content consists mainly of statements that were never said before this clearly and unequivocally and still I totally agree with everything Jesus Christ says.

As I try not to change at All the English Original You will find in My Preview the answers right now which will not be much different to the later published version.

I need do nothing

October 15, 2017

Jesus Christ – Christo de la Concordia

Meanwhile I read the Urtext a couple of times and also did All of the practices in the Workbook. If I would be asked which is My favorite sentence that also sums up best what the Course is All about, I would not hesitate to answer:

I need do nothing except not to interfere.

This sentence is exactly the opposite of the attitude of this sick world and for Me at the moment the only way to get somehow along with the insanity around Us.

There is another sentence that I think about a lot at the moment:

Instead of giving Them autonomy You try to control Them by intimidation.

This sentence not only contains an exact description of All the problems We face in this world, it also gives the means by which they could be solved immediately.

As promised I send You here the introductions to All 31 chapters of the Textbook. But not only that:

1) I deleted some small passages from Chapter 1 that I sent You in My last newsletter which I considered irrelevant then. I decided to include them subsequently and send them to You in this newsletter.

2) At the end of the introduction to Chapter 2 Jesus dictated 4 pages of text that belong to b. Distortions of Miracleimpulses in Chapter 1 where He talks about possession. As this makes this subchapter nearly twice as large I resend it to You in this newsletter.

3) What Jesus promises Us sounds really wonderful and good to Me, but one question remains:


Only about two months ago I read for the first time His Special Messages some of which He gave after He finished dictating His Course.

On December 15, 1975 Jesus said:

You need do nothing now. Between now and the end of December some very important and necessary changes will take place. One of them is factual and the others are shifts in attitudes. Until these have been accomplished it would be pointless to try to force through a plan. Afterwards the plan will unfold of itself.

Be content to get together, All of You or some of You, as You are told. Each meeting will contribute to the goal. But the real changes will be sudden, unexpected and genuinely revealing. Nothing will be left unresolved.

On December 31, 1975 Jesus said:

It is done. This year will be different. Hell has gone by. I did not fail. I brought You All unto Your Father, out of hell forever.

For Me the Special Messages are an accurate description of what is happening right now in Our horrible world and what We should do about it:


See You next time!



In the introduction of Chapter 3 Jesus says:

The next part of this Course rests too heavily on the earlier part not to require its study. Without this, You will become much too fearful when the unexpected does occur to make constructive use of it.

That’s why I send You in My next newsletter which You will get probably by the end of December Chapter 2 with the title The Illusion of Separation.

This chapter is also about God’s Last Judgment where nothing will happen. This is of course only My personal explanation. Jesus has a little more to say about it.

In the Preview You can read the nonedited version of it right now.


Ascension Day, May 25, 2017

Jesus Christus – Urtext
The Crucified is brought away by two Women.
Picture on an Estruscan mirror.

About one year ago I started translating Jesus Christ into German and published everything on My homepage. Doing that Everybody totally ignores Me or alternatively attacks Me sometimes. At the same time I recognize happily that more and more People are using terms and statements of the Urtext in Their language.

One year ago I did an internet search on the term Urtext and found only references to the Urtext of Jesus Christ. There were also some references to musical notes that claimed the term for Themselves, but since musical notes are not text I am fine with that.

Today this term is suddenly used in an inflationary way for the Bible. There is no Urtext of the Bible, and if there was one, Everybody could see clearly how the Bible has been distorted. Jesus never was a Jew. He was neither born in Palestine nor has He ever lived there. The jewish religion is not God’s chosen “People”.

Jesus says:

Consider the power of My Word, in that it has withstood All the attacks of error, and is the Source of Truth.

Jesus also says:

I am the only completely true witness for God. You have every right to examine My credentials — in fact, I urge You to do so.

At Present You find the true Urtext of Jesus Christ for free and exclusive on the website of Doug Thompson and on My website. In this newsletter I send You the complete Chapter 1 of the Textbook.

Have fun!



For You to know where Our journey leads Us to I decided to publish and translate next All the Introductions to All of the 31 Chapters of the Textbook which are very comprehensible. In My preview You can anytime have a look at My progress.

Happy Birthday dear Jesus!

Christmas, December 24, 2016

2017 years ago Jesus was born. This is a short specialnewsletter due to His birthday.

Jesus Christ – Happy Birthday

A couple of weeks ago I found amongst the many pages of the Urtext one that was dated Christmas 1969.


This is a beautiful dialog between Jesus and Helen Schucman that I already sent You in My last newsletter:

H: I don’t think B wants this Course, and I’m not sure I do, either. He is very snappy.

I think this is slightly true because something is bothering Him, but He certainly is not very snappy. So why not try to help Him instead of blowing it up into an obstruction? He helps You All the time.

H: I resent this.

He is supposed to help Me but I – I resent a reciprocal arrangement, because He is a Man. Men are supposed to give to Me, but this is not possible.

H: I don’t always feel this way. It’s a danger signal now and just means something’s wrong. Anyway, presumably this Course is an elective.

No it isn’t.

7 years ago this Course draw My attention to it for the first time. About half a year ago I decided to publish an uncensored version of it on My homepage and to translate it into German. Right now this work is almost the only thing that I really have fun with.

Unfortunately various bartenders and cashiers in the supermarket still want Me to give Them money. Additionally I should pay at least My power and Internet bills to be able to continue My work.

Up to now only one Person donated 20 EUR for two books We sent to Him.

Jesus also says:

B is doing very well, and I am deeply grateful for His efforts. I do need help with this Course.

B – please don’t let Me down.

This is very unexpected. I don’t talk this way to Men.

Therefore I would appreciate if You use Jesus’ birthday as an opportunity to donate to My Superdigi Foundation. Only when You give Your money to My Foundation You can be sure that it will be spent solely for Health, Healing, Learning and Truth.

Merry Christmas,



It will probably take a couple of weeks until I finish My German translation of the 70 pages long first chapter of the textbook. However, there will be only minor changes in the English version that is already available as a preview on My website.

Hello world!

St. Nicholas’ Day, December 6, 2016

This is My first personal newsletter to You. I just send it to Anyone I ever sent an e-mail to or Who ever contacted Me by E-Mail. It is also possible that I put Your E-mail address in My mailing list because I think My newsletter could be of interest to You. Don't be afraid: At the end of this newsletter You find a link to easily unsubscribe You from My list.

If You want this newsletter to be sent to another E-Mail address, You can subscribe on My homepage

Right now I am just starting with My activities and if You like what I do I would be glad if You tell others about it. Currently My website is listed very low in the common search engines. If You are active in the internet You could help Me also by placing a link to My website.


In My next newsletter Jesus tells Us more about Miracles, sex, projection and possession.

Do not miss that.

So long!


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