No One can crucify Himself alone, and yet,
No One can enter Heaven by Himself.

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Jesus Christ – Urtext Preview


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Chapter 4 – The Root of All Evil

a. Right Teaching and Right Learning

[Eine deutsche Übersetzung hierfür gibt es bei FIP Kapitel 3 VI 7] We have spoken of many different human symptoms and at this level there is almost endless variation. But there is only one cause for All of them. The authority problem is “the root of All evil.” Money is but one of its many reflections and is a reasonably representative example of the kind of thinking which stems from it. The idea of buying and selling implies precisely the kind of exchange [des Tausches] that the Souls cannot understand at all, because Their own Supply is always abundant and All Their demands are fully met.

Every symptom which the ego has made involves a contradiction in terms. This is because the Mind is split between the ego and the Soul, so that whatever the ego makes is incomplete and contradictory. Consider what a “speechless professor” means as a concept. It literally means a “nonprofessing professor” or a “nonspeaking speaker.”

Untenable positions such as this are the result of the authority problem, which, because it accepts the one inconceivable thought as its premise, can only produce ideas which are inconceivable. B may claim, and has certainly done so in the past, that the professorship was thrust upon Him. This is not True. He wanted it very much and also worked hard to get it. He would not have had to work so hard either, if He had not misunderstood it.

The term “profess” is used quite frequently in the bible, but in a somewhat different context. To profess is to identify with an idea and offer the idea to Others to be Their own. The idea does not lessen, it becomes stronger. The teacher clarifies His own ideas and strengthens them by teaching them.

Teacher and pupil, therapist and patient, are All alike in the learning process. They are in the same order of learning and unless They share Their lessons they will lack conviction. If a salesman must believe in the product He sells, how much more must a teacher believe in the ideas which He professes. But He needs another condition: He must also believe in the students to Whom He offers His ideas.

B could not be afraid to teach unless He still believes that interaction means loss and that learning means separation. He stands guard over His own ideas, because He wants to protect His thought system as it is and learning means change. Change is always fearful to the separated, because They cannot conceive of it as a change toward healing the separation. They always perceive it as a change for further separation, because separation was Their first experience of change.

Bill, Your whole fear of teaching is nothing but an example of Your own intense separation anxiety, which You have handled with the usual series of mixed defenses in the combined pattern of attack on Truth and defense of error, which characterizes All egothinking.

You insist that if You allow no change to enter into Your ego, Your Soul will find Peace. This profound confusion is possible only if One maintains that the same thought system can stand on two foundations [Fundament].

Nothing can reach the Soul from the ego and nothing from the Soul can strengthen the ego or reduce the conflict within [in seinem Innern] it. The ego is a contradiction. Man’s Self and God’s Self are in opposition [Optional: gegenüber im Widerstand sein]. They are opposed in Creation, in will and in outcome. They are fundamentally irreconcilable because the Soul cannot perceive and the ego cannot know. They are therefore not in communication and can never be in communication.

Nevertheless the ego can learn, because its maker can be misguided, but cannot make the totally lifeless out of the lifegiven. The Soul need not be taught, but the ego must. The ultimate reason why learning or teaching is perceived as frightening is because True learning does lead to the relinquishment, not destruction, of the ego to the Light of the Soul. This is the change the ego must fear, because it does not share My charity.

My lesson was like Yours. And because I learned it I can teach it. I never attack Your egos, in spite of H’s strange beliefs to the contrary, but I do try to teach Them how Their thought systems have arisen. When I remind You of Your True Creation, Your egos cannot but respond with fear.

Bill, teaching and learning are Your greatest strengths now, because You must change Your Mind and help Others change Theirs. It is pointless to refuse to tolerate change or changing because You believe that You can demonstrate by doing so that the Separation never occurred. The dreamer Who doubts the Reality of His dream while He is still dreaming it is not really healing the levelsplit.

You have dreamed of a separated ego and You have believed in a world which rested upon it. This is very real to You. You cannot undo this by doing nothing and not changing.

If You are willing to renounce the role of guardians of Your thought systems and open them to Me, I will correct them very gently and lead You home. Every good teacher hopes to give His students so much of His own thinking that They will one day no longer need Him. This is the one real goal of the parent, teacher and therapist. This goal will not be achieved by Those Who believe that They will lose Their child or pupil or patient if They succeed.

It is impossible to convince the ego of this, because it goes against All of its own laws. But remember that laws are set up to protect the continuity of the system in which the lawmaker believes. It is natural enough for the ego to try to protect itself, once You have made it. But it is not natural for You to want to obey its laws unless You believe in them.

The ego cannot make this choice because of the nature of its origin. But You can, because of the nature of Yours. Egos can clash in any situation, but Souls cannot clash at all. If You perceive a teacher as merely a “larger ego,” You will be afraid, because to enlarge an ego is to increase separation anxiety. Do not engage in this foolishness, Bill. I will teach with You and live with You, if You will think with Me.

But My goal will always be to absolve You finally from the need for a teacher. This is the opposite of the egooriented teacher’s goal. He is concerned with the effect of His ego on other egos and He therefore interprets their interaction as a means of ego preservation. This is no less True if He is afraid to teach than if He is frankly out to dominate through teaching. The form of the symptom is only a reflection of His particular way of handling the separation anxiety.

All separation anxiety is a symptom of a continuing will to remain separated. This cannot be repeated too often because You have not learned it. Bill, You are afraid to teach only because You are afraid of the impression Your image of Yourself will make on other images. You believe that Their approval of Your image will exalt it, but also that Your separation anxiety will be increased. You also believe that Their disapproval of it will lessen the separation anxiety, but at the cost of depression.

I would not be able to devote Myself to teaching if I believed either of these ideas and You will not be a devoted teacher Yourself as long as You maintain them. I am constantly being perceived as a teacher either to be exalted or rejected, but I do not accept either perception for Myself.

Your own worth is not established by Your teaching. Your worth was established by God. As long as You dispute this, Everything You do will be fearful and particularly any situation which lends itself easily to the superiorinferior fallacy. Teachers must be patient and repeat Their lessons until they are learned. I am willing to do so, because I have no right to set Your learning limits for You.

Once again, — nothing You do or think or will or make is necessary to establish Your worth. This point is not debatable except in delusions. Your ego is never at stake because God did not create it. Your Soul is never at stake because He did. Any confusion on this point is a delusion and no form of devotion is possible as long as this delusion lasts.

Bill, if You will to be a devoted teacher rather than an egocentric One, You will not be afraid. The teaching situation is fearful if it is misused as an ego involvement. If You become afraid, it is because You are using it this way. But the devoted teacher perceives the situation as it is and not as He wills it. He does not see it as dangerous because He is not exploiting it.

The ego tries to exploit All situations into forms of praise for itself in order to overcome its doubts. It will be doubtful forever, or better, as long as You believe in it. You Who made it cannot trust it, because You know it is not real. The only sane solution is not to try to change Reality, which is indeed a fearful attempt, but to see it as it is. You are part of Reality, Which stands unchanged beyond the reach of Your ego, but within [innerhalb/im Innern/nach innen/in] easy reach of Your Soul.

Bill, again I tell You that when You are afraid, be still and know that God is real and You are His beloved Son in Whom He is well pleased. Do not let Your ego dispute this, because the ego cannot know what is as far beyond its reach as You are. God is not the author of fear. You are. You have willed, therefore, to create unlike Him and You have made fear for Yourselves.

You are not at Peace, because You are not fulfilling Your function. God gave You a very lofty responsibility which You are not meeting. You know this and You are afraid. But Your egos have chosen to be afraid instead of meeting it. When You awaken You will not be able to understand this, because it is literally incredible.

Do not believe the incredible now. Any attempt to increase its believableness is merely to postpone the inevitable. The word “inevitable” is fearful to the ego, but joyous to the Soul. God is inevitable and You cannot avoid Him any more than He can avoid You.

The ego is afraid of the Soul’s Joy, because once You have experienced this, You will withdraw All protection from Your ego and become totally without investment in fear. Your investment is great now, because fear is a witness to the Separation and Your ego rejoices when You witness to it.

Leave it behind. Do not listen to it and do not preserve it. Listen only to God, Who is as incapable of deception as are the Souls He created. As teachers and therapists, release Yourselves and release Others. Do not present a false and unworthy picture of Yourselves to Others or accept such a picture of Them Yourselves.

The ego has built a shabby and unsheltering home for You, because it cannot build otherwise. Do not try to make this impoverished house stand. Its weakness is Your Strength. Only God could make a home that was worthy of His Creations, Who have chosen to leave it empty by Their own dispossession.

His Home will stand forever and is ready for You when You choose to enter. Of this You can be wholly certain. God is as incapable of creating the perishable as Your ego is of making the eternal.

Of Your egos You can do nothing to save Yourselves or Others. But of Your Souls You can do Everything for the Salvation [Erlösung] of Both. Humility [Ergebenheit] is a lesson for the ego, not for the Soul. The Soul is beyond humility [Ergebenheit], because it recognizes its radiance and gladly sheds Its Light Everywhere.

The meek shall inherit the earth because Their egos are humble [ergeben] and this gives Them better perception. The Kingdom of Heaven is the right of the Soul, Whose beauty and dignity are beyond doubt, beyond perception and stand forever as the mark of the Love of God for His Creations, Who are wholly worthy of Him and only of Him. Nothing else is sufficiently worthy to be a gift for a Creation of God Himself.

I will substitute for Your ego if You will, but never for Your Soul. A Father can safely leave a child with an elder Brother Who has shown Himself responsible, but this involves no confusion about the child’s origin. The Brother can protect the child’s body and His ego, which are very closely associated, but He does not confuse Himself with the Father because He does this, although the child may.

The reason why I can be entrusted with Your body and Your egos is simply because this enables You not to be concerned with Them and Me to teach You their unimportance. I could not understand their importance to You if I had not once been tempted to believe them Myself. Let Us undertake to learn this lesson together, so We can also be free of them together.

I need devoted teachers as much as I need devoted priestesses. They Both heal the Mind and that is always My own aim. The Soul is far beyond the need of Your protection or Mine.

The biblical quotation should read

In this world You need not have tribulation because I have overcome the world.

That is why You should

Be of good cheer.

B’s course was very carefully chosen, because “abnormal psychology” is ego psychology. This is precisely the kind of content which should never be taught from the ego whose abnormality should be lessened by teaching, not increased. You, Bill, are particularly well suited to perceive this difference and can therefore teach this Course as It should be taught. Most teachers have an unfortunate tendency to teach the Course abnormally and many of the students are apt to suffer considerable perceptual distortion because of Their own authority problem.

Your teaching assignment, and I assure You it is an assignment, will be to present perceptual distortions without either engaging in them Yourself or encouraging Your students to do so. This interpretation of Your role and Theirs is too charitable to induce fear. If You adhere to this role, You will Both engender and experience hope and You will inspire rather than dispirit the future teachers and therapists I am entrusting to You.

I promise to attend Myself and You should at least credit with Me with some dependability in keeping My own promises. I never make them lightly, because I know the need My Brothers have for trust.

b. The ego and False Autonomy

Bill has asked lately how the Mind could ever have made the ego. This is a perfectly reasonable question, in fact, the best question either of You could ask. There is no point in giving an historical answer, because the past does not matter in human terms and history would not exist if the same errors were not being repeated in the Present. B has often told You that Your thinking is too abstract at times and He is right. Abstraction does apply to knowledge, because knowledge is completely impersonal and examples are irrelevant to its understanding. Perception, however, is always specific and therefore quite concrete.

Perceptual distortions are not abstractions. They are merely confusions. Each Man makes one ego for Himself, although it is subject to enormous variation because of its instability, and one for Everyone He perceives, which is equally variable. Their interaction is a process which literally alters both, because they were not made either by or with the unalterable.

It is particularly important to realize that this alteration can and does occur as readily when the interaction takes place in the Mind as when it involves physical presence. Thinking about another ego is as effective in changing relative perception as is their physical interaction. There could be no better example of the fact that the ego is an idea, though not a realitybased thought. Your own present state is the best concrete example B could have of how the Mind could have made the ego. You do have real knowledge at times, but then You throw it away it is as if You never had it. This willfullness is so apparent that B need only perceive it to see that is does happen. If it can occur that way in the Present, why should He be surprised that it occurred that way in the past? All psychology rests on the principle of continuity of behavior. Surprise is a reasonable response to the unfamiliar, but hardly to something that has occurred with such persistence.

An extreme example is a good teaching aid, not because it is typical, but because it is clear. The more complex the material, the clearer the examples should be for teaching purposes.

Bill, remember that for Your own course and do not avoid the dramatic. It holds the student’s interest precisely because it is so apparent that it can be readily perceived.

But, as We have said before, All teaching devices in the hands of good teachers are aimed at rendering Themselves unnecessary. I would therefore like to use Your present state as an example of how the Mind can work, provided You Both fully recognize that It need not work that way. I never forget this Myself and a good teacher shares His own ideas, which He Himself believes. Otherwise, He cannot really “profess” them, as We used the term before.

With full recognition of its transitory nature, a recognition which I hope You Both share, H offers a very good teaching example of alternations between Soul and ego, with concomitant variation between Peace and frenzy. In answer to B’s question, it is perfectly apparent that when She is egodominated, She does not know Her Soul. Her abstract ability, which is perfectly genuine and does stem from knowledge, cannot help Her because She has turned to the concrete which She cannot handle abstractly. Being incapable of appropriate concreteness perceptually, because Her ego is not Her natural home, She suffers from its intrusions, but not from complete lack of knowledge.

The result is a kind of “double Vision,” which would have produced an actual diplopia, if She had not settled for nearsightedness. This was an attempt to see the concrete more clearly through the ego’s eyes, without the “interference” of the longer range. Her virtual lack of astigmatism is due to Her real efforts at objectivity and fairness. She has not attained them or She would not be nearsighted. But She has tried to be fair with what She permitted Herself to see.

Why are You surprised that something happened in the dim past, when it is so clearly happening right now? You forget the Love that even animals have for Their own offspring and the need They feel to protect Them. This is because They regard Them as part of Themselves. No One disowns something He regards as a very real part of Himself. Man reacts to His ego much as God does to His Souls – with Love, protection and great charity. The reaction of Man to the Self He made is not at all surprising. In fact, it duplicates in many ways the way He will one day react to His real Creations, which are as timeless as He is.

The question is not how Man responds toward His ego, but only what He believes He is. Again, belief is an egofunction and as long as Your origin is open to belief at all, You are regarding it from an ego viewpoint. That is why the bible quotes Me as saying

Ye believe in God, believe also in Me.

Belief does apply to Me, because I am the teacher of the ego. When teaching is no longer necessary, You will merely know God.

Belief that there is another way is the loftiest idea of which egothinking is capable. This is because it contains a hint of recognition that the ego is not the Self. Helen always had this idea, but it merely confused Her. B, You were more capable of a longrange view and that is why Your eyesight is good. But You were willing to see because You utilized judgment against what You saw. This gave You clearer perception than Helen’s, but cut off the cognitive level more deeply. That is why You believe that You never had knowledge.

Repression has been a stronger mechanism in Your own ego defense and that is why You find Her shifts so hard to tolerate. Willfullness is more characteristic of Her and that is why She has less sense than You do. It is extremely fortunate, temporarily, that the particular strengths You will Both develop and use are precisely those which the Other must supply now. You Who will be the Strength of God are quite weak and You Who will be God’s help are clearly in need of help. What better plan could have been devised to prevent the intrusion of the ego’s arrogance [Überheblichkeit] on the outcome?

Undermining the foundation [Fundament] of an ego’s thought system must be perceived as painful, even though this is Anything but True. Babies scream in rage if You take away a knife or a scissors, even though They may well harm Themselves if You do not. The speedup has placed You Both in the same position.

You are not by any means prepared and in this sense You are babies. You have no sense of real selfpreservation and are very likely to decide that You need precisely what would hurt You most. Whether You know it now or not, however, You Both have willed to cooperate in a concerted and very commendable effort to become Both harmless and helpful, two attributes which must go together. Your attitudes, even toward this, are necessarily conflicted, because All attitudes are egobased.

This will not last. Be patient awhile and remember what We have said once before: The outcome is as certain as God! Helen used to perceive the quotation To Him that hath shall be given [verlinken] as a paradox that bordered on the ironic. She also had a similar reaction to another related one: Faith is the gift of God. [verlinken] We have reinterpreted both of these statements before, but perhaps We can make them even clearer now.

Only Those Who have a real and lasting sense of abundance can be Truly charitable. This is quite obvious when You consider the concepts involved. To be able to give Anything implies that You can do without it. Even if You associate giving with sacrifice, You still give only because You believe You are somehow getting something better so that You can do without the thing You give.

“Giving to get” is an inescapable law of the ego, which always evaluates itself in relation to others’ egos and is therefore continually preoccupied with the scarcity principle which gave rise to it. This is the meaning of Freud’s “pleasure principle.” Freud was the most accurate “ego psychologist” We ever had, although He would not have preferred this description Himself. His ego was a very weak and deprived [benachteiligendes] concept, which could function only as a thing in need.

The “Reality principle” of the ego is not real at all. It is forced to perceive the “Reality” of other egos, because it cannot establish the Reality of itself. In fact, its whole perception of other egos as real is only an attempt to convince itself that it is real.

“Self esteem,” [Selbstbewusstsein] in ego terms, means nothing more than that the ego has deluded itself into accepting its Reality and is therefore temporarily less predatory. This “Self esteem” is always vulnerable to stress, a term which really means that a condition has arisen in which the delusion of Reality of the ego is threatened. This produces either egodeflation or egoinflation, resulting in either withdrawal or attack. The ego literally lives by comparisons. This means that equality is beyond its grasp and charity becomes impossible.

The ego never gives out of abundance, because it was made as a substitute for it. This is why the concept of getting arose in the ego’s thought system. All appetites are “getting” mechanisms representing ego needs to confirm itself. This is as True of bodily appetites as it is of the socalled “higher” ego needs. Bodily appetites are not physical in origin, because the ego regards the body as its home and does try to satisfy itself through the body. But the idea that this is possible is a decision of the ego, which is completely confused about what is really possible. This accounts for its essential erraticness.

Consider the inevitable confusion which must arise from a perception of the Self which responds: When I was completely on My own I “had no idea what was possible.” The ego does believe it is completely on its own, which is merely another way of describing how it originated. This is such a fearful state that it can only turn to other egos and unite with them in a feeble attempt at identification. Or attack them in an equally feeble show of Strength. The ego is free to complete the stem: “When I was completely on My own” in any way it chooses, but it is not free to consider the validity of the premise itself, because this premise is its foundation [Fundament]. The ego is the belief of the Mind that it is completely on its own.

The ego’s ceaseless attempts to gain the Soul’s acknowledgement and thus establish its own existence are utterly useless. The Soul in Its knowledge is unaware of the ego. It does not attack the ego. It merely cannot conceive of it at all. While the ego is equally unaware of the Soul, it does perceive itself as rejected by Something Which is greater than itself. This is why selfesteem in ego terms must be a delusion.

The Creations of God do not create myths, but the creative efforts of Man can turn to mythology, but only under one condition. What Man then makes is no longer creative. Myths are entirely perceptions and are so ambivalent in form and so characteristically good and evil in nature, that the most benevolent of them is not without fearful components, if only in innuendo. Myths and magic are closely associated, in that myths are usually related to the ego origins and magic to the powers which the ego ascribes to itself. Every mythological system includes an account of “the Creation,” and associates this with its particular perception of magic.

The “battle for survival” is nothing more than the ego’s struggle to preserve itself and its interpretation of its own beginning. This beginning is always associated with physical birth, because nobody maintains that the ego existed before that point in time. The religiously egooriented tend to believe that the Soul existed before and will continue to exist afterwards, after a temporary lapse into egolife. Some actually believe that the Soul will be punished for this lapse, even though in Reality it could not possibly know Anything about it.

The term “Salvation” [Erlösung] does not apply to the Soul, Which is not in danger and does not need to be salvaged. Salvation [Erlösung] is nothing more that Rightmindedness which is not the Onemindedness of the Soul, but which must be accomplished before Onemindedness can be restored. Rightmindedness dictates the next step automatically, because right perception is uniformly without attack, so that wrongmindedness is obliterated. The ego cannot survive without judgment and is laid aside accordingly. The Mind then has only One direction in which It can move.

The directions which the Mind will take are always automatic, because they cannot but be dictated by the thought system to which It adheres. Every thought system has internal consistency and this does provide a basis for the continuity of behavior. However, this is still reliability and not validity. Reliable behavior is a meaningful perception, as far as ego thinking goes. However, valid behavior is an expression which is inherently contradictory, because validity is an end and behavior is a means. These cannot be combined logically, because when an end has been attained, the means for its attainment are no longer meaningful.

Test constructors recognize that there are different kinds of validity and also that they are of different orders. This means that they do not mean Truth and do not pretend to mean It. Test validity can be judged by logic, by theory and by practice, each being regarded as a different dimension. In each case, the amount of confidence is expressed in some form of percentage, either quantitatively or merely in terms of “high,” moderate and low. But a hypothesis is tested as either True or false, to be accepted or rejected accordingly. If it is shown to be True it becomes a fact, after which no One attempts to evaluate it unless its status as fact is questioned.

Every idea which the ego has accorded the status of fact is questionable, because facts are in the realm of knowledge. Confusing realms of discourse is a thinking error which philosophers have recognized for centuries. Psychologists are generally quite deficient in this respect, as are many theologians. Data from one realm of discourse do not mean Anything in another, because they can be understood only within [innerhalb] the thought systems of which they are a part. This is why psychologists are concentrating increasingly on the ego, in an attempt to unify [vereinheitlichen] Their clearly unrelated data. It need hardly be said that an attempt to relate the unrelated cannot succeed.

The recent ecological emphasis is but a more ingenious way of trying to impose order on chaos. We have already credited the ego with considerable ingenuity, though not with creativeness. But it should always be remembered that inventiveness is really wasted effort, even in its most ingenious forms. We do not have to explain Anything. This is why We need not trouble Ourselves with inventiveness. The highly specific nature of invention is not worthy of the abstract creativity of God’s Creations.

c. Love without Conflict

When H reads this to You, Bill, try to listen very carefully. You have never understood what “The Kingdom of Heaven is within [innerhalb/in Eurem Innern] You” means. The reason You cannot understand it is because it is not understandable to the ego, which interprets it as if something outside is inside, which does not mean Anything. The word “within [innerhalb]” does not belong. The Kingdom of Heaven is You.

What else but You did the Creator create and what else but You is His Kingdom? This is the whole message of the Atonement, a message which in its totality transcends the sum of its parts which We have covered before. Christmas is not a time, it is a state of Mind. The Christ Mind wills from the Soul, not from the ego, and the Christ Mind is Yours.

You, too, have a Kingdom which Your Soul has created. It has not ceased to create because Your ego has set You on the road of perception. Your Soul’s Creations are no more fatherless than You are. Your ego and Your Soul will never be cocreators, but Your Soul and Your Creator will always be. Be confident that Your Creations are as safe as You are.

The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen.

That was written in that form because it is a good thing to use as a kind of Prayer in moments of temptation. It is a declaration of independence. You will Both find it very helpful if You understand it fully.

In its characteristic upside down way, the ego has taken the impulses from the Superconscious and perceives them as if they arise in the unconscious. The ego judges what is to be accepted and the impulses from the Superconscious are unacceptable to it, because they clearly point to the unexistence of the ego itself. The ego therefore experiences threat and not only censors but also reinterprets the data. However, as Freud very correctly pointed out what You do not perceive You still know and it can retain a very active Life beyond Your awareness.

Repression thus operates to conceal not only the baser impulses, but also the most lofty ones from the ego’s awareness, because both are threatening to the ego and, being concerned primarily with its preservation in the face of threat, it perceives them as the same. The threat value of the lofty is really much greater to the ego, because the pull of God Himself can hardly be equated with the pull of human appetites.

By perceiving them as the same, the ego attempts to save itself from being swept away, as it would surely be in the presence of knowledge. The upper level of the unconscious thus contains the call of God as well as the call of the body. That is why the basic conflict between Love and fear is unconscious. The ego cannot tolerate either and represses both by resorting to inhibition. Society depends on inhibiting the former, but Salvation [Erlösung] depends on disinhibiting the latter.

The reason You need My help is because You have repressed Your own guide and therefore need guidance. My role is to separate the True from the false in Your own unconscious, so it can break through the barriers [Hindernisse] the ego has set up and shine [leuchtet] into Your Minds. Against Our united Strength, the ego cannot prevail.

It should be quite apparent to You by now why the ego regards the Soul as its “enemy.” The ego arose from the Separation and its continued existence depends on Your continuing belief in the Separation. Reducing the Soul impulses to the unconscious, the ego has to offer You some sort of reward for maintaining this belief. All it can offer is a sense of temporary existence, which begins with its own beginning and ends with its own ending. It tells You that this Life is Your existence because it is its own.

Against this sense of temporary existence, the Soul offers the knowledge of permanence and unshakeable being. No One Who has experienced the revelation of this can ever fully believe in the ego again. How can its meager offering to You prevail against the glorious gift of God?

You Who identify with Your egos cannot believe that God loves You. You do not love what You have made and what You have made does not love You. Being made out of the denial of the Father, the ego has no allegiance to its own Maker. You cannot conceive of the real relationship that exists between God and His Souls, because of the hatred You have for the Self You have made. You project onto Your own idea of Yourself the will to separate, which conflicts with the Love You also feel for what You have made because You made it.

No human Love is without this ambivalence and since no ego has experienced Love without ambivalence, the concept is beyond its understanding. Love will enter immediately into any Mind which Truly wants It, but It must want It Truly. This means that It wants It without ambivalence and this kind of wanting is wholly without the ego’s “drive to get.”

There is a kind of experience that is so different from Anything the ego can offer that You will never recover. The word is used quite literally here – You will never be able to hide again. It is necessary to repeat that Your belief in darkness and in hiding is why the Light cannot enter.

The bible has many references [bezieht sich oft auf] to the immeasurable gifts which are for You, but for which You must ask. This is not the condition as the ego sets conditions. It is the glorious condition of what You are. No force except Your own will is strong enough or worthy enough to guide You. In this You are as free as God and must remain so forever.

You can never be bound except in honor and that is always voluntary. Let Us ask the Father in My Name to keep You mindful of His Love for You and Yours for Him. He has never failed to answer this request, because it asks only for what He has already willed. Those Who call Truly are always answered.

Note: H became very fearful here and rather vaguely thought the answer was: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me, because there are none. You still think there are.”

It has never really entered Your Minds to give up every idea You have ever had that opposes knowledge. You retain thousands of little scraps of meanness which prevent the Holy One from entering. Light cannot penetrate through the walls You make to block It and It is forever unwilling to destroy what You have made. No One can see through a wall, but I can step around it.

Watch Your Minds for the scraps of meanness or You will be unable to ask Me to do so. I can help You only as Our Father Created Us. I will love You and honor You and maintain complete respect for what You have made. But I will neither love nor honor it unless it is True. I will never forsake You, any more than God will. But I must wait as long as You will to forsake Yourselves.

Because I wait in Love and not in impatience, You will surely ask Me Truly. I will come gladly in response to a single unequivocal call. Watch carefully and see what it is You are Truly asking for. Be very honest with Yourselves about this, for You We must hide nothing from Each Other.

If You will really try to do this, You have taken the first step toward preparing Your Minds for the Holy One to enter. We will prepare for this together and once He has come, You will be ready to help Me make other Minds ready for Him. How long will You deny Him His Kingdom?

In Your own unconscious, deeply repressed by the ego, is the declaration of Your release. God has given You Everything. This is the one fact which means that the ego does not exist and which therefore makes it profoundly afraid. In the ego’s language, to have and to be are different, but they are identical to the Soul. It knows that You Both have Everything and are Everything. Any distinction in this respect is meaningful only when the idea of getting, which implies a lack, has already been accepted. That is why We made no distinction before between having the Kingdom of God and being the Kingdom of God.

The calm being of God’s Kingdom, which in Your sane Mind is perfectly conscious, is ruthlessly banished from the part of the Mind which the ego rules. The ego is desperate because it opposes literally invincible odds whether You are asleep or awake. Consider how much vigilance You have been willing to exert to protect Your ego and how little You have been willing to exert to protect Your higher Mind. Who but the insane would undertake to believe what is not True and then protect this belief at the cost of Truth?

d. The Escape from Fear

If You cannot hear the voice of God, it is because You do not choose to listen. The fact that You do listen to the voice of Your ego is demonstrated by Your attitudes, Your feelings and Your behavior. Your attitudes are obviously conflicted. Your feelings have a narrow range on the negative side, but are never purely joyous. And Your behavior is either strained [angespannt/anstrengend] or unpredictable. Yet this is what You want. This is what You are fighting to keep, and what You are vigilant to save. Your Minds are filled with schemes to save the face of Your egos and You do not seek the Face of God.

The glass in which the ego seeks to see its face is dark indeed. How can it maintain the trick of its existence except with mirrors? But where You look to find Yourself is up to You. We have said that You cannot change Your Mind by changing Your behavior, but We have also said, and many times before, that You can change Your Mind. When Your mood tells You that You have willed wrongly, and this is so whenever You are not joyous, then know this need not be.

In every case You have thought wrongly about some Soul that God created and are perceiving images Your ego makes in a darkened glass. Think honestly what You have thought that God would not have thought and what You have not thought that God would have You think. Search sincerely for what You have done and left undone accordingly. And then change Your Minds to think with God’s.

This may seem hard to You, but it is much easier than trying to think against It. Your Mind is One with God’s. Denying this and thinking otherwise has held Your ego together, but has literally split Your Mind. As a loving Brother, I am deeply concerned with Your Minds and urge You to follow My example as You look at Yourselves and at Each Other and see in Both the glorious Creations of a glorious Father.

When You are sad, know that this need not be. Depression always arises ultimately from a sense of being deprived of something You want and do not have. Know You are deprived of nothing, except by Your own decisions and then decide otherwise.

When You are anxious, know that All anxiety comes from the capriciousness of the ego and need not be. You can be as vigilant against the ego’s dictates as for them.

When You feel guilty, know that Your ego has indeed violated the laws of God, but You have not. Leave the sins of the ego to Me. That is what the Atonement is for. But until You change Your Mind about Those Your ego has hurt, the Atonement cannot release You. As long as You feel guilty, Your ego is in command, because only the ego can experience guilt. This need not be.

You, Helen, have been more honest than B in really trying to see Whom Your ego has hurt and also in trying to change Your Mind about Them.

H is doubtful whether this is accurately written at a time when She was very angry.

I am not unmindful of Your efforts, but You still have much too much energy invested in Your ego. This need not be. Watch Your Minds for the temptations of the ego and do not be deceived by it. Know it offers You nothing.

You, B, have not made consistent efforts to change Your Mind except through applying old habit patterns to new ideas. But You have learned, and learned it better than H, that Your Mind gains control over Itself when You direct It genuinely toward perceiving Someone else Truly.

H is doubtful about accuracy here.

Your lack of vitality [Lebensfreude/Spaß am Leben] is due to Your former marked effort at solving Your needless depression and anxiety through disinterest. Because Your ego was protected by this unfortunate negative attribute, You are afraid to abandon it.

When You have given up this voluntary disspiriting, You have already seen how Your Mind can focus and rise above fatigue and heal. But You are not sufficiently vigilant against the demands of Your ego that You disengage Yourself. This need not be. The habit of engaging with God and His Creations is easily made if You refuse actively to let Your Minds slip away. Your problem is not concentration: It is a belief that nobody, including Yourself, is worth consistent effort.

Side with Me consistently against this deception, as We have sided against it briefly already. Do not permit this shabby belief to pull You back. The disheartened are useless to Themselves and to Me, but only the ego can be disheartened.

Have You really considered how many opportunities You have to gladden Yourselves and how many of them You have refused? There is no limit to the power of a Son of God, but He Himself can limit the expression of His power as much as He wills. Your Mind and Mine can unite in shining [leuchten] Your ego away and releasing the Strength of God into Everything You think and will and do. Do no settle for Anything less than this and refuse to accept Anything but this as Your goal.

Watch Your Minds carefully for any beliefs that hinder Its accomplishment and step away from them. Judge how well You have done this by Your own feelings, for this is the one right use of judgment. Judgment, like any other defense, can be used to attack or protect, to hurt or to heal. The ego should be brought to Your own judgment and found wanting there. Without Your own allegiance, protection and Love it cannot exist.

Judge Your ego Truly and You must withdraw allegiance, protection and Love from it. You are mirrors of Truth in which God Himself shines [leuchten] in perfect Light. To the ego’s dark glass You need but say, “I will not look there because I know these images are not True.”

Then let Me the Holy One shine [leuchten] upon You in Peace, knowing that this and only this must be! His Mind shone on You in Your Creation and brought Your Mind into being. His Mind still shines [leuchten] on You and must shine [leuchten] through You. Your ego cannot prevent Him from shining [leuchten] on You, but it can prevent You from letting Him shine [leuchten] through You.

The first coming of Christ is just another Name for the Creation, for Christ is the Son of God. The second coming of Christ means nothing more than the end of the ego’s rule over part of the Minds of Men and the healing of the Mind. I was created like You in the First and I am reminding You that I have called You to join with Me in the Second.

If You will think over Your Lives, You will see how carefully the preparations were made. I am in charge of the Second Coming as I have already told You and My judgment, which is used only for its protection, cannot be wrong because it never attacks. Yours is so distorted that You believe that I was mistaken in choosing You. I assure You this is a mistake of Your own egos. Do not mistake it for humility [Ergebenheit].

Your egos are trying to convince You that they are real and I am not, because if I am real, I am no more real than You are. That knowledge, and I assure You that it is knowledge, means that Christ must come into Your Minds and heal Them.

While I am not attacking Your egos, I am working with Your higher Mind whether You are asleep or awake, just as Your ego does with Your lower Mind. I am Your vigilance in this, because You are too confused to recognize Your own hope.

I was not mistaken. Your Minds will elect to join with Mine and together We are invincible. You Two will yet come together in My Name and Your sanity will be restored. I raised the dead by knowing that Life is an eternal attribute of Everything that the living God Created. Why do You believe that it is harder for Me to inspire the disspirited or to stabilize the unstable? I do not believe that there is an order of difficulty in Miracles: You do. I have called and You will answer. I know that Miracles are natural, because They are expressions of Love. My calling You is as natural as Your answer and as inevitable.

e. The egobody Illusion

All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgment. Control is a central factor in what the ego permits into consciousness and one to which it devotes its maximum vigilance. This is not the way a balanced Mind holds together. Its control is unconscious.

The ego is further off balance by keeping its primary motivation unconscious and raising control rather than sensible judgment to predominance. It has every reason to do this, according to the thought system which both gave rise to it and which it serves. Sane judgment would inevitably judge against it and must be obliterated by the ego in the interest of its selfpreservation.

A crucial source of the ego’s offbalance state is its lack of discrimination between impulses from God and from the body. Any thought system which makes this confusion must be insane. Yet this demented state is essential to the ego, which judges only in terms of threat or nonthreat to itself.

In one sense, the ego’s fear of the idea of God is at least logical, because this idea does dispel it. Fear of dissolution from the higher source, then, makes some sense in ego terms. But fear of the body, with which the ego identifies so closely, is more blatantly senseless [Schwachsinn]. The body is the ego’s home by its own election. It is the only identification with which it feels safe, because the body’s vulnerability is its own best argument that You cannot be of God.

This is the belief that it sponsors eagerly. Yet the ego hates the body, because it does not accept the idea that the body is good enough as its home. Here is where the Mind becomes actually dazed. Being told by the ego that it is really part of the body and that the body is its protector [Beschützer], it is also constantly informed that the body can not protect it. This, of course, is not only True, but perfectly obvious.

Therefore, the Mind asks, “Where can I go for protection?,” to which the ego replies, “Turn to Me.” The Mind, and not without cause, reminds the ego that it has itself insisted that it is identified with the body, so there is no point in turning to it for protection. The ego has no real answer to this because there isn’t any. But it does have a typical solution. It obliterates the question from the Mind’s awareness. Once unconscious, it can and does produce uneasiness, but it cannot be answered because it cannot be asked.

This is the question which must be asked: “Where am I to go for protection?” Only an insane Mind fails to ask it. Even the insane ask it unconsciously, but it requires real sanity to ask it consciously.

If You will remember Your dream about the recorder, which was remarkably accurate in some ways because it came partly from egorepressed knowledge, the real problem was correctly stated as “What is the question?” because, as You very well knew, the answer could be found if the question were recognized. If You remember, there were a number of solutions You attempted, All egobased, not because You thought they would really work, but because the question itself was obscure [verschleiert].

When the bible says “Seek and ye shall find,” it does not mean that You should seek blindly and desperately for something You wouldn’t recognize. Meaningful seeking is consciously undertaken, consciously organized and consciously directed. B’s chief contribution to Your joint venture is His insistence that the goal be formulated clearly and kept in Mind.

You, Helen, are not good at doing this. You still search for many gods simultaneously and this goal confusion, given a strong will, must produce chaotic behavior. B’s behavior is not chaotic, because He is not so much goaldivided [gespalten] as not goaloriented. Where Helen has overinvested in many goals, B has underinvested in All goals. He has the advantage of potentially greater freedom from distractibility, but He does not care enough to use it. Helen has the advantage of great effort, but She keeps losing sight of the goal.

B has very intelligently suggested that You Both should set Yourself the goal of really studying for this Course. There can be no doubt of the Wisdom of this decision, for any student Who wants to pass it. But, knowing Your individual weaknesses as learners and being a teacher with some experience, I must remind You that learning and wanting to learn are inseparable.

All learners learn best when They believe that what They are trying to learn is of value to Them. But values in this world are hierarchical and not Everything You may want to learn has lasting value. Indeed, many of the things You want to learn are chosen because their value will not last. The ego thinks it is an advantage not to commit itself to Anything that is eternal, because the eternal must come from God.

Eternalness is the one function that the ego has tried to develop, but has systematically failed. It may surprise You to learn that had the ego willed to do so, it could have made the eternal, because, as a product of the Mind, it is endowed with the power of its own Creator. But the decision to do this, rather than the ability to do it is what the ego cannot tolerate. That is because the decision, from which the ability would naturally develop, would necessarily involve True perception, a state of clarity which the ego, fearful of being judged Truly, must avoid.

The results of this dilemma are peculiar, but no more so than the dilemma itself. The ego has reacted characteristically here as elsewhere, because mental illness, which is always a form of egoinvolvement, is not a problem of reliability as much as of validity. The ego compromises with the issue of the eternal, just as it does with All issues that touch on the real question in any way. By compromising in connection with All tangential questions, it hopes to hide the real question and keep it out of Mind. Its characteristic “business” with nonessentials is precisely for that purpose.

Consider the alchemist’s ageold attempts to turn base metal into gold.

This typo was originally “God”.

The one question which the alchemist did not permit Himself to ask was

What For?

He could not ask this, because it would immediately become apparent that there was no sense in His efforts, even if He succeeded. The ego has also countenanced some strange compromises with the idea of the eternal, making odd attempts to relate the concept to the unimportant in an effort to satisfy the Mind without jeopardizing itself. Thus, it has permitted many good Minds to devote Themselves to perpetual motion, but not to perpetual thoughts.

Ideational preoccupations with conceptual problems set up to be incapable of solution are another favorite ego device for impeding the Strongwilled from real progress in learning. The problems of squaring the circle and carrying pi to infinity are good examples. A more recent egoattempt is particularly noteworthy. The idea of preserving the body by suspension, thus giving it the kind of limited immortality which the ego can tolerate, is among its more recent appeals to the Mind.

It is noticeable that in All these diversionary tactics, the one question which is never asked by Those Who pursue them is

What for?

This is the question which You must learn to ask in connection with Everything Your Mind wills to undertake. What is Your purpose? Whatever it is, You cannot doubt that it will channelize Your efforts automatically. When You make a decision of purpose, then, You have made a decision about future effort, a decision which will remain in effect unless You change the decision.

Psychologists are in a good position to realize that the ego is capable of making and accepting as real some very distorted associations which are not True. The confusion of sex with aggression, and resulting behavior which is the same for Both, is a good example. This is understandable to the psychologist and does not produce surprise. The lack of surprise, however, is not a sign of understanding. It is a symptom of the psychologist’s ability to accept as reasonable a compromise which is clearly senseless [Schwachsinn], to attribute it to the mental illness of the patient rather than His own and to limit His questions about Both the patient and Himself to the trivial.

These relatively minor confusions of the ego are not among its more profound misassociations, although they do reflect them. Your own egos have been blocking the more important questions which Your Minds should ask. You do not understand a patient while You Yourselves are willing to limit the questions You raise about His Mind, because You are also accepting these limits for Yours. This makes You unable to heal Him and Yourselves. Be always unwilling to adapt to any situation in which Miraclemindedness is unthinkable. That state in itself is enough to demonstrate that perception is wrong.

f. The Constant [gleichbleibend] State

It cannot be emphasized too often that correcting perception is merely a temporary expedient. It is necessary only because misperception is a block to knowledge, while accurate perception is a steppingstone towards it. The whole value of right perception lies in the inevitable judgment which it necessarily entails that it is unnecessary. This removes the block entirely.

You may ask how this is possible as long as You appear to be living in this world. And since this is a sensible question, it has a sensible answer. But You must be careful that You really understand the question. What is the You Who are living in this world? Bill will probably have more trouble with this than You, but if He will try not to close His Mind, He may decide that We are not engaging in denial after all.

To help Him, it might be wise to review a number of the concepts with which He does not appear to have trouble, except at times. He liked the idea of invisibility and was particularly open to the concept of different orders of Reality. He also found the notion of varying densities of energy appealing. While He may yet agree that these are merely teaching aids, this is a good time to employ them.

Immortality is a constant state. It is as True now as it ever was or will be, because it implies no change at all. It is not a continuum and it is not understood by comparing it with any opposite. Knowledge never involves comparisons. That is its essential difference from Everything else the Mind can grasp.

“A little knowledge” is not dangerous except to the ego. Vaguely the ego senses threat and, being unable to realize that “a little knowledge” is a meaningless phrase because “All” and “a little” in this context are the same, decides that since “All” is impossible, the fear does not lie in this. “A little,” however, is a scarcity concept and this the ego understands well. Regarding “All” as impossible, “a little” is perceived as the real threat.

The essential thing to remember always is that the ego does not recognize the real source of its perceived threat. And if You associate Yourself with the ego, You do not perceive the whole situation as it really is. Only Your allegiance to it gives the ego any power over You. We have spoken of the ego as if it were a separate thing, acting on its own. This was necessary to persuade You that You cannot dismiss [aufgeben] it lightly and must realize how much of Your thinking is egodirected. But We cannot safely leave it at that or You will regard Yourselves as necessarily conflicted as long as You are here, or more properly, believe that You are here.

The ego is nothing more than a part of Your belief about Yourselves. Your other Life has continued without interruption and has been, and always will be, totally unaffected by Your attempts to dissociate. The ratio of repression and dissociation of Truth varies with the individual egoillusion.

Tell Bill that this phrase is very good.

But dissociation is always involved or You would not believe that You are here.

When I told Bill to concentrate on the phrase Here I am, Lord, I did not mean “in this world” by “here.” I wanted Him to think of Himself as a separate consciousness, capable of direct communication with the Creator of that consciousness. He, too, must begin to think of Himself as a very powerful receiving and sending channel, a description I once gave You symbolically. Remember that He understood it before You did, because You are more dissociative and less repressed.

Your great debt to Each Other is something You should never forget. It is exactly the same debt that You owe to Me. Whenever You react egotistically towards Each Other, You are throwing away the graciousness of Your indebtedness and the Holy perception it would produce. The reason why the term “Holy” can be used here is that, as You learn how much You are indebted to the whole Sonship Which includes Me, You come as close to knowledge as perception ever can. This gap is so small knowledge can easily flow across it and obliterate it forever.

You have very little trust in Me as yet [bislang], but it will increase as You turn more and more often to Me instead of to Your egos for guidance. The results will convince You increasingly that Your choice in turning to Me is the only sane one You can make. No One Who has learned from experience that one choice brings Peace and Joy while another brings chaos and disaster needs much conditioning. The ego cannot withstand the conditioning process, because the process itself demonstrates that there is another way.

The classic conditioning by rewards model has always been most effective. Howard Hunt made a very good point in this connection, even though He did not understand that the real reason why conditioning through pain is not the most efficient method is because pain itself is an egoillusion and can never induce more than a temporary effect.

The rewards of God are immediately recognized as eternal. Since this recognition is made by You and not by Your ego, the recognition itself establishes that You and Your ego cannot be identical. You may believe that You have already accepted the difference, but You are by no means convinced as yet [bislang]. The very fact that You are preoccupied with the idea of escaping from the ego shows this.

You cannot escape from the ego by humbling it or controlling it or punishing it. The ego and the Soul do not know each other. The separated Mind cannot maintain the separation except by dissociating. Having done this, it utilizes repression against All Truly natural impulses, not because the ego is a separate thing, but because You want to believe that You are. The ego is a device for maintaining this belief, but it is still only Your willingness to use the device that enables it to endure.

My trust in You is greater than Yours in Me at the moment, but it will not always be that way. Your mission is very simple. You have been chosen to live so as to demonstrate that You are not an ego. I repeat that I do not choose God’s channels wrongly. The Holy One shares My trust and always approves My Atonement decisions, because My will is never out of accord with His.

I have told You several times that I am in charge of the whole Atonement. This is only because I completed My part in it as a Man and can now complete it through other Men. My chosen receiving and sending channels cannot fail, because I will lend them My Strength as long as Theirs is wanting. I will go with You to the Holy One and through My perception He can bridge the little gap. Your gratitude to Each Other is the only gift I want. I will bring it to God for You, knowing that to know Your Brother is to know God.

A little knowledge is an Allencompassing thing. If You are grateful to Each Other You are grateful to God for what He created. Through Your gratitude You can come to know Each Other and one moment of real recognition makes All Men Your Brothers because They are All of Your Father. Love does not conquer All things, but It does set All things right.

Because You are All the Kingdom of God, I can lead You back to Your own Creations, which You do not yet know. God has kept them very safe in His knowing while Your attention has wandered. Bill gave You a very important idea when He told You that what has been dissociated is still there. I am grateful to Him for that and I hope He will not decide that it is True only for You. Even though dissociation is much more apparent in You and repression is much more evident in Him, Each of You utilizes both.

Wisdom always dictates that a therapist work through weaker defenses first. That is why I suggested to Bill that He persuade You to deal with repression first. We have only just about reached the point where dissociation means much to You, because it is so important to Your misbeliefs. Bill might do well, and You could help Him here, to concentrate more on His dissociative tendencies and not try to deal with repression yet.

I hinted at this when I remarked on His habit of disengaging Himself and when I spoke to Him about distantiation. These are All forms of dissociation and these weaker forms were always more evident in Him than in You. That is because dissociation was so extreme in Your case that You did not have to hide it because You were not aware that it was there. Bill, on the other hand, does dissociate more than He thinks and that is why He cannot listen. He does not need to go through the same course in repression that You did, because He will give up His major misdefense after He has rid Himself of the lesser ones.

Do not disturb Yourself about repression, Bill, but do train Yourself to be alert to any tendency to withdraw from Your Brothers. Withdrawal is frightening and You do not recognize All the forms it takes in You. Helen is right that She will experience things that will cut across All Her perceptions because of their stunning knowledge. You were right that this will occur when She learns to recognize what She already knows and has dissociated.

You, Bill, will learn somewhat differently, because You are afraid of All complete involvements and believe that they lessen You. You have learned to be so much more clearsighted about this that You should be ready to oppose it in Yourself relatively easily. As You come closer to a Brother, You do approach Me. And as You withdraw from Him I become distant to You.

Your giant step forward was to insist on a collaborative venture. This does not go against the True Spirit of meditation at all. It is inherent in it. Meditation is a collaborative venture with God. It cannot be undertaken successfully by Those Who disengage Themselves from the Sonship, because They are disengaging Themselves from Me. God will come to You only as You will give Him to Your Brothers. Learn first of Them and You will be ready to hear God as You hear Them. That is because the function of Love is One.

Answer to H’s question about Her reactions and also B’s question:

The reason for the fear reaction is quite apparent. You have not yet been able to suspend judgment and have nearly succeeded in weakening Yourself over this. Since You have unfortunately the tendency to be selfpreserving You believe that control of judgment is a selfpreserving function and therefore requires it as a necessary defense of Your Self. Weakening this defense deliberately is thus perceived as dangerous necessarily which frightens You.

B was right that You should ask before attempting it again. It would be very unwise to try it before We can do it together as I told You last night. I assure You I will be vigilant in identifying the right time and as I told You very clearly next time We will do it together. I did not tell You when that will be because I don’t know. You will tell Me that but may not recognize that You have done so. That is why You need Me to relay Your own message back to You. When We are Both ready, it cannot be fearful.

In answer to B’s question as to why He has so much difficulty in communication, You were right in what You said in the cab and B could not listen. However He seems to be able to listen quite carefully to the notes. Ask Him please to listen very carefully to these.

If You ask Me for guidance You have signified Your willingness to give over Your own control at least to some extent. Your frequent failure to ask at all indicates that at such times You are not willing to go even that far. But when You at least ask, You are acting with a cooperative thought even though it may not lack ambivalence. You are therefore entitled to a specific answer but unless You follow it without judging it, You will become defensive [abwehrend] about the next steps which You will take.

You asked merely what You should do now. The Answer was to tell Jack to pick You up at 3. B’s reaction to this was unfortunate and Yours was much more constructive making it particularly unfortunate that B accepted Your very correct response to His reaction with imitation. But it was inevitable because He had already given way to [nachgeben] fear. Then You reacted to His mistake with imitation and We lost Our communication for a time. Let Us try to reestablish Our communication now.

B was unwise in deciding on His own that unless He went to His apartment, Jack would be in trouble. This association meant that He saw only one alternative and was unable to keep an open Mind. Certainly He should be careful that way. Guidance which comes from Me will not jeopardize Anyone.

It should also be noted that He projected His misperception onto You, assuming that You were counting on magic to get Jack to take You home in spite of the traffic and not realizing that situation as it is. I would like to tell Him for You that this was a misperception of His and although You have done this many times in the past You were not doing it then. As You very correctly stated but B could not listen at the time, You were merely repeating a message for which You had asked and were not judging the outcomes. B was. If You can continue not to evaluate My messages and merely follow them, they will lead to good for Everyone. Since this is the same area of discipline which is causing Both of You trouble with meditation to practice in this is essential.

I do not yet know what decisions Those Who are involved in later today will make but I urge You to share that whatever they may be can be utilized for good if You will let them be. Why not unburden Yourselves of the kind of responsibility which You can’t meet and devote Yourselves in Peace to the many others which You can discharge without strain? It is Their responsibility to recognize the difference. Any confusion in this respect is arrogance [Überheblichkeit]. Note also that I specifically told You in answer to Your own question of this being that Miracles should be offered Both to Art and to Your Brother. They are urgently needed for You although this is not the Spirit in which You must undertake Them. You have hurt Yourselves and need healing. It does not matter whether the People You think have hurt You have really thought hurtfully. You have. We must undo this and Our attempts will surely be blessed.

Since Both of You have asked Me to point up errors in perceiving, I would request that B reviews carefully His reactions to Your suggestion that You go over the same material. Even though You did not ask which was a mistake B immediately evaluated the suggestion in terms of His own convenience which was another mistake. Your motives were not uncharitable even though Your failure to ask for guidance was a sign of fear. You thought that Art would be able to understand B’s going to the hospital while He could not understand Your presence as P. I.

B’s reaction did not take alternate possibilities into account which is one of His uses for problems. He should also train Himself to learn that alternate possibilities are better not left up to Him. Whenever He reacts as though they are He will have trouble.

If You had asked where to go, and B had been willing to forgo control of the decision, whatever You had done would have been only benign. Could You continue the day in that Spirit? If You will to help B overcome His limitation, which is totally unjustified in spite of His misperception We will not only help Him but enable Both of Us to help You. This will institute the chain of helpfulness and harmlessness which always leads to the Atonement and becomes a powerful part of its beneficence.

I offer far more than partial guidance although You do not ask for more. The uneven quality of Your skill in both asking and following My directions is due to the alternations You experience between ego and Miracle orientated perception. This is a strain, but fortunately one which can be overcome along with the rest. There will never be a time when I do not will to try again. You might be gladdened by remembering that.

How can You teach Someone the value of something He has thrown away deliberately? He must have thrown it away because He did not value it. You can only show Him how miserable He is without it and bring it near very slowly, so He can learn how His misery lessens as He approaches it. This conditions Him to associate His misery with its absence and to associate the opposite of misery with its presence. It gradually becomes desirable, as He changes His Mind about its worth.

I am conditioning You to associate misery with the ego and Joy with Your Soul. You have conditioned Yourself the other way around. But a far greater reward will break through any conditioning, if it is repeatedly offered when the old habit is broken. You are still free to choose. But can You really want the rewards of the ego in the presence of the rewards of God?

g. Creation and Communication

It should be clear that, while the content of any particular egoillusion does not matter, it is usually more helpful to correct it in a specific context. Bill is right that You are too abstract in this matter. Egoillusions are quite specific, although they frequently change and although the Mind is naturally abstract, It became concrete voluntarily as soon as It splits. However, only part of It splits, so only part of It is concrete.

The concrete part is the same part that believes in the ego, because the ego depends on the specific. It is the part that believes Your existence means You are separate. Everything the ego perceives is a separate whole, without the relationships that imply being. The ego is thus against communication, except in so far as it is utilized to establish separateness, rather than to abolish it.

The communication system of the ego is based on its own thought system, as is Everything else it dictates. Its communication is controlled by its need to protect itself and it will disrupt communication when it experiences threat. While this is always so, individual egos perceive different kinds of threat, which are quite specific in their own judgment. For example, although All forms of perceived demands may be classified or judged by the ego as coercive communication which must be disrupted, the response of breaking communication will nevertheless be to a specific Person or Persons.

The specificity of the ego’s thinking, then, results in a spurious kind of generalization, which is really not abstract at all. It will respond in certain specific ways to All stimuli which it perceives as related. In contrast, the Soul reacts in the same way to Everything it know is True and does not respond at all to Anything else. Nor does it make any attempt to establish what is True. It knows that what is True is Everything that God created. It is in complete and direct communication with every aspect of Creation, because it is in complete and direct communication with its Creator.

This communication is the will of God. Creation and communication are synonymous. God created every Mind by communicating His Mind to It, thus establishing It forever as a channel for the reception of His Mind and Will. Since only beings of a like order can Truly communicate. His Creations naturally communicate with Him and communicate like Him. This communication is perfectly abstract, in that its quality is Universal in application and not subject to any judgment, any exception or any alteration.

God made You by this and for this. The Mind can distort Its functions, but It cannot endow Itself with those It was not given. That is why the Mind cannot totally lose the ability to communicate, even though It may refuse to utilize it on behalf of being. Existence as well as being rests on communication.

Existence is specific in how, what and with Whom communication is worth undertaking. Being is completely without these distinctions. It is a state in which the Mind is in communication with Everything that is real, including Its own Soul. To whatever extent You permit this state to be curtailed, You are limiting Your sense of Your own Reality, which becomes total only by recognizing All Reality in the glorious context of its real relationship to You. This is Your Reality. Do not desecrate it or recoil from it. It is Your real home, Your real temple and Your real Self.

God, Who encompasses All Being, nevertheless created separate beings Who have Everything individually, but Who want to share it to increase Their Joy. Nothing that is real can be increased except by sharing it. That is why God Himself created You. Divine Abstraction takes Joy in application and that is what Creation means. How, what and to Whom are irrelevant, because real Creation gives Everything since it can only create like itself. Remember that in being, there is no difference between having and being, as there is in existence. In the state of being, the Mind gives Everything always.

The bible repeatedly states that You should praise God. This hardly means that You should tell Him how wonderful He is. He has no ego with which to accept thanks and no perceptions with which to judge Your offerings. But unless You take Your part in the Creation, His Joy is not complete because Yours is incomplete. And this He does know. He knows it in His own Being and its experience of His Sons’ experience. The constant going out of His Love is blocked when His Channels are closed and He is lonely when the Minds He created do not communicate fully with Him.

God has kept Your kingdom for You, but He cannot share His Joy with You until You know it with Your whole Mind. Even revelation is not enough, because it is communication from God. But it is not enough until it is shared. God does not need revelation returned to Him, which would clearly be impossible, but He does want revelation brought to Others. This cannot be done with the actual revelation, because its content cannot be expressed and it is intensely personal to the Mind which receives it. But it can still be returned by that Mind through Its attitudes to other Minds which the knowledge from the revelation brings.

God is praised whenever any Mind learns to be wholly helpful. This is impossible without being wholly harmless, because the two beliefs cannot coexist. The Truly Helpful are invulnerable, because They are not protecting Their egos, so that nothing can hurt Them. Their helpfulness is Their praise of God and He will return Their praise of Him, because They are like Him and can rejoice together. God goes out to Them and through Them and there is great Joy throughout [hindurch/durchgehend] the Kingdom. Every Mind That is changed adds to this Joy with Its own individual willingness to share in it.

The Truly helpful are God’s Miracleworkers, Whom I direct until We are All united in the Joy of the kingdom. I will direct You to wherever You can be Truly helpful and to whoever can follow My guidance through You. I arranged for Bill to attend the rehabilitation meetings for very good reasons and I want Him to know them so We can share Our goal there.

h. True Rehabilitation

Properly speaking, every Mind Which is split needs rehabilitation. The medical orientation emphasizes the body and the vocational orientation stresses the ego. The team approach generally leads more to confusion than Anything else, because it is too often misused as an expedient for sharing the ego’s dominion with other ego’s rather than as a real experiment in cooperation of Minds.

The reason why Bill needs this experience is because He needs rehabilitating Himself. How often have I answered “help Him” when You asked Me to help You? He, too, has asked for help and He has been helped whenever He was Truly helpful to You. He has also gained to whatever extent He could give. He will help You more Truly by going, if He can remember All the time He is there that His only reason for being there is to represent Me.

Rehabilitation, as a movement, has been an improvement over overt neglect, but it is often little more than a painful attempt on the part of the halt to lead the blind. Bill, You will see this at every meeting. But this is not why You were chosen to go. You have a fear of broken bodies, because Your ego cannot tolerate them. Your ego cannot tolerate egoweakness, either, without ambivalence, because it is afraid of its own weakness and the weakness of its chosen home.

That is really why You recoil from the demands of the dependent and from the sight of a broken body. Your ego is threatened and blocks Your natural impulse to help, placing You under the strain of divided [gespaltener] will. You withdraw to allow Your ego to recover and to regain enough Strength to be helpful again on a basis limited enough not to threaten Your ego, but also too limited to give You Joy.

Those with broken bodies are often looked down on by the ego, because of its belief that nothing but a perfect body is worthy as its own temple. A Mind That recoils from a hurt body is in great need of rehabilitation itself. A damaged brain is also hardly a danger. All symptoms of hurt need True helpfullness and whenever they are met with this, the Mind That so meets them heals Itself.

Rehabilitation is an attitude of praising God as He Himself knows praise. He offers praise to You and You must offer it to Others. The real limitations on clinical psychology, as it is evaluated by its followers [Jünger] at present, are not reflected by the attitudes of psychiatrists or medical boards or hospital administrators, even though most of Them are sadly in need of rehabilitation Themselves.

The real handicaps of the clinicians lie in their attitudes to Those Whom Their egos perceive as weakened and damaged. By these evaluations, They have weakened and damaged Their own helpfullness and have thus set Their own rehabilitation back. Rehabilitation is not concerned with the ego’s fight for control, nor the ego’s need to avoid and withdraw.

[Eine deutsche Übersetzung dieses Abschnittes befindet ist bei FIP in T-2.V.A.18] Bill, You can do much on behalf of Your own rehabilitation and Helen’s and much more Universally as well, if You think of the Princeton meetings in this way:

I am here only to be Truly helpful.
I am here to represent Christ, Who sent Me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because the One Who sent Me will direct Me.
I am content to be wherever He wished, knowing He goes there with Me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach Me to heal.

Chapter 5 – Healing and Wholeness

a. Healing as Joining

Healing is an act of thought by which two minds perceive their oneness, and become glad. This gladness calls to every part of the Sonship to rejoice with them, and let God Himself go out into them and through them. Only the healed mind can experience revelation with lasting effect, because revelation is an experience of pure joy. If you do not will to be wholly joyous, your mind cannot have what it does not will to be.

Remember that the Soul knows no difference between being and having. The higher mind thinks according to the laws which the Soul obeys, and therefore honors only the laws of God. To Him, getting is meaningless, and giving is all. Having everything, the Soul holds everything by giving it, thus creating as the Father created.

If you think about it, you will see that, while this kind of thinking is totally alien to having things, even to the lower mind it is quite comprehensible in connection with ideas. If you share a physical possession, you do divide its ownership. But if you share an idea, you do not lessen it. All of it is still yours, although all of it has been given away. Further, if the person to whom you give it accepts it as His, he reinforces it in Your mind, and thus increases it.

If you can accept the concept that the world is one of ideas, the whole belief in the false association which the ego has made between giving and losing is gone. Let us start our process of rebirth with just a few simple concepts:

Thoughts increase by being given away.

The more who believe in them, the stronger they become.

Everything is an idea.

How, then, is it possible that giving and losing can be meaningfully associated?

This is the invitation to the Holy Spirit. I told you that I could reach up and bring the Holy Spirit down to you. But I can bring Him to you only at your own invitation. The Holy Spirit is nothing more than your own right mind. He was also mine. The Bible says, “May the mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus,” and uses this as a blessing. It is the blessing of miracle-mindedness. It asks that you may think as I thought, joining with me in Christthinking.

The Holy Spirit is the only part of the Holy Trinity which is symbolic. He is referred to in the Bible as the Healer, the Comforter, and the Guide. He is also described as something separate, apart from the Father and from the Son. I myself said:

And if I go I will send you another comforter, and he will abide with you.

The Holy Spirit is a difficult concept to grasp, precisely because it is symbolic, and therefore open to many different interpretations. As a man and as one of God’s creations, my right thinking, which came from the Universal Inspiration which is the Holy Spirit, taught me first and foremost that this Inspiration is for all. I could not have it myself without knowing that.

The word “know” is proper here, because the Holy Inspiration is so close to knowledge that it calls forth, or better, allows it to come. We have spoken before of the higher or true perception, which is so close to truth that God Himself can flow across the little gap. Knowledge is always ready to flow everywhere, but it cannot oppose. Therefore you can obstruct it, although you can never lose it.

The Holy Spirit is the Christ mind that senses the knowledge that lies beyond perception. It came into being with the separation as a protection, and inspired the beginning of the Atonement at the same time. Before that, there was no need for healing and no One was comfortless.

b. The Mind of the Atonement

God honored even the miscreations of His Children because they had made them. But he also blessed them with a way of thinking about them that could raise their perceptions until they became so lofty that they could reach almost back to Him.

The Holy Spirit is the mind of the Atonement. It represents a state of mind that comes close enough to one-mindedness that transfer is at last possible. As you well know, transfer depends on common elements in the old learning and the new situation to which it is transferred. Perception is not knowledge, but it can be transferred to knowledge or cross over into it. It might even be more helpful here to use the literal meaning “carried over,” for the last step is taken by God.

The Holy Spirit, the shared Inspiration of all the Sonship, induces a kind of perception in which many elements are like those in the Kingdom of Heaven Itself.

First, its universality is perfectly clear, and no One who receives it could ever believe for one instant that sharing it involves anything but gain.

Second, it is incapable of attack, and is therefore truly open. This means that although it does not engender knowledge, it does not obstruct it in any way.

Third, it is an unequivocal call to love. Every other voice is still.

There is a point at which sufficient quantitative changes produce real qualitative differences. The next point requires real understanding, because it is the point at which the shift occurs.

Finally, it points the way beyond the healing which it brings, and leads the mind beyond its own integration into the paths of creation.

Healing is not creating; it is reparation. The Holy Spirit promotes healing by looking beyond it, to what the children of God were before healing was needed, and will be when they have been healed. This alteration of the time sequence should be quite familiar, because it is very similar to the shift in time perception which the miracle introduces.

The Holy Spirit is the motivation for miraclemindedness. It is the will to heal the separation by letting it go. It is in you because God placed it in your mind, and although you can keep it asleep you cannot obliterate it. God Himself keeps it alive by transmitting it from His Mind to yours as long as there is time. It is partly His will and partly yours. The miracle itself is just this fusion or union of will between Father and Son.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Joy. It is the call to return, with which God blessed the minds of the separated Sons. This the vocation of the mind. It had no calling until the separation, because before it had only being, and would not have understood the call to right thinking. The Holy Spirit was God’s answer to the separation, the means by which the Atonement could repair until the whole mind returned to creating. The Atonement and the separation began at the same time. When man made the ego, God placed in him the call of joy. This call is so strong that the ego always dissolves at its sound.

That is why you can choose to listen to two voices within you. One you made yourself, and that one is not of God. But the other is given you by God, Who asks you only to listen to it. The Holy Spirit is in you in a very literal sense. It is the voice that calls you back to where you were before and will be again.

c. The Voice for God

It is possible even in this world to hear only that voice and no other. It takes effort and great willingness to learn. It is the final lesson that I learned, and God’s Sons are as equal as learners as they are as Souls. The voice of the Holy Spirit is the call to Atonement, or the restoration of the integrity of the mind. When the Atonement is complete and the whole Sonship is healed, there will be no call to return, but what God creates is eternal. The Holy Spirit will remain with the Sons of God, to bless their creations and keep them in the light of joy.

You are the Kingdom of Heaven, but you have let the belief in darkness enter your minds, and so you need a new light. The Holy Spirit is the radiance that you must let to banish the idea of darkness. His is the glory before which dissociation falls away, and the Kingdom of Heaven breaks through into its own.

Before the separation you did not need guidance. You knew as you will know again, but you do not know now. God does not guide, because He can share only perfect knowledge. Guidance is evaluative, because it implies that there is a right way and also a wrong way, one to be chosen and the other avoided. By choosing one, you give up the other. This is a conflict state. It means that knowledge has been lost, because knowledge is sure.

God is not in you, You are part of Him. When you willed to leave Him, He gave you a voice to speak for Him, because He could no longer share His knowledge with you without hindrance. Direct communication was broken, because you had made another voice through another will. The Holy Spirit calls you both to remember and forget. You have chosen to be in a state of opposition, in which opposites are possible. As a result, there are choices which you must make. In the holy state, the will is free in the sense that its creative power is unlimited, but choice itself is meaningless.

Freedom to choose is the same power as freedom to create, but its application is different. Choosing means divided will. The Holy Spirit is one way of choosing. This way is in you because there is also another way. God did not leave His Children comfortless, even though they left Him. The voice they put in their minds was not the voice of His Will, for which the Holy Spirit speaks. The call to return is stronger than the call to depart, but it speaks in a different way.

The voice of the Holy Spirit does not command, because it is incapable of arrogance. It does not demand, because it does not seek control. It does not overcome, because it does not attack. It merely reminds. It is compelling only because of what it reminds you of. It brings to your mind the other way, remaining quiet even in the midst of the turmoil you have made for yourselves. The voice for God is always quiet, because it speaks of peace. Yet peace is stronger than war, because it heals. War is division, not increase. No One gains from strife.

“What profiteth a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own Soul?” This means that if he listens to the wrong voice, he has lost sight of his Soul. He cannot lose it, but he can not know it. It is therefore lost to Him, until he chooses right. The Holy Spirit is your guide in choosing. He is the part of your mind which always speaks for the right choice, because he speaks for God. He is your remaining communication with God, which you can interrupt, but cannot destroy.

The Holy Spirit is the way in which God’s will can be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Both Heaven and Earth are in You, because the call of both are in your wills, and therefore in your minds. The voice for God comes from your own altars to Him. These altars are not things. They are devotions. But you have other devotions now. Your divided devotion has given you the two voices, and you must choose at which altar you will to serve. The call you answer now is an evaluation, because it is a decision. The decision itself is very simple. It is made on the basis of which call is worth more to you.

My mind will always be like yours, because we were created as equals. It was only my decision that gave me all power in Heaven and earth. My only gift to you is to help you make the same decision for Yourself. The will for this decision is the will to share it, because the decision itself is the decision to share. It is made by giving, and is therefore the one act of mind that resembles true creation.

You understand the role of models in the learning process, and the importance of the models you value and choose to follow in determining what you will to learn. I am your model for decision. By deciding for God, I showed you that this decision can be made, and that You can make it. I promised you that the mind that made the decision for me is also in You, and that you can let it change you just as it changed me. This mind is unequivocal, because it hears only one Voice, and answers in one way.

You are the light of the world with me. Rest does not come from sleeping, but from waking. The Holy Spirit is the call to awake and be glad. The world is very tired, because it is the idea of weariness. Our task is the joyous one of waking it to the call for God. Everyone will answer the call of the Holy Spirit, or the Sonship cannot be as one. What better vocation could there be for any part of the Kingdom than to restore it to the perfect integration that can make it whole?

Hear only this through the Holy Spirit within you, and teach your brothers to listen as I am teaching you. When you are tempted by the wrong voice, call on me to remind you how to heal by sharing my decision and making it stronger. As we share this goal, we increase its power to attract the whole Sonship, and to bring it back into the Oneness in which it was created.

Remember that “Yolk” means “join together,” and “burden” means message. Let us reconsider the biblical statement “my yolk is easy and my burden light” in this way. Let us join together, for my message is Light. I came to your minds because you had grown vaguely aware of the fact that there is another way, or another voice. Having given this invitation to the Holy Spirit, I could come to provide the model for how to think.

Psychology has become the study of behavior, but no One denies the basic law that behavior is a response to motivation, and motivation is will. I have enjoined you to behave as I behaved, but we must respond to the same mind to do this. This mind is the Holy Spirit, whose will is for God always. It teaches you how to keep me as the model for your thought, and behave like me as a result.

The power of our joint motivation is beyond belief, but not beyond accomplishment. What we can accomplish together has no limits, because the call for God is the call to the unlimited. Child of God, my message is for You, to hear and give away as you answer the Holy Spirit within you.

f. The Guide to Salvation

The way to learn to know your brother is by perceiving the Holy Spirit in him. We have already said that the Holy Spirit is the bridge or thoughttransfer of perception to knowledge, so we can use the terms as if they were related, because in His mind they are. This relationship must be in His mind, because unless it were, the separation between the two ways of thinking would not be open to healing. He is part of the Holy Trinity, because His Mind is partly Yours and also partly God’s. This needs clarification not in statement, since we have said this before, but in experience.

The Holy Spirit is the idea of healing. Being thought, the idea gains as it is shared. Being the call for God, it is also the idea of God. If you are part of God, it is also the idea of Yourself, as well as of all the parts of God. The idea of the Holy Spirit shares the property of other ideas, because it follows the laws of the universe of which it is a part. Therefore, it is strengthened by being given away. It increases in You as you give it to your brothers.

Since thoughts do not have to be conscious to exist, your brother does not have to be aware of the Holy Spirit, either in himself or in you for this miracle to occur. He may have dissociated the call for God, just as You have. But the dissociation is healed in both of you as you see it in him, and thus acknowledge its being. B, who has made a number of vital contributions to our joint venture, made a major one a while ago, which he himself did not appreciate or even understand. If we recognize its value together, we will be able to use it together, because it is an idea and must therefore be shared to be held.

When B said that he was determined “not to see you that way,” he was speaking negatively. If he will state the same idea positively, he will see the power of what he said. He had realized that there are two ways of seeing you, and also that they are diametrically opposed to one another. These two ways must be in His mind, because he was referring to himself as the perceiver. They must also be in Yours, because he was perceiving You.

What he was really saying was that he would not look at you through His ego, or perceive Your ego in you. Stated positively, he would see you through the Holy Spirit in His mind, and perceive it in Yours. What you acknowledge in your brother, you are acknowledging in yourself. What you share you strengthen. The voice of the Holy Spirit is weak in you. That is why you must share it, because it must be increased in strength before You can hear it. It is impossible to hear it in yourself while it is so weak in your own mind. It is not weak in itself; but it is limited by your unwillingness to hear it.

Will itself is an idea, and is therefore strengthened by being shared. You have made the mistake of looking for the Holy Spirit in Yourselves, and that is why your meditations have frightened you. By adopting the ego’s viewpoint, you undertook an ego-alien journey with the ego as guide. This was bound to produce fear. B’s better idea needs to be strengthened in both of you. Since it was His, He can increase it by giving it to you.

Delay is of the ego, because time is its concept. Delay is obviously a time idea. Both time and delay are meaningless in eternity. We have said before that the Holy Spirit is God’s answer to the ego. Everything of which the Holy Spirit reminds you is in direct opposition to the ego’s notions, because true and false perceptions are themselves opposed. The Holy Spirit has the task of undoing what the ego has made. It must undo it in the same realm of discourse in which the ego itself operates, or the mind would be unable to understand the change. We have repeatedly emphasized the fact that one level of the mind is not understandable to another. So it is with the ego and the soul, and with time and eternity.

Eternity is an idea of God, so the soul understands it perfectly. Time is a belief of the ego, so the lower mind, which is the ego’s domain, accepts it without question. The only aspect of time which is really eternal is now. That is what we really mean when we say that now is the only time. The literal nature of this statement does not mean anything to the ego. It interprets it, at best, to mean “don’t worry about the future.” This is not what it really means at all.

The Holy Spirit is the mediator between the interpretations of the ego and the knowledge of the Soul. Its ability to deal with symbols enables it to work against the ego’s beliefs in its own language. Its equal ability to look beyond symbols into eternity also enables it to understand the laws of God, for which it speaks.

It can thus perform the function of reinterpreting what the ego makes, not by destruction, but by understanding. Understanding is light, and light leads to knowledge. The Holy Spirit is in light, because it is in You who are light. But you yourselves do not know this. It is therefore the task of the Holy Spirit to regarding-interpret you on behalf of God.

You cannot understand yourselves alone. This is because you have no meaning apart from your rightful place in the Sonship, and the rightful place of the Sonship in God. This is your life, your eternity, and Yourself. It is of this that the Holy Spirit reminds you. It is this that the Holy Spirit SEES. This vision invariably frightens the ego, because it is so calm. Peace is the ego’s greatest enemy, because according to its interpretation of reality, war is the guarantee of its survival. The ego becomes strong in strife because if you believe there is strife, you will react viciously because the idea of danger has entered your mind. This idea itself is an appeal to the ego.

The Holy Spirit is as vigilant as the ego to the call of danger, opposing it with its strength just as the ego welcomes it with all its might. The Holy Spirit counters this welcome by welcoming peace. Peace and eternity are as closely related as are time and war. Perception as well as knowledge derive meaning from relationships. Those which you accept are the foundations of your beliefs.

The Separation is merely another term for a split mind. It was not an act, but a thought. Therefore, the idea of Separation can be given away, just as the idea of unity can, and either way, it will be strengthened in the Mind of the Giver. The ego is the symbol of the Separation, just as the Holy Spirit is the symbol of peace. What you perceive in others you are strengthening in Your Self. You let your mind misperceive, but the Holy Spirit lets your mind regarding-interpret its own misperceptions. The Holy Spirit is the perfect teacher. It uses only what your minds already understand, to teach you that you do not understand it.

The Holy Spirit can deal with an unwilling learner without going counter to his will, because part of his will is still for God. Despite the ego’s attempts to conceal this part, it is still much stronger than the ego, even though the ego does not recognize it. The Holy Spirit recognizes it perfectly, because it is its own dwelling place, or the place in the mind where it is at home. You are at home there, too, because it is a place of peace, and peace is of God.

You who are part of God are not at home except in His peace. If peace is eternal, you are at home only in eternity. The ego made the world as it perceives it, but the Holy Spirit, the Reinterpreter of what the ego made, sees it only as a teaching device for bringing you home. The Holy Spirit must perceive time and regarding-interpret into the timeless. The mind must be led into eternity through time, because having made time it is capable of perceiving its opposite.

The Holy Spirit must work through opposites, because it must work with and for a mind that is in opposition. Correct and learn, and be open to learning. You have not made truth, but truth can still set you free. Look as the Holy Spirit looks, and understand as He understands. His understanding looks back to God, in remembrance of Me. He is in Holy Communion always, and He is part of You. He is your guide to salvation, because he holds the remembrance of things past and to come. He holds this gladness gently in your minds, asking only that you increase it in His name by sharing it to increase His joy in You.

e. Therapy and Teaching

You must have noticed how often I have used your own ideas to help You. B is right is saying that you have learned to be a loving, wise, and very understanding therapist, except for yourself. That exception has given you more than perception for others because of what you saw in them, but less than knowledge of your real relationships to them because you did not make them part of you. Understanding is beyond perception, because it introduces meaning. But it is below knowledge, even though it can grow towards it. It is possible, with great effort, to understand someone else and to be helpful to him, but the effort is misdirected. The misdirection is quite apparent. It is directed away from you.

This does not mean that it is lost to you, but it does mean that you are not aware of it. I have saved all of your kindnesses and every loving thought you have had, and I assure you, you have had many. I have purified them of errors which hid their light, and have kept them for you in their own perfect radiance. They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. They came from the Holy Spirit within You, and we know that what God creates is eternal.

B once spoke of the Kingdom in this way, because he yearns for what he has repressed. You are much more afraid of it, because dissociation is more fearful. B’s better contact has allowed him the strength to retain the fear in awareness, and to resort to displacement, which he is learning to overcome with Your help. That is because you do not perceive Him as dissociated, and can help him with his repression, which does not frighten you. He, on the other hand, has no difficulty in seeing You dissociate, and does not have to deal with repression in you, which would produce fear in him.

Joining in Atonement, which I have repeatedly asked you to do, is always a way out of fear. This does not mean that you can safely fail to acknowledge anything that is true, but the Holy Spirit will not fail to help you regarding-interpret Everything that you perceive as fearful, and teach you only what is loving is true. It is beyond your ability to destroy, but entirely within your grasp. It belongs to you because You created it. It is yours because it is part of you, just as you are part of God, because He created you.

The Atonement is the guarantee of the safety of the Kingdom. Nothing good is lost, because it comes from the Holy Spirit, the voice for Creation. Nothing that is not good was ever created, and therefore cannot be protected. What the ego makes it keeps to itself, and so it is without strength. Its unshared existence does not die. It was merely never born. Real birth is not a beginning; it is a continuing. Everything that can continue has already been born. But it can increase as you are willing to return the part of your mind that needs healing to the higher part, and thus render your creating or creation undivided.

You Yourself always told your patients that the real difference between neurotic and “healthy” guilt feelings was that neurotic guilt feelings do not help Anyone. This distinction was very wise, though incomplete. Let us make the distinction a little sharper now. Neurotic guilt feelings are a device of the ego for “atoning” without sharing and for asking for pardon without change. The ego never calls for real atonement and cannot tolerate real forgiveness, which is change.

Your concept of “healthy guilt feelings” has great merit, but without the concept of the Atonement it lacked the healing potential it held. You make the distinction in terms of feelings which led to a decision not to repeat the error, which is only part of healing. Your concept therefore lacked the idea of undoing it. What you were really advocating, then, was adopting a policy of sharing without a real foundation.

I have come to give you the foundation, so your own thoughts can make you really free. You have carried the burden of the ideas you did not share, and which were therefore too weak to increase, but you did not recognize how to undo their existence because you had made them. You cannot cancel out your past errors alone. They will not disappear from your mind without remedy. The remedy is not of your making, any more than You are.

The Atonement cannot be understood except as a pure act of sharing. That is what is meant when we said that it is possible even in this world to listen to one voice. If you are part of God, and the Sonship is one, you cannot be limited to the self the ego sees. Every loving thought held in any part of the Sonship belongs to every part. It is shared because it is loving. Sharing is God’s way of creating and also Yours. Your ego can keep you in exile from the Kingdom but in the Kingdom itself it has no power.

You have become willing to receive my messages as I give them, without interference by the ego, so we can clarify an earlier point which was mentioned before. We said that you will one day teach as much as you learn, and that will keep you in balance. The time is now, because you have let it be now. You cannot learn except by teaching. I heard one voice because I had learned that learning is attained by teaching. I understood that I could not atone for Myself alone.

Listening to one voice means the will to share the voice to hear it yourself. The mind that was in me is still irresistibly drawn to every mind created by God, because God’s wholeness is the wholeness of his Son. Turning the other cheek does not mean that you should submit to violence without protest. It means that you cannot be hurt, and do not want to show your brother anything except your wholeness. Show him that he cannot hurt you, and hold nothing against him, or you hold it against yourself.

Teaching is done in many ways: By formal means, by guidance and above all by example. If you will to learn, you must will to teach. Teaching is therapy because it means the sharing of ideas, and the awareness that to share them is to strengthen them. The union of the Sonship is its protection. The ego cannot prevail against the Kingdom because it is united, and the ego fades away and is undone in the presence of the attraction of the parts of the Sonship which hear the call of the Holy Spirit to be as One.

I cannot forget my need to teach what I have learned which arose in me because I learned it. I call upon you to teach what you have learned, because by so doing You can depend on it. Make it dependable in my name, because my name is the name of God’s Son. What I learned I give you freely, and the mind which was in me rejoices as You will to hear it. The Holy Spirit atones in all of us by undoing, and thus lifts the burden you have placed in your mind. By following Him, He leads you back to God where you belong. And how can you find this way except by taking your brother with you?

My part in the Atonement is not complete until You join it, and give it away. As you teach, so shall you learn. I will never leave you or forsake you, because to forsake you would be to forsake myself and God who created me. You will forsake yourselves and your God if you forsake any of Your brothers. You are more than your brother’s keeper. In fact, you do not want to keep him. You must learn to see him as he is, and know that he belongs to God, as you do. How could you treat your brother better than by rendering unto God the things which are God’s?

Ideas do not leave the mind which thought them in order to have separate being. Nor do separate thoughts conflict with one another in space, because they do not occupy space at all. Human ideas can conflict in content, because they occur at different levels, and include opposite thoughts at the same level. It is impossible to share opposing thoughts. The Holy Spirit does not let you forsake your brothers. Therefore, you can really share only the parts of your thoughts which are of Him, which He also keeps for You. And of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. All the rest remains with you until He has regarding-interpreted them in the light of the Kingdom, making them, too, worthy of being shared. When they have been sufficiently purified, He lets you give them away. The will to share them is their purification.

The Atonement gives you the power of a healed mind, but the power to create is of God. Therefore, those who have been forgiven must devote themselves first to healing, because having received the idea of healing they must give it to hold it. The full power of creation or creating cannot be expressed as long as any of God’s ideas are withholding it from the Kingdom. The joint will of All the Sonship is the only creator that can create like the Father. That is because only the complete can think completely, and the thinking of God lacks nothing. Everything You think that is not through the Holy Spirit is lacking.

How can you who are so Holy suffer? All your past, except its beauty, is gone, and nothing is left except a blessing. You can indeed depart in peace, because I have loved you as I loved myself. You go with my blessing and for my blessing. Hold it and share it, that it may always be ours. I place the peace of God in your heart, and in your hands, to hold and share. The heart is pure to hold it, and the hands are strong to give it. We cannot lose. My judgment is as strong as the wisdom of God, in whose Heart and Hands we have our being. His quiet children are His blessed sons. The Thoughts of God are with you.

f. The Two Decisions

Perhaps this will become clearer and more personally meaningful if the ego’s use of guilt is clarified. The ego has a purpose, just as the Holy Spirit has. The ego’s purpose is fear, because only the fearful can be egotistic. The ego’s logic is as impeccable as that of the Holy Spirit, because your mind has all the means at its disposal to side with Heaven or earth, as it elects. But let us again remember that both are in you.

In Heaven there is no guilt, because the Kingdom is attained through the Atonement, which creates it in you. The word “create” is appropriate here, because once what You have made is undone by the Holy Spirit, the blessed residue is restored, and therefore continues in creation. What is truly blessed is incapable of giving rise to guilt, and must give rise to joy. This makes it invulnerable to the ego, because its peace is unassailable. It is invulnerable to disruption because it is whole.

Guilt is always disruptive. Anything that engenders fear is divisive, because it obeys the law of division. If the ego is the symbol of the separation, it is also the symbol of guilt. Guilt is more than merely not of God. It is the symbol of the attack on God. This is a totally meaningless concept except to the ego, but do not underestimate the power of the ego’s belief in it. This is the belief from which all guilt really stems.

The ego is the part of the mind which believes in division. But how can part of God detach itself without believing it is attacking Him? We spoke before of the authority problem as involving the concept of usurping His power. The ego believes that this is what You did, because it believes it is you. It follows, then, that if you identify with the ego, you must perceive yourself as guilty.

Whenever you respond to your ego, you will experience guilt, and you will fear punishment. The ego is quite literally a fearful thought. And however ridiculous the idea of attacking God may be to the sane mind, never forget that the ego is not sane. It represents a delusional system, and it speaks for it. Listening to the ego’s voice means that you believe it is possible to attack God. You believe that a part of Him has been torn away by You.

The classic picture of fear of retaliation from without then follows, because the severity of the guilt is so acute that it must be projected. Although Freud was wrong about the basic conflict itself, he was very accurate in describing its effects. Whatever you accept into your mind has reality for you. It is, however, only the acceptance which makes it real.

As an extreme example of dissociation yourself, you should have little trouble in understanding that it is perfectly possible not to accept what is in your minds. If you enthrone the ego in it, the fact that you have accepted it, or allowed it to enter, makes it Your reality. This is because the mind as God created it is capable of creating reality. We said before that you must learn to think with God. To think with Him is to think like Him. This engenders joy, not guilt, because it is natural. Guilt is a sure sign that your thinking is Unnatural. Perverted thinking will always be attended with guilt, because it is the belief in sin.

The ego does not perceive sin as a lack of love. It perceives it as a positive act of assault. This is an interpretation which is necessary to its survival, because as soon as You regard it as a lack, you will automatically attempt to remedy the situation. And you will also succeed. The ego regards this as doom, but You must learn to regard it as freedom.

The guiltless mind cannot suffer. Being sane, it heals the body because it has been healed. The sane mind cannot conceive of illness, because it cannot conceive of attacking anything or anyone. We said before that illness is a form of magic. It might be better to say it is a form of magical solution. The ego believes that by punishing itself, it will mitigate the punishment of God. Yet even in this it is arrogant. It attributes to God a punishing attempt, and then takes over this intent as its own prerogative. It tries to usurp all the functions of God as it perceives them, because it recognizes that only total allegiance can be trusted.

The ego cannot oppose the laws of God, any more than You can. But it can interpret them according to what it wants, just as You can. That is why the question

“What do you want?”

must be answered. You are answering it every minute and every second, and each moment of decision is a judgment which is anything but ineffectual. Its effects will follow automatically until the decision is changed. This is a redundant statement, because you have not learned it. But again, any decision can be Unmade as well as made.

But remember that the alternatives are unalterable. The Holy Spirit, like the ego, is a decision. Together they constitute all the alternatives which your mind can accept and obey. The ego and the Holy Spirit are the only choices which are open to you. God created one, and so you cannot eradicate it. You made the other, so you can. Only what God creates is irreversible and unchangeable. What You have made can always be changed, because when you do not think like God, you have not really thought at all. Delusional ideas are not thought, but you can think that you believe in them.

But you are wrong. The function of thought comes from God and is in God. As part of His thought, you cannot think apart from Him. Irrational thought is a thought disorder. God Himself orders your thought, because your thought was created by Him. Guilt feelings are always a sign that you do not know this. They also show that you believe you can think apart from God, and want to.

Every thought disorder is attended by guilt at its inception, and maintained by guilt in its continuance. Guilt is inescapable for those who believe that they order their own thought, and must therefore obey its orders. This makes them feel responsible for their mind errors, without recognizing that by accepting this responsibility they are really reacting Irresponsibly. If the sole responsibility of the miracle-worker is to accept the Atonement, and I assure you that it is, then the responsibility for what is atoned for cannot be yours.

This contradiction cannot be resolved except by accepting the solution of undoing. You would be responsible for the effects of all your wrong thinking if it could not be undone. The purpose of the Atonement is to save the past in purified form only. If you accept the remedy for a thought-disorder, and a remedy whose efficacy is beyond doubt, how can its symptoms remain? You have reason to question the validity of symptom cure. But no One believes that the symptoms can remain if the underlying cause is removed.

g. Time and Eternity

The continuing will to remain separated is the only possible reason for continuing guilt feelings. We have said this before, but we did not emphasize the destructive results of this decision at that time. any decision of the mind will affect both behavior and experience. And what you will you EXPECT. This is not delusional. 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 258

I-259 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-259 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #259 Marked page # C 86
Your mind does create your future, and can turn it back to full creation at any minute, if it accepts the ATONEMENT FIRST. It will also turn back to full creation the instant it has done so. Having given up its thought DISORDER, the proper ordering of thought becomes quite apparent.

God in His knowledge is not waiting. But His Kingdom is bereft while You wait. All the Sons of God are waiting for your return, just as You are waiting for THEIRS. Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time. You have elected to be in time rather than in eternity, and have therefore changed your belief in your status. But election is both free and alterable. You do not belong in time. Your place is only in eternity, where God Himself placed you forever.

Guilt feelings are the PRESERVERS of time. They induce fears of future retaliation or abandonment, and thus ensure that the future will remain like the past. This is the ego’s continuity, and gives it a false sense of security through the belief that you cannot escape from it. But you can and must. God offers you the continuity of eternity in exchange. When you will to make this exchange, you will simultaneously exchange guilt for peace, viciousness for love, and pain for joy.

My role is only to unchain your will and make it free. Your egos cannot accept this freedom, and will oppose your free decision at every possible moment, and in every possible way. 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 259

I-260 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-260 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #260 Marked page # C 87
And as its maker, you know what it can do, because you gave it the ability to do it. The mind does indeed know its power, because the mind does indeed know God. Remember the Kingdom always, and remember that you who are part of it cannot be lost. The mind that was in me is in you, for God creates with perfect fairness. Let the Holy Spirit remind you always of His fairness, and let me teach you how to share it with your brothers. How else can the chance to claim it for yourself be given you?

What you do not understand is that the two voices speak for different interpretations of the same thing simultaneously, or almost simultaneously, for the ego always speaks first. Alternate interpretations are unnecessary until the first one has been made, and speaking itself was unnecessary before the ego was made. The ego speaks in judgment, and the Holy Spirit reverses its decisions, much as the Supreme Court has the power to reverse the lower court’s decision about the laws of this world.

The ego’s decisions are always wrong, because they are based on a complete fallacy which they are made to uphold. nothing it perceives is interpreted correctly. Not only does it cite scripture for its purpose, but it even interprets scripture as a witness for itself. The Bible is a fearful thing to the ego, because of its prejudiced judgment. Perceiving it as fearful, it interprets it fearfully. Having made You afraid, you do not appeal to the higher court, because you believe its judgment would be against you. 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 260

I-261 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-261 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #261 Marked page # C 88

We need cite only a few examples to see how the ego’s interpretations have mislead you. A favorite ego quotation is “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” Another is “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.” Still another is “I will visit the sins of the fathers unto the third and the fourth generation.” And also, “The wicked shall perish.” There are many others, but if you will let the Holy Spirit regarding-interpret these in its own light, they will suffice.

“As ye sow, so shall ye reap” merely means that what you believe to be worth cultivating you will cultivate in yourself. Your judgment of what is worthy does make it worthy for you.

“Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord” is easily explained if you remember that ideas increase only by being shared. This quotation therefore emphasizes the fact that vengeance cannot be shared. Give it therefore to the Holy Spirit, who will undo it in you because it does not BELONG in your mind, which is part of God.

“I will visit the sins of the fathers unto the third and fourth generation,” as interpreted by the ego, is particularly vicious. It is used, in fact, as an attempt to guarantee its survival beyond itself. Actually, all it really means is that the Holy Spirit in later generations retains the power to interpret CORRECTLY what former generations have thought, and thus release their thoughts from the ability to produce fear ANYWHERE in the Sonship. 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 261

I-262 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-262 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #262 Marked page # C 89

“The wicked shall perish” is merely a statement of fact, if the word “perish” is properly understood. Every loveless thought must be undone, and even the word “undone” is fearful to the ego, which interprets “I am undone” as “I am destroyed.” The ego will not be destroyed, because it is part of Your thought. But because it is uncreative, and therefore unsharing, it will be regarding-interpreted entirely, to release you from fear.

The part of your thought which you have given to the ego will merely return to the Kingdom, where your whole mind belongs. The ego is a form of ARREST, but arrest is merely delay. It does not involve the concept of police at all, although the ego welcomes that interpretation. You can delay the completion of the Kingdom, but you cannot introduce the concept of ASSAULT into it.

When I said “I am come as a light into the world,” I surely came to share this light with you. Remember the symbolic reference we made before to the ego’s dark glass, and remember also that we said “Do not look there.” It is still true that “Where you look to find yourself is up to you.” The Higher Court will not condemn you. It will merely dismiss the case against you. There can be no case against a child of God, and every witness to guilt in God’s creations is bearing false witness to God Himself.

Appeal everything you believe gladly to God’s own Higher Court, because it speaks for Him, and therefore speaks truly. It will dismiss the case against you, however carefully You have built it. 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 262

I-263 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-263 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #263 Marked page # C 90
The case may be fool-proof, but it is not God-proof. The voice for God will not hear it at all, because it can only witness truly. Its verdict will always be “Thine is the Kingdom,” because it was given you to remind you of what you are.

Your patience with each other is your patience with your selves. Is not a child of God worth patience? I have shown you infinite patience, because my will is that of our Father, from whom I learned of infinite patience. His voice was in me, as it is in you, speaking for patience towards the Sonship, in the name of its Creator. What you need to learn now is that only infinite patience can produce immediate effects. This is the way in which time is exchanged for eternity. Infinite patience calls upon infinite Love, and by producing results now renders time unnecessary.

To say that time is temporary is merely redundant. We have repeatedly said that time is a learning device which will be abolished when it is no longer useful. The Holy Spirit, who speaks for God in time, also knows that time is meaningless. He reminds you of this in every passing moment of time, because it is His special function to return You to eternity and remain to bless Your creations there. He is the only blessing you can truly give, because He is so truly blessed. And because He has been given you so freely by God, you must give Him as you received Him. 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 263

I-264 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-264 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #264 Marked page # C 91
T 5 I. The Eternal Fixation (*N 586 6:150)

The concept of “set” is among the better psychological percepts. Actually, it is used quite frequently in the Bible, and also here, under many different terms. “God will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed (or set) on Thee because he trusteth in Thee.”

The pronouns here are confusing without explanation, and the attempt to shift “Thee” to “Him” is a misinterpretation. The statement means that God’s peace is set in the Holy Spirit, because it is fixed on God. It is also fixed in you. You, then, are fixed in the peace of God.

The concept of “fixation” is a very helpful one, which Freud understood perfectly. Unfortunately, he lost his understanding because he was afraid, and as you know all too well, fear is incompatible with good judgment. Fear DISTORTS thinking, and therefore DISorders thought. Freud’s system of thought was extremely ingenious, because Freud was extremely ingenious. A mind must endow its thoughts with its own attributes. This is its inherent strength, even though it may misuse its power.

Freud lost much of the potential value of his own thought system because, much like Cayce, he did not include himself in it. This is a dissociated state, because the thinker cuts himself off from his thoughts. Freud’s thought was so conflicted that he could not have retained his sanity as He saw it without dissociating.Æ 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 264

I-265 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-265 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #265 Marked page # C 92
This is why the many contradictions which are quite apparent in his thinking became increasingly less apparent to Him.

A man who knows what fixation really means and does not yield to it is terribly afraid. Fixation is the pull of God, on whom your mind is fixed because of the Holy Spirit’s irrevocable set. “Irrevocable” means “cannot be called back or redirected.” The irrevocable nature of the Holy Spirit’s set is the basis for its unequivocal voice. The Holy Spirit never changes its mind. Clarity of thought cannot occur under conditions of vacillation. Unless a mind is fixed in its purpose, it is not clear. But clarity literally means the state of light, and enlightenment is understanding. It stands UNDER perception because you have denied it as the real foundation of thought. This is the basis for all delusional systems.

The concept of fixation, as Freud saw it, has a number of real learning advantages. First, it recognizes that man can be fixated at a point in development which does not accord with a point in time. This clearly could have been a means toward real release from the time belief, had Freud pursued it with an open mind. But Freud suffered all his life from refusal to allow eternity to dawn upon his mind, and enlighten it truly. As a result, he overlooked now entirely, and merely saw the continuity of past and future.

Second, although he misinterpreted what the Holy Spirit told him, or better, reminded him of, he was too honest to deny more than he had to, to keep his fear in tolerable bounds, as he perceived the situation. Therefore, he EMPHASIZED that the point in development at which the mind is fixated is more real to itself than the external reality with which it DISagrees. 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 265

I-266 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-266 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #266 Marked page # C 93
This again could have been a powerful release mechanism, had Freud not decided to involve it in a strong defense system because he perceived it as an attack.

Third, although Freud interpreted fixation as irrevocable danger points to which the mind can always regress, the concept can also be interpreted as an irrevocable call to sanity which the mind cannot lose. Freud saw return as a threat to maturity because he did not understand prodigality. He merely interpreted it as squandering. Actually, “prodigal” also means careful. This confusion between careful and careless led him to confuse the escape from care with something desirable. In fact, he even went so far as to equate it quite literally with desire.

But throughout his thought-system, the “threat” of fixation remained, and could never be completely eliminated by any living human being anywhere. Essentially, this was the basis of his pessimism. This was personally as well as theoretically the case. Freud tried every means his very inventive mind could devise to set up a form of therapy which could enable the mind to escape from fixation forever, even though he knew this was impossible. The knowledge plagued his belief in his own thought-system at every turn, because he was both an honest man and a healer. He was therefore only PARTIALLY insane at the perceptual level, and was unable to relinquish the hope of release even though he could not cope with [missing] 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 266

I-267 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-267 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #267 Marked page # C 94

The reason for this amount of detail is because You are in the same position. You were eternally fixated on God in your creation, and the pull of this fixation is so strong that you will never overcome it. The reason is perfectly clear. The fixation is on a level that is so high that it cannot be surmounted. You are always being pulled back to your Creator because you belong in Him.

Do you really believe you can make a voice that can drown out His? Do you really believe that you can devise a thought-system which can separate you from His? Do you really believe that you can plan for your safety and joy better than He can? You need be neither careful nor careless. You need merely cast all your cares upon Him because He careth for You. You are His care because He loves you. His voice reminds you always that all hope is yours because of His care.

You cannot choose to escape His care, because that is not His will. But you can choose to accept His care, and use the infinite power of His care for all those He created by it. There have been many healers who did not heal themselves. They have not moved mountains by their faith because their faith was not179whole. Some of them have healed the sick at times, but they have not raised the dead. Unless the healer heals himself, he does not believe that there is no order in miracles. He has not learned that every mind that God created is equally worthy of being healed because God created it whole.

179TheUrmanuscript is illegible between the words “faith” and “whole”. TheNoteshas “was not.” 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 267

I-268 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-268 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #268 Marked page #

You are asked merely to return to God the mind as He created it. He asks you only for what He gave, knowing that this giving will heal You. Sanity is wholeness. And the sanity of your brothers is yours. Why should you listen to the endless insane calls which you think are made upon you, when you know the voice of God Himself is in you? God commended His Spirit to you, and asks that you commend yours to Him. He wills to keep it in perfect peace because you are of one mind and Spirit with Him.

Excluding yourself from the Atonement is the ego’s last-ditch defense of its own existence. It reflects both the ego’s need to separate, and your willingness to side with its separateness. This willingness means that You do not want to be healed. When I told B that there is “just one more thing,” he heard me very well. I hope he will hear me as well now. His intelligent mis-hearing of “river” as “rivet” showed that, even though he wanted release, he was not able to cope with it at the time.

But the time is now. You have not been asked to work out the Plan of Salvation yourselves, because, as I told you before, the Remedy is not of your making. God Himself gave you the perfect correction for everything you have made which is not in accord with His Holy Will. I have made His Plan perfectly clear and perfectly explicit to you, and have also told you of your part in His Plan and how urgent it is that you fulfill it.

There is time for delay, but there need not be. God weeps at the sacrifice of His children who believe they are lost to Him. The “one more thing” that B must learn is merely that he is not the one more. He is both one and at one. If he will learn this now, he will be willing in accord with the last judgment, which is really only the Biblical reminder of the inevitability of self-INCLUSION. This is what “Physician, heal thyself” really means. B has frequently observed for himself that this is hard to do. He has, however, been perfectly aware of 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 268

I-269 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-269 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #269 Marked page # C 96
JUST what You should do about it.

You might ask him for me whether he does not think he might be dissociating himself from his own awareness, since he is so clear about the remedy for You. You might also remind him that to whatever extent he separates himself from you, he is separating himself from Me. This is a collaborative venture. Let me therefore return his own ideas to him, so that you can share them and thus help each other to help me.

But let me first remind you of something I told you myself. Whenever you are not wholly joyous, it is because you have reacted with a lack of love to some Soul which God created. Perceiving this as sin, you become defensive because you EXPECT attack. The decision to react in that way, however, was Yours, and can therefore be undone. It cannot be undone by repentance in the usual sense, because this implies guilt. If you allow yourself to feel guilty, you will reinforce the error, rather than allowing it to be undone for you.

Decisions cannot be difficult. This is obvious if you realize that you must already have made a decision not to be wholly joyous if that is what you feel. Therefore, the first step in the undoing is to recognize that You ACTIVELY decided WRONGLY, but can as ACTIVELY DECIDE OTHERWISE.

Be very firm with yourselves in this, and keep yourselves fully aware of the fact that the undoing process, which does not come from you, is nevertheless within you because God placed it there. Your part is merely to return your thinking to the point at which the error was made, and give it over to the Atonement in peace. Say to yourselves the following, as sincerely as you can, remembering that the Holy Spirit will respond fully to your slightest invitation: 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 269

I-270 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-270 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #270 Marked page # C 97
I must have decided wrongly because I am not at peace. I made the decision myself, but I can also decide otherwise. I will to decide otherwise, because I want to be at peace. I do not feel guilty, because the Holy Spirit will undo all the consequences of my wrong decision if I will let Him. I will to let Him by allowing Him to decide for God for me. 01/11/2009 (proof copy) 270
I-271 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIText I-271 Urtext Manuscript Absolute page #271 Marked page # C 98

Chapter 30 – The New Beginning

a. Rules for Decision

Today I will make no decisions by Myself.

If I make no decisions by Myself, This is the day that will be given Me.

I have no question. I forgot what to decide.

At least I can decide I do not like what I feel now.

And so I hope I have been wrong.

I want another way to look at this.

Perhaps there is another way to look at this. What can I lose by asking?


Part 1

1. Nothing I see in this room means Anything.
2. I have given Everything I see in this room All the meaning that it has for Me.
3. I do not understand Anything I see in this room.
4. These thoughts do not mean Anything. They are like the things I see in this room.
5. I am never upset for the reason I think.
6. I am upset because I see something that is not there.
7. I see only the past.
8. My Mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.
9. I see nothing as it is now.
10. My thoughts do not mean Anything.
11. My meaningless thoughts are showing Me a meaningless world.
12. I am upset because I see a meaningless world.
13. A meaningless world engenders fear.
14. God did not create a meaningless world.
15. My thoughts are images which I have made.
16. I have no neutral thoughts.
17. I see no neutral things.
18. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of My seeing.
19. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of My thoughts.
20. I am determined to see.
21. I am determined to see things differently.
22. What I see is a form of vengeance.

I see only the perishable.
I see nothing that will last.
What I see is not real.
What I see is a form of vengeance.

Is this the world I really want to see?

23. I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.
24. I do not perceive My own best interests.
25. I do not know what Anything is for.
26. My attack thoughts are attacking My invulnerability.
27. Above All else I want to see.
28. Above All else I want to see things differently.
29. God is in Everything I see.
30. God is in Everything I see because God is in My Mind.
31. I am not the victim of the world I see.
32. I have invented the world I see.
33. There is another way of looking at the world.
34. I could see Peace instead of this.
35. My Mind is part of God’s. I am very Holy.
36. My Holiness envelops Everything I see.
37. My Holiness blesses the world.
38. There is nothing My Holiness cannot do.
39. My Holiness is My Salvation [Erlösung].
40. I am blessed as a Son of God.
41. God goes with Me wherever I go.
42. God is My Strength. Vision is His gift.
43. God is My Source. I cannot see apart from Him.
44. God is the Light in Which I see.
45. God is the Mind with Which I think.
46. God is the Love in Which I forgive.
47. God is the Strength in Which I trust.
48. There is nothing to fear.
49. God’s Voice speaks to Me All through the day.
50. I am sustained by the Love of God.

Review 1

51. The review for today covers the following ideas:
52. Today’s review covers these ideas:
53. Today We will review the following:
54. These are the review ideas for today:
55. Today’s review includes the following:
56. Our review for today covers the following:
57. Today let Us review these ideas:
58. These ideas are for review today:
59. The following ideas are for review today:
60. These ideas are for today’s review.
61. I am the Light of the world.
62. Forgiveness is My function as the Light of the world.
63. The Light of the world brings Peace to every Mind through My forgiveness.

The Light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.
I am the means God has appointed for the Salvation of the world.

64. Let Me not forget My function.

Let Me not forget My function.
Let Me not try to substitute Mine for Godʹs.
Let Me forgive and be happy.

This is the world it is My function to save.

65. My only function is the One God gave Me.
66. My happiness and My function are One.
67. Love created Me like Itself.
68. Love holds no grievances.

I would see You as My friend,
that I may remember You are part of Me,
and come to know Myself.

Love holds no grievances.
When I let All My grievances go,
I will know I am perfectly safe.

Love holds no grievances.
Let Me not betray My Self.

Love holds no grievances.
I would wake to My Self
by laying All My grievances aside
and wakening in Him.

69. My grievances hide the Light of the world in Me.

My grievances hide the Light of the world in Me.
I cannot see what I have hidden.
Yet I want to let it be revealed to Me
for My Salvation and the Salvation of the world.

If I hold this grievance,
the Light of the world will be hidden from Me.

70. My Salvation [Erlösung] comes from Me.
71. Only God’s plan for Salvation [Erlösungsplan] will work.
72. Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for Salvation [Erlösungsplan].
73. I will there be Light.
74. There is no will but God’s.

There is no will but God’s.
I cannot be in conflict.

I am at Peace.

Nothing can disturb Me. My will is God’s.

My will and God’s are One.

God wills Peace for His Son.

There is no will but God’s.
These conflict thoughts are meaningless.

There is no will but God’s.
I share it with Him.
My conflicts about _____ cannot be real.

There is no will but Godʹs.
I seek His Peace today.

75. The Light has come.
76. I am under no laws but God’s
77. I am entitled to Miracles.
78. Let Miracles replace All grievances.
79. Let Me recognize the problem so it can be solved.
80. Let Me recognize My problems have been solved.

Review 2

81. Our ideas for review today are:
82. We will review these ideas today:
83. Today let Us review these ideas:
84. These are the ideas for today’s review:
85. Today’s review will cover these ideas:
86. These ideas are for review today:
87. Our review today will cover these ideas:
88. Today We will review these ideas:
89. These are Our review ideas for today:
90. For this review We will use these ideas:
91. Miracles are seen in Light.
92. Miracles are seen in Light, and Light and Strength are One.
93. Light and Joy and Peace abide in Me.
94. I am as God created Me.
95. I am One Self, united with My Creator.

I am One Self, united with My Creator,
At One with every aspect of Creation,
And limitless in power and in Peace.

I am One Self.

You are One Self with Me,
United with Our Creator in this Self.
I honor You because of what I am,
And what He is, Who loves Us Both as One.

96. Salvation [Erlösung] comes from My One Self.
97. I am Spirit.
98. I will accept My part in God’s plan for Salvation [Erlösungsplan].
99. Salvation is My only function here.

Salvation is My only function here.
God still is Love, and this is not His Will.

Salvation is My only function here.
Salvation and forgiveness are the same.

Salvation is My only function here.
God still is Love, and this is not His Will.

Salvation is My only function here.

100. My part is essential to God’s plan for Salvation [Erlösungsplan].
101. God’s will for Me is perfect happiness.
102. I share God’s Will for happiness for Me.
103. God, being Love, is also happiness.

God, being Love, is also happiness.
To fear Him is to be afraid of Joy.

God, being Love, is also happiness.
And it is happiness I seek today.
I cannot fail, because I seek the Truth.

104. I seek but what belongs to Me in Truth.
105. God’s Peace and Joy are Mine.
106. Let Me be still and listen to the Truth.
107. Truth will correct the errors in My Mind.
108. To give and to receive are One in Truth.
109. I rest in God.
110. I am as God created Me.

Review 3

111. For morning and evening review:
112. For morning and evening review:
113. For morning and evening review:
114. For morning and evening review:
115. For morning and evening review:
116. For morning and evening review:
117. For morning and evening review:
118. For morning and evening review:
119. For morning and evening review:
120. For morning and evening review:
121. Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
122. Forgiveness offers Everything I want.
123. I thank My Father for His gifts to Me.
124. Let Me remember I am One with God.
125. In quiet I receive God’s Word today.
126. All that I give is given to Myself.
127. There is no Love but God’s.
128. The world I see has nothing that I want.
129. Beyond this world there is a world I want.
130. It is impossible to see two worlds.
131. No One can fail Who asks to reach the Truth.
132. I loose the world from All I thought it was.
133. I will not value what is valueless.
134. Let Me perceive forgiveness as it is.
135. If I defend Myself I am attacked.
136. Sickness is a defense against the Truth.
137. When I am healed, I am not healed alone.
138. Heaven is the decision I must make.
139. I will accept Atonement for Myself.
140. Only Salvation can be said to cure.

Review 4

141. Review 121) and 122)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

121) Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

122) Forgiveness offers Everything I want.

142. Review 123) and 124)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

123) I thank My Father for His gifts to Me.

124) Let Me remember I am One with God.

143. Review 125) and 126)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

125) In quiet I receive God’s Word today.

126) All that I give is given to Myself.

144. Review 127) and 128)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

127) There is no Love but God’s.

128) The world I see has nothing that I want.

145. Review 129) and 130)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

129) Beyond this world there is a world I want.

130) It is impossible to see two worlds.

146. Review 131) and 132)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

131) No One can fail Who asks to reach the Truth.

132) I loose the world from All I thought it was.

147. Review 133) and 134)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

133) I will not value what is valueless.

134) Let Me perceive forgiveness as it is.

148. Review 135) and 136)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

135) If I defend Myself I am attacked.

136) Sickness is a defense against the Truth.

149. Review 137) and 138)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

137) When I am healed, I am not healed alone.

138) Heaven is the decision I must make.

150. Review 139) and 140)

My Mind holds only what I think with God.

139) I will accept Atonement for Myself.

140) Only Salvation can be said to cure.

151. All things are echoes of the Voice of God.
152. The power of decision is My own.
153. In My defenselessness My safety lies.
154. I am among the ministers of God.
155. I will step back and let Him lead the way.
156. I walk with God in perfect Holiness.
157. Into His Presence would I enter now.
158. Today I learn to give as I receive.
159. I give the Miracles I have received.
160. I am at home. Fear is the Stranger here.
161. Give Me Your Blessing, Holy Son of God.
162. I am as God created Me.
163. There is no death. The Son of God is free.
164. Now are We One with Him Who is Our Source.
165. Let not My Mind deny the Thought of God.
166. I am entrusted with the gifts of God.
167. There is One Life, and that I share with God.
168. Your grace is given Me. I claim it now.
169. By grace I live. By grace I am released.
170. There is no cruelty in God and none in Me.

Review 5

171. Review 151) and 152)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

151) All things are echoes of the Voice of God.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

152) The power of decision is My own.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

172. Review 153) and 154)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

153) In My defenselessness My safety lies.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

154) I am among the ministers of God.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

173. Review 155) and 156)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

155) I will step back and let Him lead the way.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

156) I walk with God in perfect Holiness.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

174. Review 157) and 158)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

157) Into His Presence would I enter now.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

158) Today I learn to give as I receive.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

175. Review 159) and 160)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

159) I give the Miracles I have received.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

160) I am at home. Fear is the Stranger here.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

176. Review 161) and 162)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

161) Give Me Your Blessing, Holy Son of God.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

162) I am as God created Me.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

177. Review 163) and 164)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

163) There is no death. The Son of God is free.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

164) Now are We One with Him Who is Our Source.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

178. Review 165) and 166)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

165) Let not My Mind deny the Thought of God.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

166) I am entrusted with the gifts of God.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

179. Review 167) and 168)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

167) There is one Life, and that I share with God.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

168) Your grace is given Me. I claim it now.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

180. Review 169) and 170)

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

169) By grace I live. By grace I am released.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

170) There is no cruelty in God and none in Me.

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

181. I trust My Brothers, Who are One with Me.
182. I will be still a moment and go home.
183. I call upon God’s Name and on My own.
184. The Name of God is My inheritance.
185. I want the Peace of God.
186. Salvation of the world depends on Me.
187. I bless the world because I bless Myself.
188. The Peace of God is shining in Me now.
189. I feel the Love of God within Me now.
190. I choose the Joy of God instead of pain.
191. I am the Holy Son of God Himself.

I am the Holy Son of God Himself.
I cannot suffer; cannot be in pain;
I cannot lose, nor can I fail to do
All that Salvation asks.

192. I have a function God would have Me fill.
193. All things are lessons God would have Me learn.
194. I place the future in the hands of God.
195. Love is the way I walk in gratitude.
196. It can be but Myself I crucify.
197. It can be but My gratitude I earn.
198. Only My condemnation injures Me.
199. I am not a body. I am free.
200. There is no Peace except the Peace of God.

There is no Peace except the Peace of God,
And I am glad and thankful it is so.

Review 6

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

This thought I do not want. I choose instead...

201. Review 181)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

181) I trust My Brothers, Who are One with Me.

No One but is My Brother. I am blessed with Oneness with the Universe and God, My Father, One Creator of the Whole that is My Self, forever One with Me.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

202. Review 182)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

182) I will be still a moment and go home.

Why would I choose to stay an instant more where I do not belong, when God Himself has given Me His Voice to call Me home?

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

203. Review 183)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

183) I call upon God’s Name and on My own.

The Name of God is My deliverance from every thought of evil and of sin, because it is My own as well as His.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

204. Review 184)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

184) The Name of God is My inheritance.

God’s Name reminds Me that I am His Son, not slave to time, unbound by laws which rule the world of sick illusions, free in God, forever and forever One with Him.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

205. Review 185)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

185) I want the Peace of God.

The Peace of God is Everything I want. The Peace of God is My One goal; the aim of All My living here, the end I seek, My purpose and My function and My Life while I abide where I am not at home.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

206. Review 186)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

186) Salvation of the world depends on Me.

I am entrusted with the gifts of God, because I am His Son. And I would give His gifts where He intended them to be.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

207. Review 187)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

187) I bless the world because I bless Myself.

God’s Blessing shines upon Me from within My Heart, where He abides. I need but turn to Him, and every sorrow melts away as I accept His boundless Love for Me.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

208. Review 188)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

188) The Peace of God is shining in Me now.

I will be still, and let the earth be still along with Me. And in that stillness, We will find the Peace of God. It is within My Heart, which witnesses to God Himself.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

209. Review 189)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

189) I feel the Love of God within Me now.

The Love of God is What created Me. The Love of God is Everything I am. The Love of God proclaimed Me as His Son. The Love of God within Me sets Me free.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

210. Review 190)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

190) I choose the Joy of God instead of pain.

Pain is My own idea. It is not a thought of God, but one I thought apart from Him and from His Will. His Will is Joy and only Joy for His beloved Son. And that I choose instead of what I made.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

211. Review 191)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

191) I am the Holy Son of God Himself.

In silence and in True humility I seek God’s glory, to behold it in the Son Whom He created as My Self.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

212. Review 192)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

192) I have a function God would have Me fill.

I seek the function that would set Me free from All the vain illusions of the world. Only the function God has given Me can offer freedom. Only this I seek, and only this will I accept as Mine.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

213. Review 193)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

193) All things are lessons God would have Me learn.

A lesson is a Miracle Which God offers to Me, in place of thoughts I made that hurt Me. What I learn of Him becomes the way I am set free. And so I choose to learn His lessons, and forget My own.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

214. Review 194)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

194) I place the future in the hands of God.

The past is gone; the future is not yet. Now am I freed from both. For what God gives can only be for good. And I accept but what He gives as what belongs to Me.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

215. Review 195)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

195) Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

The Holy Spirit is My only Guide. He walks with Me in Love. And I give thanks to Him for showing Me the way to go.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

216. Review 196)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

196) It can be but Myself I crucify.

All that I do I do unto Myself. If I attack, I suffer. But if I forgive, Salvation will be given Me.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

217. Review 197)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

197) It can be but My gratitude I earn.

Who should give thanks for My Salvation but Myself? And how but through Salvation can I find the Self to Whom My thanks are due?

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

218. Review 198)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

198) Only My condemnation injures Me.

My condemnation keeps My Vision dark, and through My sightless eyes I cannot see the Vision of My glory. Yet today I can behold this glory, and be glad.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

219. Review 199)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

199) I am not a body. I am free.

I am God’s Son. Be still, My Mind, and think a moment upon this. And then return to earth without confusion as to What My Father loves forever as His Son.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

220. Review 200)

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

200) There is no Peace except the Peace of God.

Let Me not wander from the way of Peace, for I am lost on other roads than this. But let Me follow Him Who leads Me home, and Peace is certain as the Love of God.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created Me.

Part 2

Words will mean little now. We use them but as guides on which We do not now depend. For now We seek direct experience of Truth alone. The lessons which remain are merely introductions to the times in which We leave the world of pain, and go to enter into Peace. Now We begin to reach the goal this Course has set, and find the end toward which Our practicing is geared.

Now We attempt to let the exercise be merely a beginning. For We wait in quiet expectation for Our God and Father. He has promised He will take the final step Himself. And We are sure His promises are kept. We have come far along the road, and now We wait for Him.

We will continue spending time with Him each morning and at night, as long as makes Us happy. We will not consider time a matter of duration now. We use as much as We will need for the result that We desire. Nor will We forget Our hourly remembrance, in between calling to God when We have need of Him as We are tempted to forget Our goal.

We will continue with a central thought for All the days to come. And We will use that thought to introduce Our times of rest, and calm Our Minds at need. Yet We will not content Ourselves with simple practicing in the remaining Holy Instants which conclude the year that We have given God. We say some simple words of Welcome, and expect Our Father to reveal Himself as He has promised. We have called on Him, and He has promised that His Son will not remain unanswered when He calls His Name.

Now do We come to Him with but His Word upon Our Minds and hearts. And wait for Him to take the step to Us that He has told Us, through His Voice, He would not fail to take when We invited Him. He has not left His Son in All His madness, nor betrayed His trust in Him. Has not His faithfulness earned Him the invitation that He seeks to make Us happy? We will offer it, and it will be accepted. So Our times with Him will now be spent. We say the words of invitation that His Voice suggests. And then We wait for Him to come to Us.

Now is the time of prophecy fulfilled. Now are All ancient promises upheld and fully kept. No step remains for time to separate from its accomplishment. For now We cannot fail. Sit silently and wait upon Your Father. He has willed to come to You when You have recognized it is Your will He do so. And You could have never come this far unless You saw, however dimly, that it is Your will.

I am so close to You, You cannot fail.

Father, We give these Holy times to You in gratitude to Him Who taught Us how to leave the world of sorrow in exchange for its replacement, given Us by You. We look not backward now. We look ahead, and fix Our eyes upon the journey’s end. Accept these little gifts of thanks from Us, as through Christ’s Vision We behold a world beyond the one We made, and take that world to be the full replacement of Our own.

And now We wait in silence, unafraid and certain of Your coming. We have sought to find Our way by following the Guide You sent to Us. We did not know the way, but You did not forget Us. And We know that You will not forget Us now. We ask but that Your ancient promises be kept which are Your Will to keep. We will with You in asking this. The Father and the Son, Whose Holy Will created All that is, can fail in nothing. In this certainty, We undertake these last few steps to You, and rest in confidence upon Your Love, Which will not fail the Son Who calls to You.

And so We start upon the final part of this one Holy year, which We have spent together in the search for Truth and God, Who is Its One Creator. We have found the way He chose for Us, and made the choice to follow it as He would have Us go. His hand has held Us up. His Thoughts have lit the darkness of Our Minds. His Love has called to Us unceasingly since time began.

We had a wish that God would fail to have the Son Whom He created of Himself. We wanted God to change Himself, and be what We would make of Him. And We believed that Our insane desires were the Truth. Now We are glad that this is All undone, and We no longer think illusions True. The memory of God is shimmering across the wide horizons of Our Minds. A moment more, and It will rise again. A moment more, and We Who are God’s Son are safely home, where He would have Us be.

Now is the need for practice almost done. For in this final section We will come to understand that We need only call to God, and All temptations disappear. Instead of words, We need but feel His Love. Instead of prayers, We need but call His Name. Instead of judging, We need but be still and let All things be healed. We will accept the way God’s plan will end, as We received the way it started. Now is it complete. This year has brought Us to Eternity.

One further use for words We still retain. From time to time, instructions on a theme of special relevance will intersperse Our daily lessons and the periods of wordless, deep experience which should come afterwards. These special thoughts should be reviewed each day, each one of them to be continued ‘til the next is given You. They should be slowly read and thought about a little while, preceding one of the Holy and blessed Instants in the day. We give the first of these instructions now.

221. Peace to My Mind. Let All My thoughts be still.

Father, I come to You today to seek the Peace that You alone can give. I come in silence. In the quiet of My Heart, the deep recesses of My Mind, I wait and listen for Your Voice. My Father, speak to Me today. I come to hear Your Voice in silence and in certainty and Love, sure You will hear My call and answer Me.

Now do We wait in quiet. God is here because We wait together. I am sure that He will speak to You, and You will hear. Accept My confidence, for it is Yours. Our Minds are joined. We wait with one intent; to hear Our Father’s answer to Our call, to let Our thoughts be still and find His Peace, to hear Him speak to Us of what We are, and to reveal Himself unto His Son.

222. God is with Me. I live and breathe in Him.

God is with Me. He is My Source of Life, the Life within [innerhalb/im Innern/in], the air I breathe, the food by which I am sustained, the water which renews and cleanses Me. He is My home, wherein I live and move; the Spirit Which directs My actions, offers Me Its Thoughts, and guarantees My safety from All pain. He covers Me with kindness and with care, and holds in Love the Son He shines [leuchten] upon, Who also shines [leuchten] on Him. How still is He Who knows the Truth of what He speaks today!

Father, We have no words except Your Name upon Our lips and in Our Minds, as We come quietly into Your Presence now, and ask to rest with You in Peace a while.

223. God is My Life. I have no Life but His.

I was mistaken when I thought I lived apart from God, a separate entity which moved in isolation, unattached, and housed within [innerhalb] a body. Now I know My Life is God’s, I have no other home, and I do not exist apart from Him. He has no Thoughts That are not part of Me, and I have none but Those Which are of Him.

Our Father, let Us see the Face of Christ instead of Our mistakes. For We Who are Your Holy Son, are sinless. We would look upon Our Sinlessness, for guilt proclaims that We are not Your Son. And We would not forget You longer. We are lonely here, and long for Heaven where We are at home. Today We would return. Our Name is Yours, and We acknowledge that We are Your Son.

224. God is My Father, and He loves His Son.

My True identity is so secure, so lofty, sinless, glorious and great, wholly beneficent and free from guilt, that Heaven looks to it to give it Light. It lights the world as well. It is the gift My Father gave Me, and the One as well I give the world. There is no gift but this that can be either given or received. This is Reality, and only this. This is illusion’s end. It is the Truth.

My Name, oh Father, still is known to You. I have forgotten it, and do not know where I am going, Who I am or what it is I do. Remind Me, Father, now, for I am weary of the world I see. Reveal what You would have Me see instead.

225. God is My Father, and His Son loves Him.

Father, I must return Your Love for Me. For giving and receiving are the same, and You have given All Your Love to Me. I must return It, for I want It Mine in full awareness, blazing in My Mind, and keeping It within [innerhalb/im Innern/nach innen/in] Its kindly Light, inviolate, beloved, with fear behind and only Peace ahead. How still the way Your loving Son is led along to You!

Brother, We find that stillness now. The way is open. Now We follow it in Peace together. You have reached Your hand to Me, and I will never leave You. We are One, and it is but this Oneness that We seek as We accomplish these few final steps which end a journey that was not begun.

226. My home awaits Me. I will hasten there.

If I so choose, I can depart this world entirely. It is not death which makes this possible, but it is change of Mind about the purpose of the world. If I believe it has a value as I see it now, so will it still remain for Me. But if I see no value in the world as I behold it, nothing that I want to keep as Mine or search for as a goal, it will depart from Me. For I have not sought for illusions to replace the Truth.

Father, My home awaits My glad return. Your arms are open and I hear Your Voice. What need have I to linger in a place of vain desires and of broken dreams, when Heaven can so easily be Mine?

227. This is My Holy Instant of release.

Father, it is today that I am free, because My will is Yours. I thought to make another will. Yet nothing that I thought apart from You exists. And I am free because I was mistaken, and did not affect My own Reality at all by My illusions. Now I give them up, and lay them down before the feet of Truth, to be removed forever from My Mind. This is My Holy Instant of release. Father, I know My will is One with Yours.

And so today We find Our glad return to Heaven, which We never really left. The Son of God this day lays down His dreams. The Son of God this day comes home again, released from sin and clad in Holiness, with His Right Mind restored to Him at last.

228. God has condemned Me not. No more do I.

My Father knows My Holiness. Shall I deny His knowledge, and believe in what His knowledge makes impossible? Shall I accept as True what He proclaims as false? Or shall I take His Word for what I am since He is My Creator, and the One Who knows the True condition of His Son?

Father, I was mistaken in Myself, because I failed to realize the Source from which I came. I have not left that Source to enter in a body and to die. My Holiness remains a part of Me, as I am part of You. And My mistakes about Myself are dreams. I let them go today. And I stand ready to receive Your Word alone for What I really am.

229. Love, Which created Me, is What I am.

I seek My own identity, and find it in these words:

Love, Which created Me, is What I am.

Now need I seek no more. Love has prevailed. So still It waited for My coming home, that I will turn away no longer from the Holy Face of Christ. And what I look upon attests the Truth of the identity I sought to lose, but which My Father has kept safe for Me.

Father, My thanks to You for What I am; for keeping My identity untouched and sinless in the midst of All the thoughts of sin My foolish Mind made up. And thanks to You for saving Me from them. Amen.

230. Now will I seek and find the Peace of God.

In Peace I was created. And in Peace do I remain. It is not given Me to change My Self. How merciful is God My Father, that when He created Me He gave Me Peace forever. Now I ask but to be what I am. And can this be denied Me when it is forever so?

Father, I seek the Peace You gave as Mine in My Creation. What was given then must be here now, for My Creation was apart from time and still remains beyond All change. The Peace in which Your Son was born into Your Mind is shining [leuchten] there unchanged. I am as You created Me. I need but call on You to find the Peace You gave. It is Your Will that gave it to Your Son.

231. Father, I will but to remember You.

What can I seek for, Father, but Your Love? Perhaps I think I seek for something else; a something I have called by many Names. Yet is Your Love the only thing I seek or ever sought. For there is nothing else that I could ever really want to find. Let Me remember You. What else could I desire but the Truth about Myself?

This is Your will, My Brother. And You share this will with Me, and with the One as well Who is Our Father. To remember Him is Heaven. This We seek. And only this is what it will be given Us to find.

232. Be in My Mind, My Father, through the day.

Be in My Mind, My Father, when I wake, and shine [leuchten] on Me throughout the day today. Let every minute be a time in which I dwell with You. And let Me not forget My hourly thanksgiving that You have remained with Me, and always will be there to hear My call to You and answer Me. As evening comes, let All My thoughts be still of You and of Your Love, and let Me sleep sure of My safety, certain of Your care, and happily aware I am Your Son.

This is as every day should be. Today practice the end of fear. Have faith in Him Who is Your Father. Trust All things to Him. Let Him reveal All things to You, and be You undismayed, because You are His Son.

233. I give My Life to God to guide today.

Father, I give You All My thoughts today. I would have none of Mine. In place of them give Me Your own. I give You All My acts as well, that I may do Your Will instead of seeking goals which cannot be obtained, and wasting time in vain imaginings. Today I come to You. I will step back and merely follow You. Be You the Guide, and I the follower [Jünger] Who questions not the Wisdom of the Infinite [Unendlichen], nor Love Whose tenderness I cannot comprehend, but Which is yet Your perfect gift to Me.

Today We have One Guide to lead Us on. And as We walk together, We will give this day to Him with no reserve [Einschränkung] at all. This is His day. And so it is a day of countless gifts and mercies unto Us.

234. Father, today I am Your Son again.

Today We will anticipate [vorwegnehmen] the time when dreams of sin and guilt are gone, and We have reached the Holy place We never left. Merely a tiny instant has elapsed between Eternity and timelessness. So brief the interval there was no lapse in continuity, nor break in thoughts which are forever unified as One. Nothing has ever happened to disturb the Peace of God the Father and the Son. This We accept as wholly True today.

We thank You, Father, that We cannot lose the memory of You and of Your Love. We recognize Our safety, and give thanks for All the gifts You have bestowed on Us, for All the loving help We have received, for Your eternal patience, and the Word Which You have given Us that We are saved.

235. God in His mercy wills that I be saved.

I need but look upon All things that seem to hurt Me, and with perfect certainty assure Myself

God wills that I be saved from this.

and merely watch them disappear. I need but keep in Mind My Father’s Will for Me is only happiness, to find that only happiness has come to Me. And I need but remember that God’s Love surrounds His Son and keeps His Sinlessness forever perfect, to be sure that I am saved and safe forever in His arms. I am the Son He loves. And I am saved because God in His mercy wills it so.

Father, Your Holiness is Mine. Your Love created Me, and made My Sinlessness forever part of You. I have no guilt nor sin in Me, for there is none in You.

236. I rule My Mind, Which I alone must rule.

I have a kingdom I must rule. At times, it does not seem I am its king at all. It seems to triumph over Me, and tell Me what to think, and what to do and feel. And yet it has been given Me to serve whatever purpose I perceive in it. My Mind can only serve. Today I give Its service to the Holy Spirit, to employ as He sees fit. I thus direct My Mind, Which I alone can rule. And thus I set It free, to do the Will of God.

Father, My Mind is open to Your Thoughts, and closed today to every thought but Yours. I rule My Mind, and offer It to You. Accept My gift, for it is Yours to Me.

237. Now would I be as God created Me.

Today I will accept the Truth about Myself. I will arise in glory, and allow the Light in Me to shine [leuchten] upon the world throughout the day. I bring the world the tidings of Salvation which I hear as God My Father speaks to Me. And I behold the world that Christ would have Me see, aware it ends the bitter dream of death; aware it is My Father’s call to Me.

Christ is My eyes today, and His the ears which listen to the Voice of God today. Father, I come to You through Him Who is Your Son and My True Self as well. Amen.

238. On My decision All Salvation rests.

Father, Your trust in Me has been so great I must be worthy. You created Me, and know Me as I am. And yet You placed Your Son’s Salvation in My hands, and let it rest on My decision. I must be beloved of You indeed. And I must be steadfast in Holiness as well, that You would give Your Son to Me in certainty that He is safe Who still is part of You, and yet is Mine because He is My Self.

And so again today We pause to think how much Our Father loves Us. And how dear His Son, created by His Love, remains to Him Whose Love is made complete in Him.

239. The glory of My Father is My own.

Let not the Truth about Ourselves today be hidden by a false humility. Let Us instead be thankful for the gifts Our Father gave Us. Can We see in Those with Whom He shares His glory any trace of sin and guilt? And can it be that We are not among Them, when He loves His Son forever and with perfect constancy, knowing He is as He created Him?

We thank You, Father, for the Light That shines [leuchten] forever in Us. And We honor It, because You share It with Us. We are One, united in this Light and One with You, at Peace with All Creation and Ourselves.

240. Fear is not justified in any form.

Fear is deception. It attests that You have seen Yourself as You could never be, and therefore look upon a world which is impossible. Not one thing in this world is True. It does not matter what the form in which it may appear. It witnesses but to Your own illusions of Yourself. Let Us not be deceived today. We are the Son of God. There is no fear in Us, for We are Each a part of Love Itself.

How foolish are Our fears! Would You allow Your Son to suffer? Give Us faith today to recognize Your Son and set Him free. Let Us forgive Him in Your Name, that We may understand His Holiness, and feel the Love for Him Which is Your own as well.

241. This Holy Instant is Salvation come.

What Joy there is today! It is a time of special celebration. For today holds out the instant to the darkened world where its release is set. The day has come when sorrows pass away and pain is gone. The glory of Salvation dawns today upon a world set free. This is the time of hope for countless Millions. They will be united now, as You forgive Them All. For I will be forgiven by You today.

We have forgiven One Another now, and so We come at last to You again. Father, Your Son, Who never left, returns to Heaven and His home. How glad are We to have Our sanity restored to Us, and to remember that We All are One.

242. This day is God’s. It is My gift to Him.

I will not lead My Life alone today. I do not understand the world. And so to try to lead My Life alone must be but foolishness. For there is One Who knows All that is best for Me. And He is glad to make no choices for Me but the ones that lead to God. This day I give to Him, for I would not delay My coming home, and it is He Who knows the way to Him.

And so We give today to You. We come with wholly open Minds. We do not ask for Anything that We may think We want. Give Us what You would have received by Us. You know All Our desires and Our needs. And You will give Us Everything We want and that will help Us find the way to You.

243. Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

I will be honest with Myself today. I will not think that I already know what must remain beyond My present grasp. I will not think I understand the whole from bits of My perception, which are All that I can see. Today I recognize that this is so. And so I am relieved of judgments which I cannot make. Thus do I free Myself and what I look upon, to be in Peace as God created Us.

Father, today I leave Creation free to be Itself. I honor All the parts, in which I am included. We are One because each part contains Your memory, and Truth must shine [leuchten] in All of Us as One.

244. I am in danger nowhere in the world.

Your Son is safe wherever He may be, for You are there with Him. He need but call upon Your Name, and He will recollect His safety and Your Love, for they are One. How can He fear or doubt or fail to know He cannot suffer, be endangered or experience unhappiness, when He belongs to You, beloved and loving, in the safety of Your Fatherly embrace?

And there We are in Truth. No storms can come into the hallowed haven of Our home. In God are We secure. For what can come to threaten God Himself or make afraid what will forever be a part of Him?

245. Your Peace is with [bei] Me, Father. I am safe.

Your Peace surrounds Me, Father. Where I go, Your Peace goes there with Me. It sheds its Light on Everyone I meet. I bring it to the desolate and lonely and afraid. I give Your Peace to Those Who suffer pain or grieve [trauern] for loss or think They are bereft of hope and happiness. Send Them to Me, My Father. Let Me bring Your Peace with Me. For I would save Your Son, as is Your Will, that I may come to recognize My Self.

And so We go in Peace. To All the world We give the message that We have received. And thus We come to hear the Voice of God, Who speaks to Us as We relate His Word; Whose Love We recognize because We share the Word that He has given unto Us.

246. To love My Father is to love His Son.

Let Me not think that I can find the way to God if I have hatred in My Heart. Let Me not try to hurt God’s Son and think that I can know His Father or My Self. Let Me not fail to recognize Myself, and still believe that My awareness can contain My Father or My Mind conceive of All the Love My Father has for Me, and All the Love Which I return to Him.

I will accept the way You choose for Me to come to You, my Father. For in that will I succeed, because it is Your Will. And I would recognize that what You will is what I will as well, and only that. And so I choose to love Your Son. Amen.

247. Without forgiveness I will still be blind.

Sin is the symbol of attack. Behold it anywhere, and I will suffer. For forgiveness is the only means whereby Christ’s Vision comes to Me. Let Me accept what His sight shows Me as the simple Truth, and I am healed completely. Brother, come and let Me look on You. Your loveliness reflects My own. Your Sinlessness is Mine. You stand forgiven, and I stand with You.

So would I look on Everyone today. My Brothers are Your Sons. Your Fatherhood created Them, and gave Them All to Me as part of You and My own Self as well. Today I honor You through Them, and thus I hope this day to recognize My Self.

248. Whatever suffers is not part of Me.

I have disowned the Truth. Now let Me be as faithful in disowning falsity. Whatever suffers is not part of Me. What grieves [trauert] is not Myself. What is in pain is but illusion in My Mind. What dies was never living in Reality, and did but mock the Truth about Myself. Now I disown selfconcepts and deceits and lies about the Holy Son of God. Now am I ready to accept Him back as God created Him, and as He is.

Father, My ancient Love for You returns, and lets Me love Your Son again as well. Father, I am as You created Me. Now is Your Love remembered, and My own. Now do I understand that They are One.

249. Forgiveness ends All suffering and loss.

Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. Attack is gone and madness has an end. What suffering is now conceivable? What loss can be sustained? The world becomes a place of Joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. It is now so like to Heaven, that it quickly is transformed into the Light Which it reflects. And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the Light from Which He came.

Father, We would return Our Minds to You. We have betrayed Them; held Them in a vise of bitterness and frightened Them with thoughts of violence and death. Now would We rest again in You, as You created Us.

250. Let Me not see Myself as limited.

Let Me behold the Son of God today, and witness to His glory. Let Me not try to obscure the Holy Light in Him, and see His Strength diminished and reduced to frailty nor perceive the lacks in Him with which I would attack His sovereignty [Überlegenheit].

He is Your Son, My Father. And today I would behold His gentleness instead of My illusions. He is what I am, and as I see Him so I see Myself. Today I would see Truly, that this day I may at last identify with Him.

What is Sin?

Sin is insanity. It is the means by which the Mind is driven mad, and seeks to let illusions take the place of Truth. And being mad, It sees illusions where the Truth should be, and where It really is. Sin gave the body eyes, for what is there the Sinless would behold? What need have They of sights or sounds or touch? What would They hear or reach to grasp? What would They sense at all? To sense is not to know. And Truth can be but filled with knowledge, and with nothing else.

The body is the instrument the Mind made in Its efforts to deceive Itself. Its purpose is to strive. Yet can the goal of striving change. And now the body serves a different aim for striving. What it seeks for now is chosen by the aim the Mind has taken as replacement for the goal of selfdeception. Truth can be its aim as well as lies. The senses then will seek instead for witnesses to what is True.

Sin is the home of All illusions, which but stand for things imagined, issuing from thoughts that are UnTrue. They are the “proof” that what has no Reality is real. Sin “proves” God’s Son is evil; timelessness must have an end; eternal Life must die. And God Himself has lost the Son He loves, with but corruption to complete Himself, His Will forever overcome by death, Love slain by hate, and Peace to be no more.

A madman’s dreams are frightening, and sin appears indeed to terrify. And yet what sin perceives is but a childish game. The Son of God may play He has become a body, prey to evil and to guilt, with but a little Life that ends in death. But All the while His Father shines on Him, and loves Him with an everlasting Love Which His pretenses cannot change at all.

How long, oh Son of God, will You maintain the game of sin? Shall We not put away these sharpedged children’s toys? How soon will You be ready to come home? Perhaps today? There is no sin. Creation is unchanged. Would You still hold return to Heaven back? How long, oh Holy Son of God, how long?

251. I am in need of nothing but the Truth.

I sought for many things and found despair. Now do I seek but one, for in that one is All I need, and only what I need. All that I sought before I needed not, and did not even want. My only need I did not recognize. But now I see that I need only Truth. In that, All needs are satisfied, All cravings end, All hopes are finally fulfilled and dreams are gone. Now have I Everything that I could need. Now have I Everything that I could want. And now at last I find Myself at Peace.

And for that Peace, Our Father, We give thanks. What We denied Ourselves You have restored, and only that is what We really want.

252. The Son of God is My Identity.

My Self is Holy beyond All the thoughts of Holiness of which I now conceive. Its shimmering and perfect purity is far more brilliant than is any Light That I have ever looked upon. Its Love is limitless, with an intensity which holds All things within [in Ihrem Innern] It in the calm of quiet certainty. Its Strength comes not from burning impulses which move the world, but from the boundless Love of God Himself. How far beyond this world My Self must be, and yet how near to Me and close to God.

Father, You know My True Identity. Reveal It now to Me Who am Your Son, that I may waken to the Truth in You, and know that Heaven is restored to Me.

253. My Self is ruler of the Universe.

It is impossible that Anything should come to Me unbidden by Myself. Even in this world, it is I Who rule My destiny. What happens is what I desire. What does not occur is what I do not want to happen. This must I accept. For thus am I led past this world to My Creations, children of My Will, in Heaven where My Holy Self abides with Them and Him Who has created Me.

You are the Self Whom You created Son, creating like Yourself and One with You. My Self, Which rules the Universe, is but Your Will in perfect union with My own, Which can but offer glad assent to Yours, that It may be extended to Itself.

254. Let every voice but God’s be still in Me.

Father, today I would but hear Your Voice. In deepest silence I would come to You, to hear Your Voice and to receive Your Word. I have no Prayer but this:

I come to You to ask You for the Truth. And Truth is but Your Will, Which I would share with You today.

Today We let no egothoughts direct Our words or actions. When such thoughts occur, We quietly step back and look at them, and then We let them go. We do not want what they would bring with them. And so We do not choose to keep them. They are silent now. And in the stillness, hallowed by His Love, God speaks to Us and tells Us of Our Will, as We have chosen to remember Him.

255. This day I choose to spend in perfect Peace.

It does not seem to Me that I can choose to have but Peace today. And yet My God assures Me that His Son is like Himself. Let Me this day have faith in Him Who says I am God’s Son. And let the Peace I choose be Mine today bear witness to the Truth of what He says. God’s Son can have no cares, and must remain forever in the Peace of Heaven. In His Name I give today to finding what My Father wills for Me, accepting it as Mine, and giving it to All My Father’s Sons, along with Me.

And so, My Father, would I pass this day with You. Your Son has not forgotten You. The Peace You gave Him still is in His Mind, and it is There I choose to spend today.

256. God is the only goal I have today.

The way to God is through forgiveness here. There is no other way. If sin had not been cherished by the Mind, what need would there have been to find a way to where You are? Who would still be uncertain? Who could be unsure of Who He is? And Who would yet remain asleep, in heavy clouds of doubt about the Holiness of Him Whom God created sinless? Here We can but dream. But We can dream We have forgiven Him in Whom All sin remains impossible, and it is this We choose to dream today. God is Our goal. Forgiveness is the means by which Our Minds return to Him at last.

And so, Our Father, would We come to You in Your appointed way. We have no goal except to hear Your Voice, and find the way Your sacred Word has pointed out to Us.

257. Let Me remember what My purpose is.

If I forget My goal, I can be but confused, unsure of what I am, and thus conflicted in My actions. No One can serve contradicting goals and serve them well. Nor can He function without deep distress [Bedrängnis] and great depression. Let Us therefore be determined to remember what We want today, that We may unify Our thoughts and actions meaningfully, and achieve only what God would have Us do today.

Father, forgiveness is Your chosen means for Our Salvation. Let Us not forget that We can have no will but Yours today. And thus Our purpose must be Yours as well, if We would reach the Peace You will for Us.

258. Let Me remember that My goal is God.

All that is needful is to train Our Minds to overlook All little, senseless aims, and to remember that Our goal is God. His memory is hidden in Our Minds, obscured but by Our pointless little goals which offer nothing and do not exist. Shall We continue to allow God’s grace to shine [leuchten] in unawareness, while the toys and trinkets of the world are sought instead? God is Our only goal, Our only Love. We have no aim but to remember Him.

Our goal is but to follow in the way that leads to You. We have no goal but this. What could We want but to remember You? What could We seek but Our Identity?

259. Let Me remember that there is no sin.

Sin is the only thought that makes the goal of God seem unobtainable. What else could blind Us to the obvious, and make the strange and the distorted seem more clear? What else but sin engenders Our attacks? What else but sin could be the source of guilt, demanding punishment and suffering? And what but this could be the source of fear, obscuring God’s Creation; giving Love the attributes of fear and of attack?

Father, I would not be insane today. I would not be afraid of Love, nor seek for refuge in Its opposite. For Love can have no opposite. You are the Source of Everything that is. And Everything that is remains with You and You with it.

260. Let Me remember God created Me.

Father, I did not make Myself, although in My insanity I thought I did. Yet as Your Thought I have not left My Source, remaining part of What created Me. Your Son, My Father, calls on You today. Let Me remember You created Me. Let Me remember My Identity. And let My Sinlessness arise again before Christ’s Vision, through which I would look upon My Brothers and Myself today.

Now is Our Source remembered, and Therein We find Our True Identity at last. Holy indeed are We, because Our Source can know no sin. And We Who are His Sons are like Each Other, and alike to Him.

What is the Body?

The body is a fence the Son of God imagines He has built to separate parts of His Self from other parts. It is within this fence He thinks He lives, to die as it decays and crumbles. For within this fence He thinks that He is safe from Love. Identifying with His safety, He regards Himself as what His safety is. How else could He be certain He remains within the body, keeping Love outside?

The body will not stay. Yet this He sees as double “safety”. For the Son of God’s impermanence is “proof” His fences work, and do the task His Mind assigns to them. For if His Oneness still remained untouched, Who could attack and Who could be attacked? Who could be victor? Who could be His prey? Who could be victim? Who the murderer? And if He did not die, what “proof” is there that God’s eternal Son has been destroyed?

The body is a dream. Like other dreams, it sometimes seems to picture happiness, but can quite suddenly revert to fear, where every dream is born. For only Love creates in Truth, and Truth can never fear. Made to be fearful, must the body serve the purpose given it. But We can change the purpose which the body will obey by changing what We think that it is for.

The body is the means by which God’s Son returns to sanity. Though it was made to fence Him into hell without escape, yet has the goal of Heaven been exchanged for the pursuit of hell. The Son of God extends His hand to reach His Brother, and to help Him walk along the road with Him. Now is the body Holy. Now it serves to heal the Mind That it was made to kill.

You will identify with what You think will make You safe. Whatever it may be, You will believe that it is One with You. Your safety lies in Truth and not in lies. Love is Your safety. Fear does not exist. Identify with Love, and You are safe. Identify with Love, and You are home. Identify with Love, and find Your Self.

261. God is My refuge and security.

I will identify with what I think is refuge and security. I will behold Myself where I perceive My Strength, and think I live within [innerhalb/im Innern/in] the citadel where I am safe and cannot be attacked. Let Me today seek not security in danger, nor attempt to find My Peace in murderous attack. I live in God. In Him I find My refuge and My Strength. In Him is My Identity. In Him is everlasting Peace. And only there will I remember Who I really am.

Let Me not seek for idols. I would come, My Father, home to You today. I choose to be as You created Me, and find the Son Whom You created as My Self.

262. Let Me perceive no differences today.

Father, You have one Son. And it is He that I would look upon today. He is Your one Creation. Why should I perceive a thousand forms in what remains as One? Why should I give this One a thousand Names, when only one suffices? For Your Son must bear Your Name, for You created Him. Let Me not see Him as a Stranger to His Father, nor as Stranger to Myself. For He is part of Me and I of Him, and We are part of You Who are Our Source, eternally united in Your Love, eternally the Holy Son of God.

We Who are One would recognize this day the Truth about Ourselves. We would come home, and rest in Unity. For there is Peace, and nowhere else can Peace be sought and found.

263. My Holy Vision sees All things as pure.

Father, Your Mind created All that is, Your Spirit entered into it, Your Love gave Life to it. And would I look upon what You created as if it could be made sinful? I would not perceive such dark and fearful images. A madman’s dream is hardly fit to be My choice, instead of All the loveliness with which You blessed Creation, All its purity, its Joy, and its eternal, quiet home in You.

And while We still remain outside the gate of Heaven, let Us look on All We see through Holy Vision and the eyes of Christ. Let All appearances seem pure to Us, that We may pass them by in Innocence, and walk together to Our Father’s house as Brothers and the Holy Sons of God.

264. I am surrounded by the Love of God.

Father, You stand before Me and behind, beside Me, in the place I see Myself, and Everywhere I go. You are in All the things I look upon, the sounds I hear, and every hand that reaches for My own. In You time disappears, and place becomes a meaningless belief. For what surrounds Your Son and keeps Him safe is Love Itself. There is no Source but This, and nothing is that does not share Its Holiness, that stands beyond Your one Creation or without the Love Which holds All things within [innerhalb] Itself. Father, Your Son is like Yourself. We come to You in Your own Name today, to be at Peace within [innerhalb/im Innern/in] Your everlasting Love.

My Brothers, join with Me in this today. This is Salvation’s Prayer. Must We not join in what will save the world, along with Us?

265. Creation’s gentleness is All I see.

I have indeed misunderstood the world, because I laid My “sins” on it and saw them looking back at Me. How fierce they seemed! And how deceived was I to think that what I feared was in the world, instead of in My Mind alone. Today I see the world in the celestial gentleness with which Creation shines [leuchten]. There is no fear in it. Let no appearance of My “sins” obscure the Light of Heaven, shining [leuchten] on the world. What is reflected here is in God’s Mind. The images I see reflect My thoughts. Yet is My Mind at one [einig] with God’s. And so I can perceive Creation’s gentleness.

In quiet would I look upon the world, which but reflects Your Thoughts and Mine as well. Let Me remember that They are the same, and I will see Creation’s gentleness.

266. My Holy Self abides in You, God’s Son.

Father, You gave Me All Your Sons, to be My Saviors and My Counselors in sight, the Bearers of Your Holy Voice to Me. In Them are You reflected, and in Them does Christ look back upon Me from My Self. Let not Your Son forget Your Holy Name. Let not Your Son forget His Holy Source. Let not Your Son forget His Name is Yours.

This day We enter into paradise, calling upon God’s Name and on Our own, acknowledging Our Self in Each of Us, united in the Holy Love of God. How many Saviors God has given Us! How can We lose the way to Him, when He has filled the world with Those Who point to Him, and given Us the sight to look on Them?

267. My Heart is beating in the Peace of God.

Surrounding Me is All the Life that God created in His Love. It calls to Me in every heartbeat and in every breath, in every action and in every thought. Peace fills My Heart, and floods My body with the purpose of forgiveness. Now My Mind is healed, and All I need to save the world is given Me. Each heartbeat brings Me Peace, each breath infuses Me with Strength. I am a messenger of God, directed by His Voice, sustained by Him in Love, and held forever quiet and at Peace within [innerhalb/im Innern/in] His loving arms. Each heartbeat calls His Name, and every one is answered by His Voice, assuring Me I am at home in Him.

Let Me attend Your Answer, not My own. Father, My Heart is beating in the Peace the Heart of Love created. It is there and only there that I can be at home.

268. Let All things be exactly as they are.

Let Me not be Your critic, Lord, today, and judge against You. Let Me not attempt to interfere with Your Creation, and distort it into sickly forms. Let Me be willing to withdraw My wishes from its Unity, and thus to let it be as You created it. For thus will I be able, too, to recognize My Self as You created Me. In Love was I created, and in Love will I remain forever. What can frighten Me when I let All things be exactly as they are?

Let not Our sight be blasphemous today, nor let Our ears attend to lying tongues. Only Reality is free of pain. Only Reality is free of loss. Only Reality is wholly safe. And it is only this We seek today.

269. My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face.

I ask Your Blessing on My sight today. It is the means which You have chosen to become the way to show Me My mistakes, and look beyond them. It is given Me to find a new perception through the Guide You gave to Me. And through His lessons to surpass perception and return to Truth. I ask for the illusion which transcends All those I made. Today I choose to see a world forgiven, in which Everyone shows Me the Face of Christ, and teaches Me that what I look upon belongs to Me, that nothing is, except Your Holy Son.

Today Our sight is blessed indeed. We share one Vision, as We look upon the face of Him Whose Self is Ours. We are One because of Him Who is the Son of God, of Him Who is Our own Identity.

270. I will not use the body’s eyes today.

Father, Christ’s Vision is Your gift to Me, and it has power to translate All that the body’s eyes behold into the sight of a forgiven world. How glorious and gracious is this world! Yet how much more will I perceive in it than sight can give. The world forgiven signifies Your Son acknowledges His Father, lets His dreams be brought to Truth, and waits expectantly the one remaining instant more of time which ends forever as Your memory returns to Him. And now His will is One with Yours. His function now is but Your own, and every thought except Your own is gone.

The quiet of today will bless Our hearts, and through them Peace will come to Everyone. Christ is Our eyes today. And through His sight We offer healing to the world through Him, the Holy Son Whom God created whole, the Holy Son Whom God created One.

What is the Christ?

Christ is God’s Son as He created Him. He is the Self We share, uniting Us with One Another, and with God as well. He is the Thought Which still abides within the Mind That is His Source. He has not left His Holy home, nor lost the Innocence in which He was created. He abides unchanged forever in the Mind of God.

Christ is the link that keeps You One with God, and guarantees that separation is no more than an illusion of despair. For hope forever will abide in Him. Your Mind is part of His, and His of Yours. He is the part in Which God’s Answer lies, where All decisions are already made and dreams are over. He remains untouched by Anything the body’s eyes perceive. For though in Him His Father placed the means for Your Salvation, yet does He remain the Self Who, like His Father, knows no sin.

Home of the Holy Spirit, and at home in God alone, does Christ remain at Peace, within the Heaven of Your Holy Mind. This is the only part of You that has Reality in Truth. The rest is dreams. Yet will these dreams be given unto Christ to fade before His glory and reveal Your Holy Self, the Christ, to You at last.

The Holy Spirit reaches from the Christ in You to All Your dreams, and bids them come to Him, to be translated into Truth. He will exchange them for the final dream which God appointed as the end of dreams. For when forgiveness rests upon the world and Peace has come to every Son of God, what could there be to keep things separate, for what remains to see except Christ’s face?

And how long will this Holy face be seen, when it is but the symbol that the time for learning now is over, and the goal of the Atonement has been reached at last? So therefore let Us seek to find Christ’s face, and look on nothing else. As We behold His glory, will We know We have no need of learning or perception or of time or Anything except the Holy Self, the Christ Whom God created as His Son.

271. Christ’s is the Vision I will use today.

Each day, each hour, every instant, I am choosing what I want to look upon, the sounds I want to hear, the witnesses to what I want to be the Truth for Me. Today I choose to look upon what Christ would have Me see, to listen to God’s Voice, and seek the witnesses to what is True in God’s Creation. In Christ’s sight, the world and God’s Creation meet, and as they come together All perception disappears. His kindly sight redeems the world from death. For nothing that He looks on but must live, remembering the Father and the Son, Creator and Creation unified.

Father, Christ’s Vision is the way to You. What He beholds invites Your memory to be restored to Me. And this I choose to be what I would look upon today.

272. How can illusions satisfy God’s Son?

Father, the Truth belongs to Me. My home is set in Heaven by Your Will and Mine. Can dreams content Me? Can illusions bring Me happiness? What but Your memory can satisfy Your Son? I will accept no less than You have given Me. I am surrounded by Your Love, forever still, forever gentle and forever safe. God’s Son must be as You created Him.

Today We pass illusions by. And if We hear temptation call to Us to stay and linger in a dream, We turn aside and ask Ourselves if We, the Sons of God, could be content with dreams, when Heaven can be chosen just as easily as hell, and Love will happily replace All fear.

273. The stillness of the Peace of God is Mine.

Perhaps We are now ready for a day of undisturbed tranquility. If this is not yet feasible [machen lässt], We are content and even more than satisfied to learn how such a day can be achieved. If We give way to [nachgeben] a disturbance, let Us learn how to dismiss [aufgeben] it and return to Peace. We need but tell Our Minds, with certainty:

The stillness of the Peace of God is Mine.

And nothing can intrude upon the Peace that God Himself has given to His Son.

Father, Your Peace is Mine. What need have I to fear that Anything can rob Me of what You would have Me keep? I cannot lose Your gifts to Me. And so the Peace You gave Your Son is with Me still, in quietness and in My own eternal Love for You.

274. Today belongs to Love. Let Me not fear.

Father, today I would let All things be as You created them, and give Your Son the honor due His Sinlessness, the Love of Brother to His Brother and His friend. Through this I am redeemed. Through this as well the Truth will enter where illusions were, Light will replace All darkness, and Your Son will know He is as You created Him.

A special Blessing comes to Us today from Him Who is Our Father. Give this day to Him and there will be no fear today, because the day is given unto Love.

275. God’s healing Voice protects All things today.

Let Us today attend the Voice of God, Which speaks an ancient lesson, no more True today than any other day. Yet has this day been chosen as the time when We will seek and hear and learn and understand. Join Me in hearing. For the Voice of God tells Us of things We cannot understand alone, nor learn apart. It is in this that All things are protected. And in this the healing of the Voice of God is found.

Your healing Voice protects All things today, and so I leave All things to You. I need be anxious over nothing. For Your Voice will tell Me what to do and where to go, to Whom to speak and what to say to Him, what thoughts to think, what words to give the world. The safety that I bring is given Me. Father, Your Voice protects All things through Me.

276. The Word of God is given Me to speak.

What is the Word of God?

My Son is pure and Holy as Myself.

And thus did God become the Father of the Son He loves, for thus was He created. This the Word His Son did not create with Him, because in this His Son was born. Let Us accept His Fatherhood and All is given Us. Deny We were created in His Love and We deny Our Self, to be unsure of Who We are, of Who Our Father is and for what purpose We have come. And yet, We need but to acknowledge Him Who gave His Word to Us in Our Creation, to remember Him and thus recall Our Self.

Father, Your Word is Mine. And it is this that I would speak to All My Brothers, Who are given Me to cherish as My own, as I am loved and blessed and saved by You.

277. Let Me not bind Your Son with laws I made.

Your Son is free, My Father. Let Me not imagine I have bound Him with the laws I made to rule the body. He is not subject to any laws I made by which I try to make the body more secure. He is not changed by what is changeable. He is not slave to any laws of time. He is as You created Him, because He knows no laws except the Law of Love.

Let Us not worship idols, nor believe in any laws idolatry would make to hide the freedom of the Son of God. He is not bound except by His beliefs. Yet what He is is far beyond His faith in slavery or freedom. He is free because He is His Father’s Son. And He can not be bound unless God’s Truth can lie and God can will that He deceive Himself.

278. If I am bound My Father is not free.

If I accept that I am prisoner within [im Innern] a body, in a world in which All things that seem to live appear to die, then is My Father prisoner with Me. And this do I believe, when I maintain the laws the world obeys must I obey, the frailties and the sins which I perceive are real and cannot be escaped. If I am bound in any way, I do not know My Father or My Self. And I am lost to All Reality. For Truth is free. And what is bound is not a part of Truth.

Father, I ask for nothing but the Truth. I have had many foolish thoughts about Myself and My Creation and have brought a dream of fear into My Mind. Today I would not dream. I choose the way to You instead of madness and instead of fear. For Truth is safe and only Love is sure.

279. Creation’s freedom promises My own.

The end of dreams is promised Me, because God’s Son is not abandoned by His Love. Only in dreams is there a time when He appears to be in prison and awaits a future freedom if it be at all. Yet in Reality His dreams are gone, with Truth established in their place. And now is freedom His already. Should I wait in chains which have been severed for release, when God is offering Me freedom now?

I will accept Your promises today and give My faith to them. My Father loves the Son Whom He created as His Own. Would You withhold the gifts You gave to Me?

280. What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?

Whom God created limitless is free. I can invent imprisonment for Him, but only in illusions, not in Truth. No Thought of God has left Its Father’s Mind. No Thought of God is limited at all. No Thought of God but is forever pure. Can I lay limits on the Son of God, whose Father willed that He be limitless and like Himself in freedom and in Love?

Today let Me give honor to Your Son, for thus alone I find the way to You. Father, I lay no limits on the Son You love and You created limitless. The honor that I give to Him is Yours and what is Yours belongs to Me as well.

What is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit mediates between illusions and the Truth. As He must bridge the gap between Reality and dreams, perception leads to knowledge through the grace that God has given Him, to be His gift to Everyone Who turns to Him for Truth. Across the bridge that He provides are dreams All carried to the Truth, to be dispelled before the Light of knowledge. There are sights and sounds forever laid aside. And where they were perceived before, forgiveness has made possible perception’s tranquil end.

The goal the Holy Spirit’s teaching sets is just this end of dreams. For sights and sounds must be translated from the witnesses of fear to those of Love. And when this is entirely accomplished, learning has achieved the only goal it has in Truth. For learning, as the Holy Spirit guides it to the outcome He perceives for it, becomes the means to go beyond itself, to be replaced by the Eternal Truth.

If You but knew how much Your Father yearns to have You recognize Your Sinlessness, You would not let His Voice appeal in vain, nor turn away from His replacement for the fearful images and dreams You made. The Holy Spirit understands the means You made, by which You would attain what is forever unattainable. And if You offer them to Him, He will employ the means You made for exile, to restore Your Mind to where It Truly is at home.

From knowledge, where He has been placed by God, the Holy Spirit calls to You, to let forgiveness rest upon Your dreams and be restored to sanity and Peace of Mind. Without forgiveness will Your dreams remain to terrify You. And the memory of All Your Father’s Love will not return to signify the end of dreams has come.

Accept Your Father’s gift. It is a call from Love to Love, that It be but Itself. The Holy Spirit is His gift, by Which the quietness of Heaven is restored to God’s beloved Son. Would You refuse to take the function of completing God, when All He wills is that You be complete?

281. I can be hurt by nothing but My thoughts.

Father, Your Son is perfect. When I think that I am hurt in any way, it is because I have forgotten Who I am and that I am as You created Me. Your Thoughts can only bring Me happiness. If ever I am sad or hurt or ill, I have forgotten what You think and put My little, meaningless ideas in place of where Your Thoughts belong and where They are. I can be hurt by nothing but My thoughts. The Thoughts I think with You can only bless. The Thoughts I think with You alone are True.

I will not hurt Myself today. For I am far beyond All pain. My Father placed Me safe in Heaven, watching over Me. And I would not attack the Son He loves, for what He loves is Mine to love as well.

282. I will not be afraid of Love today.

If I could realize but this today, Salvation would be reached for All the world. This the decision not to be insane and to accept Myself as God Himself, My Father and My Source, created Me. This the determination not to be asleep in dreams of death, while Truth remains forever living in the Joy of Love. And this the choice to recognize the Self Whom God created as the Son He loves and Who remains My one Reality.

Father, Your Name is Love and so is Mine. Such is the Truth. And can the Truth be changed by merely giving it another Name? The Name of fear is simply a mistake. Let Me not be afraid of Truth today.

283. My True Identity abides in You.

Father, I made an image of Myself and it is this I call the Son of God. Yet is Creation as it always was, for Your Creation is unchangeable. Let Me not worship idols. I am He My Father loves. His Holiness remains the Light of Heaven and the Love of God. Is not what is beloved of You secure? Is not the Light of Heaven infinite? Is not Your Son My True Identity, when You created Everything that is?

Now are We One in shared Identity, with God Our Father as Our only Source and Everything created part of Us. And so We offer Blessing to All things, uniting lovingly with All the world, which Our forgiveness has made One with Us.

284. I can elect to change All thoughts that hurt.

Loss is not loss when properly perceived. Pain is impossible. There is no grief [Trauer] with any cause at all. And suffering of any kind is nothing but a dream. This is the Truth. At first to be but said and then repeated many times. And next to be accepted as but partly True, with many reservations. Then to be considered seriously more and more. And finally accepted as the Truth. I can elect to change All thoughts that hurt. And I would go beyond these words today, past all reservations and arrive at full acceptance of the Truth in them.

Father, what You have given cannot hurt, so grief [Trauer] and pain must be impossible. Let Me not fail to trust in You today, accepting but the joyous as Your gifts, accepting but the joyous as the Truth.

285. My Holiness shines [leuchtet] bright and clear today.

Today I wake with Joy, expecting but the happy things of God to come to Me. I ask but them to come and realize My invitation will be answered by the thoughts to which it has been sent by Me. And I will ask for only joyous things, the instant I accept My Holiness. For what would be the use of pain to Me? What purpose would My suffering fulfill? And how would grief [Trauer] and loss avail Me, if insanity departs from Me today and I accept My Holiness instead?

Father, My Holiness is Yours. Let Me rejoice in It and through forgiveness be restored to sanity. Your Son is still as You created Him. My Holiness is part of Me and also part of You. And what can alter Holiness Itself?

286. The hush of Heaven holds My Heart today.

Father, how still today! How quietly do All things fall in place! This is the day that has been chosen as the time in which I come to understand the lesson that there is no need that I do Anything. In You is every choice already made. In You has every conflict been resolved. In You is Everything I hope to find already given Me. Your Peace is Mine. My Heart is quiet and My Mind at rest. Your Love is Heaven and Your Love is Mine.

The stillness of today will give Us hope that We have found the way and traveled far along it to a wholly certain goal. Today We will not doubt the end which God Himself has promised Us. We trust in Him, and in Our Self, Who still is One with Him.

287. You are My goal, My Father. Only You.

Where would I go but Heaven? What could be a substitute for happiness? What gift could I prefer before the Peace of God? What treasure would I seek and find and keep that can compare with My Identity? And would I rather live with fear than Love?

You are My goal, My Father. What but You could I desire to have? What way but that which leads to You could I desire to walk? And what except the memory of You could signify to Me the end of dreams and futile substitutions for the Truth? You are My only goal. Your Son would be as You created Him. What way but this could I expect to recognize My Self and be at one [versöhnt] with My Identity?

288. Let Me forget My Brother’s past today.

This is the thought that leads the way to You and brings Me to My goal. I cannot come to You without My Brother. And to know My Source, I first must recognize what You created One with Me. My Brother’s is the hand that leads Me on the way to You. His sins are in the past along with Mine and I am saved because the past is gone. Let Me not cherish it within [im Innern] My Heart or I will lose the way to walk to You. My Brother is My Savior. Let Me not attack the Savior You have given Me. But let Me honor Him Who bears Your Name and so remember that It is My own.

Forgive Me, then, today. And You will know You have forgiven Me if You behold Your Brother in the Light of Holiness. He cannot be less Holy than can I. And You can not be Holier than He.

289. The past is over. It can touch Me not.

Unless the past is over in My Mind, the real world must escape My sight. For I am really looking nowhere, seeing but what is not there. How can I then perceive the world forgiveness offers? This the past was made to hide, for this the world that can be looked on only now. It has no past. For what can be forgiven but the past. And if it is forgiven it is gone.

Father, let Me not look upon a past that is not there. For You have offered Me Your own replacement, in a present world the past has left untouched and free of sin. Here is the end of guilt. And here am I made ready for Your final step. Shall I demand that You wait longer for Your Son to find the loveliness You planned to be the end of All His dreams and All His pain?

290. My present happiness is All I see.

Unless I look upon what is not there, My present happiness is All I see. Eyes that begin to open see at last. And I would have Christ’s Vision come to Me this very day. What I perceive without God’s own correction for the sight I made is frightening and painful to behold. Yet I would not allow My Mind to be deceived by the belief the dream I made is real an instant longer. This the day I seek My present happiness and look on nothing else except the thing I seek.

With this resolve I come to You and ask Your Strength to hold Me up today, while I but do Your Will. You cannot fail to hear Me, Father. What I ask have You already given Me and I am sure that I will see My happiness today.

What is the Real World?

The real world is a symbol, like the rest of what perception offers. Yet it stands for what is opposite to what You made. Your world is seen through eyes of fear and brings the witnesses of terror to Your Mind. The real world cannot be perceived except through eyes forgiveness blesses, so they see a world where terror is impossible and witnesses to fear can not be found.

The real world holds a counterpart for each unhappy thought reflected in Your world, a sure correction for the sights of fear and sounds of battle which Your world contains. The real world shows a world seen differently, through quiet eyes and with a Mind at Peace. Nothing but rest is here. There are no cries of pain and sorrow heard, for nothing here remains outside forgiveness. And the sights are gentle. Only happy sights and sounds can reach the Mind That has forgiven Itself.

What need has such a Mind for thoughts of death, attack and murder? What can It perceive surrounding It but safety, Love and Joy? What is there It would choose to be condemned? And what is there that It would judge against? The world It sees arises from a Mind at Peace within [innerhalb] Itself. No danger lurks in Anything It sees, for It is kind and only kindness does It look upon.

The real world is the symbol that the dream of sin and guilt is over and God’s Son no longer sleeps. His waking eyes perceive the sure reflection of His Father’s Love, the certain promise that He is redeemed. The real world signifies the end of time, for its perception makes time purposeless.

The Holy Spirit has no need of time when it has served His purpose. Now He waits but that one instant more for God to take His final step and time has disappeared, taking perception with it as it goes and leaving but the Truth to be Itself. That instant is Our goal, for it contains the memory of God. And as We look upon a world forgiven, it is He Who calls to Us and comes to take Us home, reminding Us of Our Identity Which Our forgiveness has restored to Us.

291. This is a day of stillness and of Peace.

Christ’s Vision looks through Me today. His sight shows Me All things forgiven and at Peace and offers this same Vision to the world. And I accept this Vision in its Name, both for Myself and for the world as well. What loveliness We look upon today! What Holiness We see surrounding Us! And it is given Us to recognize It is a Holiness in Which We share, It is the Holiness of God Himself.

This day My Mind is quiet, to receive the Thoughts You offer Me. And I accept what comes from You instead of from Myself. I do not know the way to You. But You are wholly certain. Father, lead Your Son along the quiet path that ends in You. Let My forgiveness be complete and let the memory of You return to Me.

292. A happy outcome to All things is sure.

God’s promises make no exceptions. And He guarantees that only Joy can be the final outcome found for Everything. Yet it is up to Us when this is reached, how long We let an alien will appear to be opposing His. And while We think this will is real, We will not find the end He has appointed as the outcome of All problems We perceive, All trials We see and every situation that We meet. Yet is the ending certain. For God’s Will is done in earth and Heaven. We will seek and We will find according to His Will, Which guarantees that Our will is done.

We thank You, Father, for Your guarantee of only happy outcomes in the end. Help Us not interfere and so delay the happy endings You have promised Us for every problem that We can perceive, for every trial We think We still must meet.

293. All fear is past [vorbei] and only Love is here.

All fear is past [vorbei] because its source is gone [vergangen] and All its thoughts gone [vergangen] with it. Love remains the only present state, Whose Source is here forever and forever. Can the world seem bright and clear and safe and welcoming, with All My past mistakes oppressing it and showing Me distorted forms of pain? Yet in the Present Love is obvious and Its effects apparent. All the world shines [leuchten] in reflection of Its Holy Light and I perceive a world forgiven at last.

Father, let not Your Holy world escape My sight today. Nor let My ears be deaf to All the hymns of gratitude the world is singing underneath the sounds of fear. There is a real world which the Present holds safe from All past mistakes. And I would see only this world before My eyes today.

294. My body is a wholly neutral thing.

I am a Son of God. And can I be another thing as well? Did God create the mortal and corruptible [käufliche/verfallende]? What use has God’s beloved Son for what must die? And yet a neutral thing does not see death, for thoughts of fear are not invested there, nor is a mockery [Vormachen/Vortäuschen] of Love bestowed upon it. Its neutrality protects it while it has a use. And afterwards, without a purpose, it is laid aside. It is not sick or old or hurt. It is but functionless, unneeded and cast off [loswerden/befreien]. Let Me not see it more than this today: Of service for a while and fit to serve, to keep its usefulness while it can serve and then to be replaced for greater Good.

My body, Father, cannot be Your Son. And what is not created cannot be sinful or sinless, neither good nor bad. Let Me, then, use this dream to help Your plan that We awaken from All dreams We made.

295. The Holy Spirit looks through Me today.

Christ asks that He may use My eyes today and thus redeem the world. He asks this gift that He may offer Peace of Mind to Me and take away All terror and All pain. And as they are removed from Me, the dreams that seemed to settle on the world are gone. Redemption must be One. As I am saved, the world is saved with Me. For All of Us must be redeemed together. Fear appears in many different forms, but Love is One.

My Father, Christ has asked a gift of Me and one I give that it be given Me. Help Me to use the eyes of Christ today and thus allow the Holy Spirit’s Love to bless All things that I may look upon, that His forgiving Love may rest on Me.

296. The Holy Spirit speaks through Me today.

The Holy Spirit needs My voice today, that All the world may listen to Your Voice and hear Your Word through Me. I am resolved to let You speak through Me, for I would use no words but Yours and have no thoughts which are apart from Yours, for only Yours are True. I would be Savior to the world I made. For having damned it, I would set it free that I may find escape and hear the Word Your Holy Voice will speak to Me today.

We teach today what We would learn and that alone. And so Our learning goal becomes an unconflicted one and possible of easy reach and quick accomplishment. How gladly does the Holy Spirit come to rescue Us from hell, when We allow His Teaching to persuade the world, through Us, to seek and find the easy path to God!

297. Forgiveness is the only gift I give.

Forgiveness is the only gift I give because it is the only gift I want and Everything I give I give Myself. This is Salvation’s simple formula. And I, Who would be saved, would make it Mine, to be the way I live within [innerhalb] a world that needs Salvation and that will be saved as I accept Atonement for Myself.

Father, how certain are Your ways, how sure their final outcome and how Truly faithfully is every step in My Salvation set already and accomplished by Your grace. Thanks be to You for Your eternal gifts and thanks to You for My Identity.

298. I love You, Father. And I love Your Son.

My gratitude permits My Love to be accepted without fear. And thus am I restored to My Reality at last. All that intruded on My Holy sight forgiveness takes away. And I draw near the end of senseless journeys, mad careers and artificial values. I accept instead what God establishes as Mine, sure that in that alone I will be saved, sure that I go through fear to meet My Love.

Father, I come to You today, because I would not follow any way but Yours. You are beside Me. Certain is Your way. And I am grateful for Your Holy gifts of certain sanctuary and escape from Everything that would obscure My Love for God My Father and His Holy Son.

299. Eternal Holiness abides in Me.

My Holiness is far beyond My own ability to understand or know. Yet God My Father, Who created It, acknowledges My Holiness as His. Our Will, together, understands it. And Our Will, together, knows that it is so.

Father, My Holiness is not of Me. It is not Mine to be destroyed by sin. It is not Mine to suffer from attack. Illusions can obscure It, but can not put out Its radiance nor dim Its Light. It stands forever perfect and untouched. In It are All things healed, for they remain as You created them. And I can know My Holiness. For Holiness Itself created Me and I can know My Source because it is Your Will that You be known.

300. Only an instant does this world endure.

This is the thought that can be used to say that death and sorrow are the certain lot of All Who come here. For Their joys are gone before they are possessed or even grasped. Yet this is also the idea which lets no false perception keep Us in its hold, nor represent more than a passing cloud upon a sky eternally serene. And it is this serenity We seek, unclouded, obvious and sure, today.

We seek Your Holy world today. For We, Your loving Sons, have lost Our way a while. But We have listened to Your Voice and learned exactly what to do to be restored to Heaven and Our True Identity. And We give thanks today the world endures but for an instant. We would go beyond that tiny instant to Eternity.

What is the Second Coming?

Christ’s Second Coming, which is sure as God, is merely the correction of mistakes and the return of sanity. It is a part of the condition which restores the neverlost and reestablishes what is forever and forever True. It is the invitation to God’s Word to take illusion’s place, the willingness to let forgiveness rest upon All things without exception and without reserve.

It is the Allinclusive nature of Christ’s Second Coming that permits it to embrace the world and hold You safe within [innerhalb] its gentle advent which encompasses All living things with You. There is no end to the release the Second Coming brings, as God’s Creation must be limitless. Forgiveness lights the Second Coming’s way because it shines [leuchten] on Everything as One.

The Second Coming ends the lessons which the Holy Spirit teaches, making way for the Last Judgment, in which learning ends in one last summary that will extend beyond itself and reaches up to God. The Second Coming is the time in which All Minds are given to the hands of Christ, to be returned to Spirit in the Name of True Creation and the Will of God.

The Second Coming is the one event in time which time itself can not affect. For every One Who ever came to die or yet will come or Who is present now, is equally released from what He made. In this equality is Christ restored as one Identity, in Which the Sons of God acknowledge that They All are One. And God the Father smiles upon His Son, His one Creation and His only Joy.

Pray that the Second Coming will be soon, but do not rest with that. It needs Your eyes and ears and hands and feet. It needs Your voice. And most of All it needs Your willingness. Let Us rejoice that We can do God’s Will and join together in Its Holy Light. Behold, the Son of God is One in Us and We can reach Our Father’s Love through Him.

301. And God Himself shall wipe away All tears.

Father, unless I judge I cannot weep. Nor can I suffer pain or feel I am abandoned and unneeded in the world. This is My home because I judge it not and therefore is it only what You will. Let Me today behold it uncondemned, through happy eyes forgiveness has released from All distortion. Let Me see Your world instead of Mine. And All the tears I shed will be forgotten, for their source is gone. Father, I will not judge Your world today.

God’s world is happy. Those Who look on it can only add Their Joy to it and bless it as a cause of further Joy in Them. We wept because We did not understand. But We have learned the world We saw was false, and We will look upon God’s world today.

302. Where darkness was I look upon the Light.

Father, Our eyes are opening at last. Your Holy world awaits Us as Our sight is finally restored and We can see. We thought We suffered. But We had forgot the Son Whom You created. Now We see that darkness is Our own imagining and Light is there for Us to look upon. Christ’s Vision changes darkness into Light, for fear must disappear when Love has come. Let Me forgive Your Holy world today that I may look upon its Holiness and understand it but reflects My own.

Our Love awaits Us as We go to Him and walks beside Us, showing Us the way. He fails in nothing. He the end We seek and He the means by Which We come to Him.

303. The Holy Christ is born in Me today.

Watch with Me, Angels, watch with Me today. Let All God’s Holy Thoughts surround Me and be still with Me while Heaven’s Son is born. Let earthly sounds be quiet and the sights to which I am accustomed disappear. Let Christ be welcomed where He is at home and let Him hear the sounds He understands and see but sights which show His Father’s Love. Let Him no longer be a Stranger here, for He is born again in Me today.

Your Son is Welcome, Father. He has come to save Me from the evil Self I made. He is the Self that You have given Me. He is but what I really am in Truth. He is the Son You love above All things. He is My Self as You created Me. It is not Christ that can be crucified. Safe in Your arms let Me receive Your Son.

304. Let not My world obscure the sight of Christ.

I can obscure My Holy sight, if I intrude My world upon it. Nor can I behold the Holy sights Christ looks upon unless it is His Vision that I use. Perception is a mirror, not a fact. And what I look on is My state of Mind reflected outward. I would bless the world by looking on it through the eyes of Christ. And I will look upon the certain signs that All My sins have been forgiven Me.

You lead Me from the darkness to the Light, from sin to Holiness. Let Me forgive and thus receive Salvation for the world. It is Your gift, My Father, given Me to offer to Your Holy Son, that He may find again the memory of You and of Your Son as You created Him.

305. There is a Peace that Christ bestows on Us.

Who uses but Christ’s Vision finds a Peace so deep and quiet, undisturbable and wholly changeless, that the world contains no counterpart. Comparisons are still before this Peace. And All the world departs in silence as this Peace envelops it and gently carries it to Truth, no more to be the home of fear. For Love has come and healed the world by giving it Christ’s Peace.

Father, the Peace of Christ is given Us, because it is Your Will that We be saved. Help Us today but to accept Your gift and judge it not. For it has come to Us to save Us from Our judgment on Ourselves.

306. The gift of Christ is All I seek today.

What but Christ’s Vision would I use today, when it can offer Me a day in which I see a world so like to Heaven that an ancient memory returns to Me? Today I can forget the world I made. Today I can go past All fear and be restored to Love and Holiness and Peace. Today I am redeemed and born anew into a world of mercy and of care, of loving kindness and the Peace of God.

And so, Our Father, We return to You, remembering We never went away, remembering Your Holy gifts to Us. In gratitude [Erkenntlichkeit] and thankfulness We come, with empty hands and open hearts and Minds, asking but what You give. We cannot make an offering sufficient for Your Son. But in Your Love the gift of Christ is His.

307. Conflicting wishes cannot be My will.

Father, Your Will is Mine and only That. There is no other will for Me to have. Let Me not try to make another will, for it is senseless and will cause Me pain. Your Will alone can bring Me happiness and only Yours exists. If I would have what only You can give, I must accept Your will for Me and enter into Peace where conflict is impossible. Your Son is One with You in being and in will and nothing contradicts the Holy Truth that I remain as You created Me.

And with this Prayer, We enter silently into a state where conflict cannot come, because We join Our Holy will with God’s in recognition that they are the same.

308. This instant is the only time there is.

I have conceived of time in such a way that I defeat My aim. If I elect to reach past time to timelessness, I must change My perception of what time is for. Time’s purpose cannot be to keep the past and future One. The only interval in which I can be saved from time is now. For in this instant has forgiveness come to set Me free. The birth of Christ is now, without a past or future. He has come to give His present Blessing to the world, restoring it to timelessness and Love. And Love is ever present, here and now.

Thanks for this instant, Father. It is now I am redeemed. This instant is the time You have appointed for Your Son’s release and for Salvation of the world in Him.

309. I will not fear to look within [nach innen] today.

Within Me [in Meinem Innern] is Eternal Innocence, because it is God’s Will that It be there forever and forever. I, His Son, whose will is limitless as is His own, can will no change in this. For to deny My Father’s Will is to deny My own. To look within [nach innen] is but to find My will as God created it, and as it is. I fear to look within [nach innen] because I think I made another will which is not True and made it real. Yet it has no effects. Within Me [in Meinem Innern] is the Holiness of God. Within Me [in Meinem Innern] is the memory of Him.

The step I take today, My Father, is My sure release from idle dreams of sin. Your Altar stands serene and undefiled. It is the Holy Altar to My Self and There I find My True Identity.

310. In fearlessness and Love I spend today.

This day, My Father, would I spend with You, as You have chosen All My days should be. And what I will experience is not of time at all. The Joy that comes to Me is not of days nor hours, for it comes from Heaven to Your Son. This day will be Your sweet reminder to remember You, Your gracious calling to Your Holy Son, the sign Your grace has come to Me and that it is Your Will that I be free today.

We spend this day together, You and I. And All the world joins with Us in Our song of thankfulness and Joy to Him Who gave Salvation to Us and Who set Us free. We are restored to Peace and Holiness. There is no room in Us for fear today, for We have welcomed Love into Our hearts.

What is the Last Judgment?

Christ’s Second Coming gives the Son of God the gift to hear the Voice for God proclaim that what is false is false and what is True has never changed. And this the judgment is in which perception ends. At first You see a world which has accepted this as True, projected from a now corrected Mind. And with this Holy sight, perception gives a silent Blessing and then disappears, its goal accomplished and its mission done.

The Final Judgment on the world contains no condemnation. For it sees the world as totally forgiven, without sin and wholly purposeless. Without a cause, and now without a function in Christ’s sight, it merely slips away to nothingness. There it was born and there it ends as well. And All the figures in the dream in which the world began go with it. Bodies now are useless and will therefore fade away, because the Son of God is limitless.

You Who believed that Gods Last Judgment would condemn the world to hell along with You, accept this Holy Truth: God’s Judgment is the gift of the Correction He bestowed on All Your errors, freeing You from them and All effects they ever seemed to have. To fear God’s saving grace is but to fear complete release from suffering, return to Peace, security and happiness and union with Your own Identity.

God’s Final Judgment is as merciful as every step in His appointed plan to bless His Son and call Him to return to the eternal Peace He shares with Him. Be not afraid of Love. For It alone can heal All sorrow, wipe away All tears and gently waken from His dreams of pain the Son Whom God acknowledges as His. Be not afraid of this. Salvation asks You give it Welcome. And the world awaits Your glad acceptance, which will set it free.

This is God’s Final Judgment:

You are still My Holy Son, forever innocent, forever loving and forever loved, as limitless as Your Creator and completely changeless and forever pure. Therefore awaken and return to Me! I am Your Father and You are My Son.

311. I judge All things as I would have them be.

Judgment was made to be a weapon used against the Truth. It separates What it is being used against and sets It off as if It were a thing apart. And then it makes of It what You would have It be. It judges What it cannot understand because it cannot see totality and therefore judges falsely. Let Us not use it today, but make a gift of it to Him Who has a different use for it. He will relieve You of the agony of All the judgments You have made against Yourself and reestablish Peace of Mind by giving You God’s Judgment of His Son.

Father, We wait with open Mind today, to hear Your Judgment of the Son You love. We do not know Him, and We cannot judge. And so We let Your Love decide what He Whom You created as Your Son must be.

312. I see All things as I would have them be.

Perception follows judgment. Having judged, You therefore see what You would look upon. For Vision merely serves to offer You what You would have. It is impossible to overlook what You would see and fail to see what You have chosen to behold. How surely, therefore, must the real world come to greet the Holy sight of Anyone Who takes the Holy Spirit’s purpose as His goal for seeing. And He cannot fail to look upon what Christ would have Him see and share Christ’s Love for what He looks upon.

I have no purpose for today except to look upon a liberated world, set free from All the judgments I have made. Father, this is Your Will for Me today and therefore it must be My goal as well.

313. Now let a new perception come to Me.

Father, there is a Vision which beholds All things as sinless, so that fear has gone. And where it was is Love invited in. And Love will come wherever It is asked. This Vision is Your gift. The eyes of Christ look on a world forgiven. In His sight are All its sins forgiven, for He sees no sin in Anything He looks upon. Now let His True perception come to Me, that I may waken from the dream of guilt and look within [nach innen] upon My Sinlessness, which You have kept completely undefiled upon the Altar to Your Holy Son, the Self with Which I would identify.

Let Us today behold Each Other in the sight of Christ. How beautiful We are! How Holy and how loving! Brother, come and join with Me today. We save the world when We are joined. For in Our Vision it becomes as Holy as the Light in Us.

314. I seek a future different from the past.

From new perception of the world there comes a future very different from the past. The future now is recognized as but extensions of the Present. Past mistakes can cast no shadows on it, so that fear has lost its idols and its images. And being formless, it has no effects. Death will not claim the future now, for Life is now its goal and All the needed means are happily provided. Who can grieve [trauern] or suffer when the Present has been freed, extending its security and Peace into a quiet future filled with hope?

Father, We were mistaken in the past and choose to use the Present to be free. Now do We leave the future in Your hands, leaving behind Our past mistakes and sure that You will keep Your present Promises and guide the future in Their Holy Light.

315. All gifts My Brothers give belong to Me.

Each day a thousand treasures come to Me with every passing moment. I am blessed with gifts throughout the day, in value far beyond All things of which I can conceive. A Brother smiles upon Another and My Heart is gladdened. Someone speaks a word of gratitude or mercy and My Mind perceives this gift and takes it as its own. And Everyone Who finds the way to God becomes My Savior, pointing out the way to Me and giving Me His certainty that what He learned is surely Mine as well.

I thank You, Father, for the many gifts that come to Me today and every day from every Son of God. My Brothers are unlimited in All Their gifts to Me. Now may I offer Them My thankfulness, that gratitude [Erkenntlichkeit] to Them may lead Me on to My Creator and His memory.

316. All gifts I give My Brothers are My own.

As every gift My Brothers give is Mine, so every gift I give belongs to Me. Each one allows a past mistake to go and leave no shadow on the Holy Mind My Father loves. His grace is given Me in every gift a Brother has received throughout All time and past All time as well. My treasurehouse is full and Angels watch its open doors, that not one gift is lost and only more are added. Let Me come to where My treasures are and enter in where I am Truly Welcome and at home among the gifts that God has given Me.

Father, I would accept Your gifts today. I do not recognize them. Yet I trust that You Who gave them will provide the means by which I can behold them, see their worth and cherish only them as what I want.

317. I follow in the way appointed Me.

I have a special place to fill, a role for Me alone. Salvation waits until I take this part as what I choose to do. Until I make this choice, I am the slave of time and human destiny. But when I willingly and gladly go the way My Father’s plan appointed Me to go, then will I recognize Salvation is already here, already given All My Brothers and already Mine as well.

Father, Your way is what I choose today. Where it would lead Me do I choose to go. What it would have Me do I choose to do. Your way is certain and the end secure. The memory of You awaits Me there. And All My sorrows end in Your embrace, which You have promised to Your Son, Who thought mistakenly that He had wandered from the sure protection of Your loving arms.

318. In Me Salvation’s means and end are One.

In Me, God’s Holy Son, are reconciled All parts of Heaven’s plan to save the world. What could conflict, when All the parts have but one purpose and one aim? How could there be a single part that stands aside or one of more or less importance than the rest? I am the means by which God’s Son is saved, because Salvation’s purpose is to find the Sinlessness which God has placed in Me. I was created as the thing I seek. I am the goal the world is searching for. I am God’s Son, His one Eternal Love. I am Salvation’s means and end as well.

Let Me today, My Father, take the role You offer Me in Your request that I accept Atonement for Myself. For thus does what is thereby reconciled in Me become as surely reconciled to You.

319. I came for the Salvation of the world.

Here is a thought from which All arrogance has been removed and only Truth is left. For arrogance opposes Truth. But where there is no arrogance, the Truth will come immediately and fill up the space the ego left unoccupied by lies. Only the ego can be limited and therefore it must seek for aims which are curtailed and limiting. The ego thinks that what One gains totality must lose. And yet it is the Will of God I learn that what One gains is given unto All.

Father, Your Will is total and the goal which stems from It shares Its totality. What aim but the Salvation of the world could You have given Me? And what but this could be the Will My Self has shared with You?

320. My Father gives All power unto Me.

The Son of God is limitless. There are no limits on His Strength, His Peace, His Joy, nor any attributes His Father gave in His Creation. What He wills with His Creator and Redeemer must be done. His Holy will can never be denied, because His Father shines [leuchten] upon His Mind and lays before It All the Strength and Love in earth and Heaven. I am He to Whom All this is given. I am He in Whom the power of My Father’s Will abides.

Your Will can do All things in Me and then extend to All the world as well through Me. There is no limit on Your Will. And so All power has been given to Your Son.

What is Creation?

Creation is the sum of All God’s Thoughts, in number infinite and Everywhere without All limit. Only Love creates. And only like Itself. There was no time when All that It created was not there. Nor will there be a time when Anything that It created suffers any loss. Forever and forever are God’s Thoughts exactly as They were and as They are, unchanged through time and after time is done.

God’s Thoughts are given All the power that Their own Creator has. For He would add to Love by Its extension. Thus His Son shares in Creation and must therefore share in power to create. What God has willed to be forever One will still be One when time is over and will not be changed throughout the course of time, remaining as it was before the thought of time began.

Creation is the opposite of All illusions, for Creation is the Truth. Creation is the Holy Son of God, for in Creation is His Will complete in every aspect, making every part container of the whole. Its Oneness is forever guaranteed inviolate, forever held within [innerhalb] His Holy Will, beyond All possibility of harm, of separation, imperfection and of any spot upon Its Sinlessness.

We are Creation, We the Sons of God. We seem to be discrete and unaware of Our eternal Unity with Him. Yet back of All Our doubts, past All Our fears, there still is certainty. For Love remains with All Its Thought, Its sureness being Theirs. God’s memory is in Our Holy Minds, Which know Their Oneness and Their Unity with Their Creator. Let Our function be only to let this memory return, only to let God’s Will be done on earth, only to be restored to sanity, and to be but as God created Us.

Our Father calls to Us. We hear His Voice and We forgive Creation in the Name of its Creator, Holiness Itself, Whose Holiness His own Creation shares, Whose Holiness is still a part of Us.

321. Father, My freedom is in You alone.

I did not understand what made Me free, nor what My freedom is, nor where to look to find it. Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing Me. Now I would guide Myself no more. For I have neither made nor understood the way to find My freedom. But I trust in You. You Who endowed Me with My freedom as Your Holy Son will not be lost to Me. Your Voice directs Me. And the way to You is opening and clear to Me at last. Father, My freedom is in You alone. Father, it is My will that I return.

Today We answer for the world, which will be freed along with Us. How glad are We to find Our freedom through the certain way Our Father has established. And how sure is All the world’s Salvation, when We learn Our freedom can be found in God alone.

322. I can give up but what was never real.

I sacrifice illusions, nothing more. And as illusions go I find the gifts illusions tried to hide, awaiting Me in shining [leuchten] Welcome and in readiness to give God’s ancient messages to Me. His memory abides in every gift that I receive of Him. And every dream serves only to conceal the Self Which is God’s only Son, the likeness of Himself, the Holy One Who still abides in Him forever, as He still abides in Me.

Father, to You All sacrifice remains forever inconceivable. And so I cannot sacrifice except in dreams. As You created Me, I can give up nothing You gave Me. What You did not give has no Reality. What loss can I anticipate except the loss of fear and the return of Love into My Mind?

323. I gladly make the “sacrifice” of fear.

Here is the only “sacrifice” You ask of Your beloved Son: You ask Him to give up All suffering, All sense of loss and sadness, All anxiety and doubt and freely let Your Love come streaming in to His awareness, healing Him of pain and giving Him Your own eternal Joy. Such is the “sacrifice” You ask of Me and one I gladly make, the only “cost” of restoration of Your memory to Me, for the Salvation of the world.

And as We pay the debt We owe to Truth – a debt which merely is the letting go of selfdeceptions and of images We worshipped falsely – Truth returns to Us in wholeness and in Joy. We are deceived no longer. Love has now returned to Our awareness. And We are at Peace again, for fear has gone and only Love remains.

324. I merely follow, for I would not lead.

Father, You are the One Who gave the plan for My Salvation to Me. You have set the way I am to go, the role to take and every step in My appointed path. I cannot lose the way. I can but choose to wander off a while and then return. Your loving Voice will always call Me back and guide My feet aright. My Brothers All can follow in the way I lead Them. Yet I merely follow in the way to You, as You direct Me and would have Me go.

So let Us follow One Who knows the way. We need not tarry and We cannot stray except an instant from His loving hand. We walk together, for We follow Him. And it is He Who makes the ending sure and guarantees a safe returning home.

325. All things I think I see reflect ideas.

This is Salvation’s keynote. What I see reflects a process in My Mind which starts with My idea of what I want. From there, the Mind makes up an image of the thing the Mind desires, judges valuable and therefore seeks to find. These images are then projected outward, looked upon, esteemed as real and guarded as one’s own. From insane wishes comes an insane world. From judgment comes a world condemned. And from forgiving thoughts a gentle world comes forth, with mercy for the Holy Son of God, to offer Him a kindly home where He can rest a while before He journeys on and help His Brothers walk ahead with Him and find the way to Heaven and to God.

Our Father, Your Ideas reflect the Truth and Mine apart from Yours but makes up dreams. Let Me behold what only Yours reflect, for Yours and Yours alone establish Truth.

326. I am forever an Effect of God.

Father, I was created in Your Mind, a Holy Thought That never left Its home. I am forever Your Effect and You forever and forever are My Cause. As You created Me I have remained. Where You established Me I still abide. And All Your attributes abide in Me because it is Your Will to have a Son so like His Cause that Cause and Its Effect are indistinguishable. Let Me know that I am an Effect of God and so I have the power to create like You. And as it is in Heaven, so on earth. Your plan I follow here and at the end I know that You will gather Your Effects into the tranquil Heaven of Your Love, where earth will disappear and separate things unite in glory as the Son of God.

Let Us today behold earth disappear, at first transformed and then, forgiven, fade entirely into God’s Holy Will.

327. I need but call and You will answer Me.

I am not asked to take Salvation on the basis of an unsupported faith. For God has promised He will hear My call and answer Me Himself. Let Me but learn from My experience that this is True and faith in Him must surely come to Me. This is the faith that will endure and take Me farther and still farther on the road that leads to Him. For thus I will be sure that He has not abandoned Me and loves Me still, awaiting but My call to give Me All the help I need to come to Him.

Father, I thank You that Your promises will never fail in My experience, if I but test them out. Let Me attempt therefore to try them and to judge them not. Your Word is One with You. You give the means whereby conviction comes and surety of Your abiding Love is gained at last.

328. I choose the second place to gain the first.

What seems to be the second place is first, for All things We perceive are upsidedown until We listen to the Voice of God. It seems that We will gain autonomy but by Our striving to be separate and that Our independence from the rest of God’s Creation is the way in which Salvation is obtained. Yet All We find is sickness, suffering and loss and death. This is not what Our Father wills for Us, nor is there any second to His Will. To join with His is but to find Our own. And since Our will is His, it is to Him that We must go to recognize Our will.

There is no will but Yours. And I am glad that nothing I imagine contradicts what You would have Me be. It is Your Will that I be wholly safe, eternally at Peace. And happily I share that Will which You, My Father, gave as part of Me.

329. I have already chosen what You will.

Father, I thought I wandered from Your Will, defied It, broke Its laws and interposed a second will more powerful than Yours. Yet what I am in Truth is but Your Will, extended and extending. This am I. And This will never change. As You are One, so am I One with You. And This I chose in My Creation, where My will became forever One with Yours. That choice was made for All Eternity. It cannot change and be in opposition [Optional: im Widerstand gegenüber] to Itself. Father, My will is Yours. And I am safe, untroubled and serene, in endless Joy, because it is Your Will that it be so.

Today We will accept Our union with each other and Our Source. We have no will apart from His and All of Us are One because His Will is shared by All of Us. Through It We recognize that We are One. Through It We find Our way at last to God.

330. I will not hurt Myself again today.

Let Us this day accept forgiveness as Our only function. Why should We attack Our Minds and give Them images of pain? Why should We teach Them They are powerless, when God holds out His power and His Love and bids Them take what is already Theirs? The Mind that is made willing to accept God’s gifts has been restored to Spirit and extends Its freedom and Its Joy, as is the Will of God united with Its own. The Self Which God created cannot sin and therefore cannot suffer. Let Us choose today that He be Our Identity and thus escape forever from All things the dream of fear appears to offer Us.

Father, Your Son can not be hurt. And if We think We suffer, We but fail to know Our One Identity We share with You. We would return to It today, to be made free forever from All Our mistakes and to be saved from what We thought We were.

What is the ego?

The ego is idolatry; the sign of limited and separated Self, born in a body, doomed to suffer and to end its Life in death. It is the will that sees the Will of God as enemy and takes a form in which It is denied. The ego is the “proof” that Strength is weak and Love is fearful, Life is really death and what opposes God alone is True.

The ego is insane. In fear it stands beyond the Everywhere, apart from All, in separation from the Infinite [Unendlichen]. In its insanity it thinks it has become a victor over God Himself and in its terrible autonomy it “sees” the Will of God has been destroyed. It dreams of punishment and trembles at the figures in its dreams, its enemies Who seek to murder it before it can ensure its safety by attacking Them.

The Son of God is egoless. What can He know of madness and the death of God, when He abides in Him? What can He know of sorrow and of suffering, when He lives in eternal Joy? What can He know of fear and punishment, of sin and guilt, of hatred and attack, when All there is surrounding Him is everlasting Peace, forever conflictfree and undisturbed, in deepest silence and tranquility?

To know Reality is not to know the ego and its thoughts, its works, its acts, its laws and its beliefs, its dreams, its hopes, its plans for its Salvation and the cost belief in it entails. In suffering, the price for faith in it is so immense that crucifixion of the Son of God is offered daily at its darkened shrine. And blood must flow before the Altar where its sickly followers [Jünger] prepare its feast of death.

Yet will one lily of forgiveness change the darkness into Light; the Altar to illusions to the shrine of Life Itself. And Peace will be restored forever to the Holy Minds Which God created as His Son, His dwellingplace, His Joy, His Love, completely His, completely One with Him.

331. There is no conflict, for My will is Yours.

How foolish, Father, to believe Your Son could cause Himself to suffer! Could He make a plan for His damnation and be left without a certain way to His release? You love Me, Father. You could never leave Me desolate, to die within [innerhalb] a world of pain and cruelty. How could I think that Love has left Itself? There is no will except the Will of Love. Fear is a dream and has no will that can conflict with Yours. Conflict is sleep and Peace awakening. Death is illusion; Life, Eternal Truth. There is no opposition [Optional: Widerstand gegenüber] to Your Will. There is no conflict, for My will is Yours.

Forgiveness shows Us that God’s Will is One and that We share It. Let Us look upon the Holy sights forgiveness shows today, that We may find the Peace of God. Amen.

332. Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.

The ego makes illusions. Truth undoes its evil dreams by shining [leuchten] them away. Truth never makes attack. It merely is. And by Its Presence is the Mind recalled from fantasies, awaking to the Real. Forgiveness bids this Presence enter in and take its rightful place within [innerhalb] the Mind. Without forgiveness is the Mind in chains, believing in Its own futility. Yet with forgiveness does the Light shine [leuchten] through the dream of darkness, offering It hope and giving It the means to realize the freedom that is Its inheritance.

We would not bind the world again today. Fear holds it prisoner. And yet Your Love has given Us the means to set it free. Father, We would release it now. For as We offer freedom it is given Us. And We would not remain as prisoners, while You are holding Our freedom out to Us.

333. Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here.

Conflict must be resolved. It cannot be evaded, set aside, denied, disguised, seen somewhere else, called by another Name, nor hidden by deceit of any kind, if it would be escaped. It must be seen exactly as it is, where it is thought to be, in the Reality which has been given it and with the purpose that the Mind accorded it. For only then are its defenses lifted and the Truth can shine [leuchten] upon it as it disappears.

Father, forgiveness is the Light You chose to shine [leuchten] away All conflict and All doubt and light the way for Our return to You. No Light but This can end Our evil dreams. No Light but This can save the world. For This alone will never fail in Anything, being Your gift to Your beloved Son.

334. Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives.

I will not wait another day to find the treasures which My Father offers Me. Illusions All are vain and dreams are gone even while they are woven out of thoughts that rest on false perception. Let Me not accept such meager gifts again today. God’s Voice is offering the Peace of God to All Who hear and choose to follow Him. This is My choice today. And so I go to find the treasures God has given Me.

I seek but the eternal. For Your Son can be content with nothing less than this. What, then, can be His solace but what You are offering to His bewildered Mind and frightened Heart, to give Him certainty and bring Him Peace? Today I would behold My Brother sinless. This Your Will for Me, for so will I behold My Sinlessness.

335. I choose to see My Brother’s Sinlessness.

Forgiveness is a choice. I never see My Brother as He is, for that is far beyond perception. What I see in Him is merely what I wish to see, because it stands for what I want to be the Truth. It is to this alone that I respond, however much I seem to be impelled by outside happenings. I choose to see what I would look upon and this I see. And only this. My Brother’s Sinlessness shows Me that I would look upon My own. And I will see it, having chosen to behold My Brother in its Holy Light.

What could restore Your memory to Me except to see My Brother’s Sinlessness? His Holiness reminds Me that He was created One with Me and like Myself. In Him I find My Self and in Your Son I find the memory of You as well.

336. Forgiveness lets Me know that Minds are joined.

Forgiveness is the means appointed for perception’s ending. Knowledge is restored after perception first is changed and then gives way entirely to what remains forever past its highest reach. For sights and sounds, at best, can serve but to recall the memory that lies beyond them All. Forgiveness sweeps away distortions and opens the hidden Altar to the Truth. Its lilies shine [leuchten] into the Mind and call It to return and look within [nach innen], to find what It has vainly sought without. For here, and only here, is Peace of Mind restored, for this the dwellingplace of God Himself.

In quiet may forgiveness wipe away My dreams of separation and of sin. Then let Me, Father, look within [nach innen] and find Your promise of My Sinlessness is kept, Your Word remains unchanged within [im Innern] My Mind, Your Love is still abiding in My Heart.

337. My Sinlessness protects Me from All harm.

My Sinlessness ensures Me perfect Peace, eternal safety, everlasting Love, freedom forever from All thought of loss, complete deliverance from suffering. And only happiness can be My state, for only happiness is given Me. What must I do to know All this is Mine? I must accept Atonement for Myself and nothing more. God has already done All things that need be done. And I must learn I need do nothing of Myself, for I need but accept My Self, My Sinlessness, created for Me, now already Mine, to feel God’s Love protecting Me from harm, to understand My Father loves His Son, to know I am the Son My Father loves.

You Who created Me in Sinlessness are not mistaken about what I am. I was mistaken when I thought I sinned, but I accept Atonement for Myself. Father, My dream is ended now. Amen.

338. I am affected only by My thoughts.

It needs but this to let Salvation come to All the world. For in this single thought is Everyone released at last from fear. Now He has learned that no One frightens Him and nothing can endanger Him. He has no enemies and He is safe from All external things. His thoughts can frighten Him, but since these thoughts belong to Him alone, He has the power to change them and exchange each fear thought for a happy thought of Love. He crucified Himself. Yet God has planned that His beloved Son will be redeemed.

Your plan is sure, My Father – only Yours. All other plans will fail. And I will have thoughts that will frighten Me until I learn that You have given Me the only Thought Which leads Me to Salvation. Mine alone will fail and lead Me nowhere. But the Thought You gave Me promises to lead Me home, because it holds Your promise to Your Son.

339. I will receive whatever I request.

No One desires pain. But He can think that pain is pleasure. No One would avoid His happiness. But He can think that Joy is painful, threatening and dangerous. Everyone will receive what He requests. But He can be confused indeed about the things He wants, the state He would attain. What can He then request that He would want when He receives it? He has asked for what will frighten Him and bring Him suffering. Let Us resolve today to ask for what We really want, and only this, that We may spend this day in fearlessness, without confusing pain with Joy or fear with Love.

Father, this is Your day. It is a day in which I would do nothing by Myself, but hear Your Voice in Everything I do, requesting only what You offer Me, accepting only Thoughts You share with Me.

340. I can be free of suffering today.

Father, I thank You for today and for the freedom I am certain it will bring. This day is Holy, for today Your Son will be redeemed. His suffering is done. For He will hear Your Voice directing Him to find Christ’s Vision through forgiveness and be free forever from All suffering. Thanks for today, My Father. I was born into this world but to achieve this day and what it holds in Joy and freedom for Your Holy Son and for the world He made which is released along with Him today.

Be glad today! Be glad! There is no room for Anything but Joy and thanks today. Our Father has redeemed His Son this day. Not One of Us but will be saved today. Not One Who will remain in fear. And none the Father will not gather to Himself, awake in Heaven in the Heart of Love.

What is a Miracle?

A Miracle is a correction. It does not create, nor really change at all. It merely looks on devastation and reminds the Mind that what It sees is false. It undoes error, but does not attempt to go beyond perception, nor exceed the function of forgiveness. Thus It stays within [innerhalb] time’s limits. Yet It paves the way for the return of timelessness and Love’s awakening, for fear must slip away under the gentle remedy It gives.

A Miracle contains the gift of grace, for It is given and received as One. And thus It illustrates the law of Truth the world does not obey, because it fails entirely to understand Its ways. A Miracle inverts perception which was upsidedown before and thus It ends the strange distortions that were manifest. Now is perception open to the Truth. Now is forgiveness seen as justified.

Forgiveness is the home of Miracles. The eyes of Christ deliver Them to All they look upon in mercy and in Love. Perception stands corrected in His sight and what was meant to curse has come to bless. Each lily of forgiveness offers All the world the silent Miracle of Love. And each is laid before the Word of God upon the Universal Altar to Creator and Creation, in the Light of perfect purity and endless Joy.

The Miracle is taken first on faith, because to ask for It implies the Mind has been made ready to conceive of what It cannot see and does not understand. Yet faith will bring its witnesses to show that what it rested on is really there. And thus the Miracle will justify Your faith in It and show It rested on a world more real than what You saw before, a world redeemed from what You thought You saw.

Miracles fall like drops of healing rain from Heaven on a dry and dusty world, where starved and thirsty creatures came to die. Now They have water. Now the world is green. And Everywhere the signs of Life spring up, to show that what is born can never die, for what has Life has immortality.

341. I can attack but My own Sinlessness,
And it is only that which keeps Me safe.

Father, Your Son is Holy. I am He on Whom You smile in Love and tenderness so deep and dear and still the Universe smiles back on You and shares Your Holiness. How pure, how safe, how sacred, then, are We, abiding in Your smile, with All Your Love bestowed upon Us, living One with You, in Brotherhood and Fatherhood complete, in Sinlessness so perfect that the Lord of Sinlessness conceives Us as His Son, a Universe of Thought completing Him.

Let Us not, then, attack Our Sinlessness. For it contains the Word of God to Us. And in its kind reflection We are saved.

342. I let forgiveness rest upon All things,
For thus forgiveness will be given Me.

I thank You, Father, for Your plan to save Me from the hell I made. It is not real. And You have given Me the means to prove its unreality to Me. The key is in My hand and I have reached the door beyond which lies the end of dreams. I stand before the gate of Heaven, wondering if I should enter in and be at home. Let Me not wait again today. Let Me forgive All things and let Creation be as You would have it be and as it is. Let Me remember that I am Your Son and opening the door at last, forget illusions in the blazing Light of Truth, as memory of You returns to Me.

Brother, forgive Me now. I come to You to take You home with Me. And as We go, the world goes with Us on the way to God.

343. I am not asked to make a sacrifice
To find the mercy and the Peace of God.

The end of suffering can not be loss. The gift of Everything can be but gain. You only give. You never take away. And You created Me to be like You, so sacrifice becomes impossible for Me as well as You. I, too, must give, and so All things are given unto Me forever and forever. As I was created, I remain. Your Son can make no sacrifice, for He must be complete, having the function of completing You. I am complete because I am Your Son. I cannot lose, for I can only give. And Everything is Mine eternally.

The mercy and the Peace of God are free. Salvation has no cost. It is a gift that must be freely given and received. And it is this that We would learn today.

344. Today I learn the law of Love:
That what I give My Brother is My gift to Me.

This is Your law, My Father, not My own. I did not understand what giving means and thought to save what I desired for Myself alone. And as I looked upon the treasure which I thought I had, I found an empty place where nothing ever was or is or will be. Who can share a dream? And what can an illusion offer Me? Yet He Whom I forgive will give Me gifts beyond the worth of Anything on earth. Let My forgiven Brothers fill My store with Heaven’s treasures, which alone are real. Thus is the law of Love fulfilled. And thus Your Son arises and returns to You.

How near We are to one another, as We go to God. How near is He to Us. How close the ending of the dream of sin and the redemption of the Son of God.

345. I offer only Miracles today,
For I would have Them be returned to Me.

Father, a Miracle reflects Your gifts to Me, Your Son. And every One I give returns to Me, reminding Me the law of Love is Universal. Even here it takes a form which can be recognized and seen to work. The Miracles I give are given back in just the form I need to help Me with the problems I perceive. Father, in Heaven it is different, for there, there are no needs. But here on earth the Miracle is closer to Your gifts than any other gift which I can give. Then let Me give this gift alone today, which, born of True forgiveness, lights the way that I must travel to remember You.

Peace to All seeking hearts today. The Light has come, to offer Miracles to bless the tired world. It will find rest today, for We will offer what We have received.

346. Today the Peace of God envelops Me,
And I forget All things except His Love.

Father, I wake today with Miracles correcting My perception of All things. And so begins a day I share with You as I will share Eternity, for time has stepped aside today. I do not seek the things of time and so I will not look upon them. What I seek today transcends All laws of time and things perceived in time. I would forget All things except Your Love. I would abide in You and know no laws except Your law of Love. And I would find the Peace which You created for Your Son, forgetting All the foolish toys I made as I behold Your glory and My own.

And when the evening comes today, We will remember nothing but the Peace of God. For We will learn today what Peace is Ours when We forget All things except God’s Love.

347. Anger must come from judgment. Judgment is
The weapon I would use against Myself
To keep the Miracles away from Me.

Father, I want what goes against My will and do not want what is My will to have. Straighten My Mind, My Father. It is sick. But You have offered freedom and I choose to claim Your gift today. And so I give All judgment to the One You gave to Me to judge for Me. He sees what I behold and yet He knows the Truth. He looks on pain and yet He understands it is not real. And in His understanding it is healed. He gives the Miracles My dreams would hide from My awareness. Let Him judge today. I do not know My will, but He is sure it is Your own. And He will speak for Me and call Your Miracle to come to Me.

Listen today. Be very still and hear the gentle Voice for God assuring You that He has judged You as the Son He loves.

348. I have no cause for anger or for fear,
For You surround Me. And in every need
That I perceive Your grace suffices Me.

Father, let Me remember You are here and I am not alone. Surrounding Me is everlasting Love. I have no cause for Anything except the perfect Peace and Joy I share with You. What need have I for anger or for fear? Surrounding Me is perfect safety. Can I be afraid, when Your eternal promise goes with Me? Surrounding Me is perfect Sinlessness. What can I fear, when You created Me in Holiness as perfect as Your own?

God’s grace suffices Us in Everything that He would have Us do. And only that We choose to be Our will as well as His.

349. Today I let Christ’s Vision look upon
All things for Me and judge them not, but give
Each one a Miracle of Love instead.

So would I liberate All things I see and give to them the freedom that I seek. For thus do I obey the law of love and give what I would find and make My own. It will be given Me because I have chosen it as the gift I want to give. Father, Your gifts are Mine. Each one that I accept gives Me a Miracle to give. And giving as I would receive, I learn Your healing Miracles belong to Me.

Our Father knows Our needs. He gives Us grace to meet them All. And so We trust in Him to send Us Miracles to bless the world and heal Our Minds as We return to Him.

350. Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.
To offer Them is to remember Him,
And through His memory to save the world.

What We forgive becomes a part of Us, as We perceive Ourselves. The Son of God incorporates All things within [innerhalb] Himself as You created Him. Your memory depends on His forgiveness. What He is, is unaffected by His thoughts. But what He looks upon is their direct result. Therefore, My Father, I would turn to You. Only Your memory will set Me free. And only My forgiveness teaches Me to let Your memory return to Me and give it to the world in thankfulness.

And as We gather Miracles from Him, We will indeed be grateful. For as We remember Him, His Son will be restored to Us in the Reality of Love.

(14) What am I? (W 350 W14)

“I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole, shining [leuchten] in the reflection of His Love. In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life. In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and joy established without opposite. I am the holy home of God Himself. I am the Heaven where His Love resides. I am His holy Sinlessness Itself, for in my purity abides His own.”

Our use for words is almost over now. Yet in the final days of this one year we gave to God together, you and I, we found a single purpose that we shared. And thus you joined with me,624so what I am are you as well. The truth of what we are is not for words to speak of or625describe. Yet we can realize our function here, and words can speak of this and teach it, too, if we exemplify the words in us.

We are the bringers of salvation. We accept our part as Saviors of the world, which through our joint forgiveness is redeemed. And this, our gift, is therefore given us. We look on everyone as brothers, and perceive all things as kindly and as good. We do not seek a function that is past the gates of Heaven. Knowledge will return when we have done our part. We are concerned only with giving welcome to the truth.

Ours626are the eyes through which Christ’s vision sees a world redeemed from every thought of sin. Ours are the ears which hear the Voice of God proclaim the world as sinless.627Ours the minds which join together as we bless the world. And from the oneness that we have attained we call to all our brothers, asking them to share our peace and consummate our joy.

We are the holy messengers of God who speak for Him, and carrying His Word to everyone whom He has sent to us, we learn that It is written on our hearts. And thus our minds are changed about the aim for which we came and which we seek to serve. We bring glad tidings to the Son of God, who thought he suffered. Now is he redeemed. And as he sees the gate of Heaven stand open before him, he will enter in and disappear into the Heart of God. 624Handwrittenmark-up suggests the commawhere themanuscript hasa period and new sentence. Weagreewiththe handwriting here,it should be
a comma.
625Handwrittenmark-up suggests (nor).
626Manuscript has “Our” and it clearly needs to be “Ours”.FIPagrees, and so does theNotes.
627Handwrittenmark-up suggests ((holy)). 23/01/2009 (proof copy) 605

II-606 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-606 W(606) February 11, 1971 Lesson 351. “Mysinless brother is myguide to peace.
My sinful brother is my guide to pain.
And which I choose to see I will behold.”

“Who is my brother but Your holy Son? And if I see him
sinful, I proclaim myself a sinner; not a Son of God; alone and friendless
in a fearful world. Yet this perception is a choice I make, and can
relinquish. I can also see my brother sinless, as Your holy Son. And
with this choice I see my Sinlessness, my everlasting Comforter and Friend
beside me, and my way secure and clear. Choose, then, for me, my Father,
through Your Voice. For He alone gives judgment in Your Name.”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 606

II-607 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-607 W(607) Lesson 352. “Judgment and loveareopposites. From one
Come all the sorrows of the world. But from
The Other comes the peace of God Himself.”

“Forgiveness looks on Sinlessness alone, and judges not.
Through this I come to You. Judgment will bind my eyes and make me blind.
Yet love, reflected in forgiveness here, reminds me You have given me a
way to find Your peace again. I am redeemed when I elect to follow in
this way. You have not left me comfortless. I have within [innerhalb/im Innern/nach innen/in Meinem Innern/in] me both the
memory of You, and One Who leads me to It. Father, I would hear Your
Voice, and find Your peace today. For I would love my own Identity, and
find in Him the memory of You.”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 607

II-608 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-608 W(608) Lesson 353. “Myeyes, mytongue, myhands, myfeet today
Have but one purpose; to be given Christ
To use to bless the world with miracles.”

“Father, I give all that is mine today to Christ, to use in
any way that best will serve the purpose which I share with Him. Nothing
is mine alone, for He and I have joined in purpose. Thus has learning
come almost to its appointed end. A while I work with Him to serve His
purpose. Then I lose myself in my Identity, and recognize that Christ is
but my Self.”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 608

II-609 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-609 W(609) Lesson 354. “We stand together, Christ and I, in peace
And certainty of purpose. And in Him
Is His Creator, as He is in me.”

“My oneness with the Christ establishes me as Your Son, beyond
the reach of time, and wholly free of every law but Yours. I have no self
except the Christ in me. I have no purpose but His own. And He is like
His Father. Thus must I be one with You as well as Him. For who is
Christ except Your Son as You created Him? And what am I except the
Christ in me?”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 609

II-610 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-610 W(610) Feb. 12, 1971 Lesson 355. “Thereis no end to all the peace and joy
And all the miracles that I will give
When I accept God’s Word. Why not today?”

“Why should I wait, my Father, for the joy You promised me?
For You will keep Your Word You gave Your Son in exile. I am sure my
treasure waits for me, and I need but reach out my hand to find it. Even
now my fingers touch it. It is very close. I need not wait an instant
more, to be at peace forever. It is You I choose, and my Identity along
with You. Your Son would be Himself, and know You as his Father and
Creator and his Love.”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 610

II-611 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-611 W(611) Lesson 356. “Sickness is but another namefor sin.
Healing is but another Name for God. The miracle is thus a call to Him.”

“Father, You promised You would never fail to answer any call
Your Son might make to You. It does not matter where he is, what seems to
be his problem, nor what he believes he has become. He is Your Son, and
You will answer him. The miracle reflects Your Love, and thus it answers
him. Your Name replaces every thought of sin, and who is sinless cannot
suffer pain. Your Name gives answer to Your Son, because to call Your
Name is but to call his own.”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 611

II-612 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-612 W(612) Feb. 16, 1971
Lesson 357. “Truthanswerseverycall we make to God,
Responding first with miracles, and then
Returning unto us to be Itself.”

“Forgiveness, truth’s reflection, tells me how to offer
miracles, and thus escape the prison house in which I think I live. Your
holy Son is pointed out to me, first in my brother; then in me. Your
Voice instructs me patiently to hear Your Word and give as I receive. And
as I look upon Your Son today, I hear Your Voice instructing me to find
the way to You as You appointed that the way shall be: ’Behold his
Sinlessness and be you healed’.”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 612

II-613 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-613 W(613) Lesson 358. “No call to God can be unheard orleft
Unanswered. And of this I can be sure;
His answer is the one I really want.”

“You Who remember what I really am alone remember what I
really want. You speak for God, and so You speak for me,628and what You
give me comes from God Himself. Your Voice, my Father, then is mine as
well, and all I want is what You offer me, in just the form You chose that
it be mine. Let me remember all I do not know, and let my voice be still,
remembering. But let me not forget Your Love and care, keeping Your
promise to Your Son in my awareness always. Let me not forget myself is
nothing, but my Self is All.”
628Manuscript has period and sentence break here.Handwrittenmark-up suggests the commaonly,with which suggestion we agree. 23/01/2009 (proof copy) 613

II-614 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-614 W(614) February 18, 1971 Lesson 359. “God’s answer is some form of peace. All pain
Is healed; all misery replaced with joy.
All prison doors are opened. And all sin
Is understood as merely a mistake.”

“Father, today we will forgive Your world, and let creation be
Your own. We have misunderstood all things. But we have not made sinners
of the holy Sons of God. What You created sinless so abides forever and
forever. Such are we. And we rejoice to learn that we have made mistakes
which have no real effects on us. Sin is impossible, and on this fact
forgiveness rests upon a certain base more solid than the shadow world we
see. Help us forgive, for we would be redeemed. Help us forgive, for we
would be at peace.”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 614

II-615 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-615 W(615) Lesson 360. “Peace be to me, the holySon of God.
Peace to my brother, who is one with me.
Let all the world be blessed with peace through us.”

“Father, it is Your peace that I would give, receiving it of
You. I am Your Son, forever just as You created me, for the Great Rays
remain forever still and undisturbed within [innerhalb/im Innern/nach innen/in Meinem Innern/in] me. I would reach to them in
silence and in certainty, for nowhere else can certainty be found. Peace
be to me, and peace to all the world. In holiness were we created, and in
holiness do we remain. Your Son is like to You in perfect Sinlessness,
and with this thought we gladly say ’Amen’.”
23/01/2009 (proof copy) 615

II-616 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-616 W(616)
Final Lessons629(W 360 FL)

Our final lessons will be left as free of words as possible. We use them but at the beginning of our practicing, and only to remind us that we seek to go beyond them. Let us turn to Him Who leads the way and makes our footsteps sure. To Him we leave these lessons, as to Him we give our lives henceforth. For we would not return again to the belief in sin, which made the world seem ugly and unsafe, attacking and destroying, dangerous in all its ways and treacherous beyond the hope of trust and the escape from pain.

His is the only way to find the peace that God has given us. It is His way that everyone must travel in the end, because it is this ending God Himself appointed. In the dream of time it seems to be far off. And yet, in truth, it is already here; already serving us as gracious guidance in the way to go. Let us together follow in this way that truth points out to us. And let us be the leaders of our many brothers who are seeking for the way but find it not.

And to this purpose let us dedicate our minds, directing all our thoughts to serve the function of salvation. Unto us the aim is given to forgive the world. It is the goal that God has given us. It is His ending to the dream we seek, and not our own. For all that we forgive we will not fail to recognize as part of God Himself. And thus His memory is given back completely and complete.

It is our function to remember Him on earth, as it is given us to be His own completion in reality. So let us not forget our goal is shared. For it is that remembrance which contains the memory of God, and points the way to Him and to the Heaven of His peace. And shall we not forgive our brother, who can offer this to us? He is the way, the truth and life that show the way to us. In him resides salvation, offered us through our forgiveness given unto him. 629The words “FinalLessons” are not present in theUrtextmanuscript. 23/01/2009 (proof copy) 616

II-617 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-617 W(617)

We will not end this year without the gift our Father promised to His holy Son. We are forgiven now,630and we are saved from all the wrath we thought belonged to God, and found it was a dream. We are restored to sanity, in which we understand that anger is insane, attack is mad, and vengeance merely foolish fantasy. We have been saved from wrath because we learned we were mistaken. Nothing more than that. And is a Father631angry at His632Son633 because he failed to understand the truth?

We come in honesty to Him634and say we did not understand, and ask Him to help us to learn His lessons through the Voice of His own Teacher. Would He hurt His Son? Or would He rush to answer him, and say, “This is my Son, and all I have is his?” Be certain He will answer thus, for these are His own Words to you. And more than that can no One ever have, for in these Words is all there is, and all that there will be throughout all time and in eternity.
630Manuscript has period and new sentence here.Handwrittenmark-up suggests onlya comma, with which suggestion we agree.
631Handwrittenmark-up suggests (father).
632Handwrittenmark-up suggests (his).
633Handwrittenmark-up suggests (son).
634Handwrittenmark-up suggests (God) instead of “Him”. 23/01/2009 (proof copy) 617

II-618 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-618 W(618) Lesson 361-365. “This holyinstant would I giveto You.635
Be You in charge. For I would follow You,
Certain that Your direction gives me peace.”

636If I need a word to help me, He will give it to me. If I need a thought, that will He also give. And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind, these are the gifts I will receive of Him. He is in charge by my request. And He will hear and answer me, because He speaks for God my Father and His holy Son. 635Themanuscript says “3 60-365” but there is already aLesson 360,so thisneeds to be “361-365”.
636Handwrittenmark-up suggests (And). 23/01/2009 (proof copy) 618

II-619 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-619 W(619) Epilogue (W 361 EP)

This course is a beginning, not an end. Your Friend goes with you. You are not alone. No One who calls on Him can call in vain. Whatever troubles you, be certain that He has the answer, and will gladly give it to you if you simply turn to Him and ask it of Him. He will not withhold all answers that you need for anything that seems to trouble you. He knows the way to solve all problems and resolve all doubts. His certainty is yours. You need but ask it of him, and it will be given you.

You are as certain of arriving home as is the pathway of the sun laid down before it rises, after it has set, and in the half-lit hours in between. Indeed, your pathway is more certain still, for it can not be possible to change the course of those whom God has called to Him. Therefore obey your will, and follow Him Whom you accepted as your voice, to speak of what you really want and really need. His is the Voice of God, and also yours. And thus He speaks of freedom and of truth.

No more specific lessons are assigned, for there is no more need of them. Henceforth, hear but the Voice for God and for your Self when you retire from the world, to seek reality instead. He will direct your efforts, telling you exactly what to do, how to direct your mind, and when to come to Him in silence, asking for His sure direction and His certain Word. His is the Word that God has given you. His is the Word you chose to be your own.

And now I place you in His hands, to be His faithful followers [Jünger], with Him as Guide through every difficulty and all pain that you may think is real. Nor will He give you pleasures that will pass away, for He gives only the eternal and the good. Let Him prepare you further. He has earned your trust by speaking daily to you of your Father and your brother and your Self. He will continue; now you walk with Him as certain as is He of where you go; as sure as He of how you should proceed, as confident as He is of the 23/01/2009 (proof copy) 619

II-620 ACIMUrtextE-Text VolumeIIWorkbook II-620 W(620) goal, and of your safe arrival in the end.

The end is certain, and the means as well. To this we say “Amen.” We637will be told exactly what God wills for us638each time there is a choice to make. And He will speak for God and for your Self, thus making sure that hell will claim you not, and that each choice you make brings Heaven nearer to your reach. And so we walk with Him from this time on, and turn to Him for guidance and for peace and right639direction. Joy attends our way. For we go homeward to an open door which God has held unclosed to welcome us.

We trust our ways to Him and say “Amen.” In peace we will continue in His way, and trust all things to Him. In confidence we wait His answers, as we ask His will in everything we do. He loves Gods Son as we would love him, and He teaches us how to behold him through His eyes, and love him as He does. You do not walk alone. God’s angels hover close, and all about. His Love surrounds you, and of this be sure: that I will never leave you comfortless. Filename: 2 wb23C – for merge(e-text).doc 637Handwrittenmark-up suggests (You)(it does this in shorthand).
638Handwrittenmark-up suggests (you)(it does this in shorthand).
639Handwrittenmark-up suggests (sure) 23/01/2009 (proof copy) 620


361 - 365. This Holy Instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, Certain that Your direction gives Me Peace.



Psychotherapy is the only form of therapy there is. Since only the Mind can be sick, only the Mind can be healed. Only the Mind is in need of healing. This does not appear to be the case, for the manifestations of this world seem real indeed. Psychotherapy is necessary so that Individuals can begin to question Their Reality. Sometimes He is able to start to open His Mind without formal help, but even then it is always some change in His perception of interpersonal relationships that enables Him to do so. Sometimes He needs a more structured, extended relationship with an “official” therapist. Either way, the task is the same: The patient must be helped to change His Mind about the “Reality” of illusions.

1. The Purpose of Psychotherapy

Very simply, the purpose of psychotherapy is to remove the blocks to Truth. Its aim is to aid the patient in abandoning His fixed delusional system and to begin to reconsider the spurious cause and effect relationships on which it rests. No One in this world escapes fear, but Everyone can reconsider its causes and learn to evaluate them correctly. God has given Everyone a teacher Whose Wisdom and help far exceed whatever contributions an earthly therapist can provide. Yet there are times and situations in which an earthly patienttherapist relationship becomes the means through which He offers His greater gifts to Both.

What better purpose could any relationship have than to invite the Holy Spirit to enter into it and give it His Own great gift of rejoicing? What higher goal could there be for Anyone than to learn to call upon God and hear His Answer? And what more transcendent aim can there be than to recall the Way, the Truth and the Life and to remember God? To help in this is the proper purpose of psychotherapy. Could Anything be Holier? For psychotherapy, correctly understood, teaches forgiveness and helps the patient to recognize and accept it. And in His healing is the therapist forgiven with Him.

Everyone Who needs help, regardless of the form of His distress [Bedrängnis], is attacking Himself and His Peace of Mind [Seelenfrieden] is suffering in consequence. These tendencies are often described as “selfdestructive,” and the patient often regards them in that way Himself. What He does not realize and needs to learn is that this “self,” which can attack and be attacked as well, is a concept He made up. Further, He cherishes it, defends it and is sometimes even willing to “sacrifice” His “Life” on its behalf. For He regards it as Himself. This self He sees as being acted on, reacting to external forces as they demand and helpless in the power of the world.

Psychotherapy, then, must restore to His awareness the ability to make His own decisions. He must become willing to reverse His thinking and to understand that what He thought projected its effects on Him were made by His projections on the world. The world He sees does therefore not exist. Until this is at least in part accepted, the patient cannot see Himself as really capable of making decisions. And He will fight against His freedom because He thinks that it is slavery.

The patient need not think of Truth as God in order to make progress in Salvation [die Erlösung]. But He must begin to separate Truth from illusion, recognizing that they are not the same and becoming increasingly willing to see illusions as false and to accept the Truth as True. His teacher will take Him on from there, as far as He is ready to go. Psychotherapy can only save Him time. The Holy Spirit uses time as He thinks best and He is never wrong. Psychotherapy under His direction is one of the means He uses to save time and to prepare additional teachers for His work. There is no end to the help that He begins and He directs. By whatever routes He chooses, All psychotherapy leads to God in the end. But that is up to Him. We are All His psychotherapists, for He would have Us All be healed in Him.

2. The Process of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a process that changes the view of the Self. At best this “new” Self is a more beneficent Selfconcept, but psychotherapy can hardly be expected to establish Reality. That is not its function. If it can make way for Reality, it has achieved its ultimate success. Its whole function, in the end, is to help the patient deal with one fundamental error: The belief that anger brings Him something He really wants and that by justifying attack He is protecting Himself. To whatever extent He comes to realize that this is error, to that extent is He Truly saved.

Patients do not enter the therapeutic relationship with this goal in Mind. On the contrary, such concepts mean little to Them or They would not need help. Their aim is to be able to retain Their selfconcept exactly as it is, but without the suffering that it entails. Their whole equilibrium rests on the insane belief that this is possible. And because to the sane Mind it is so clearly impossible, what They seek is magic. In illusions the impossible is easily accomplished, but only at the cost of making illusions True. The patient has already paid this price. Now He wants a “better” illusion.

At the beginning, then, the patient’s goal and the therapist’s are at variance. The therapist as well as the patient may cherish false selfconcepts, but Their respective perceptions of “improvement” still must differ. The patient hopes to learn how to get the changes He wants without changing His selfconcept to any significant extent. He hopes, in fact, to stabilize it sufficiently to include within [innerhalb (von)/im Innern/nach innen/in Meinem Innern/in] it the magical powers He seeks in psychotherapy. He wants to make the vulnerable invulnerable and the finite limitless. The self He sees is His God and He seeks only to serve it better.

Regardless of how sincere the therapist Himself may be, He must want to change the patient’s selfconcept in some way that He believes is real. The task of therapy is one of reconciling these differences. Hopefully, Both will learn to give up Their original goals, for it is only in relationships that Salvation [die Erlösung] can be found. At the beginning, it is inevitable that patients and therapists alike accept unrealistic goals not completely free of magical overtones. They are finally given up in the Minds of Both.

a. The Limits on Psychotherapy

Yet the ideal outcome is rarely achieved. Therapy begins with the realization that healing is of the Mind and in psychotherapy Those have come together Who already believe this. It may be They will not get much further, for no One learns beyond His own readiness. Yet levels of readiness change and when therapist or patient has reached the next one, there will be a relationship held out to Them that meets the changing need. Perhaps They will come together again and advance in the same relationship, making it Holier. Or perhaps Each of Them will enter into another commitment. Be assured of this: Each will progress. Retrogression is temporary. The overall direction is one of progress toward the Truth.

Psychotherapy itself cannot be creative. This is one of the errors which the ego fosters: That it is capable of True change and therefore of True creativity. When We speak of “the saving illusion” or “the final dream,” this is not what We mean, but here is the ego’s last defense. “Resistance” is its way of looking at things, its interpretation of progress and growth. These interpretations will be wrong of necessity, because they are delusional. The changes the ego seeks to make are not really changes. They are but deeper shadows or perhaps different cloud patterns. Yet what is made of nothingness [aus Nichts] cannot be called new or different. Illusions are illusions, Truth is Truth.

Resistance as defined here can be characteristic of a therapist as well as of a patient. Either way, it sets a limit on psychotherapy because it restricts its aims. Nor can the Holy Spirit fight against the intrusions of the ego on the therapeutic process. But He will wait and His patience is infinite. His goal is wholly undivided always. Whatever resolutions patient and therapist reach in connection with Their own divergent goals, they cannot become completely reconciled as One until they join with His. Only then is All conflict over, for only then can there be certainty.

Ideally, psychotherapy is a series of Holy encounters in which Brothers meet to bless Each Other and to receive the Peace of God. And this will one day come to pass for every “patient” on the face of this earth, for Who except a patient could possibly have come here? The therapist is only a somewhat more specialized teacher of God. He learns through teaching and the more advanced He is the more He teaches and the more He learns. But whatever stage He is in, there are patients Who need Him just that way. They cannot take more than He can give for now. Yet They Both will find sanity at last.

b. The Place of Religion in Psychotherapy

To be a teacher of God, it is not necessary to be religious or even to believe in God to any recognizable extent. It is necessary, however, to teach forgiveness rather than condemnation. Even in this, complete consistency is not required, for One Who had achieved that point could teach Salvation [die Erlösung] completely, within [innerhalb (von)/im Innern/nach innen/in Meinem Innern/in] an instant and without a word. Yet He Who has learned All things does not need a teacher and the healed have no need for a therapist. Relationships are still the temple of the Holy Spirit and they will be made perfect in time and restored to Eternity.

Formal religion has no place in psychotherapy, but it also has no real place in religion. In this world, there is an astonishing tendency to join contradictory words into one term without perceiving the contradiction at all. The attempt to formalize religion is so obviously an ego attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable that it hardly requires elaboration here. Religion is experience, psychotherapy is experience. At the highest levels they become One. Neither is Truth itself, but both can lead to Truth. What can be necessary to find Truth, Which remains perfectly obvious, but to remove the seeming obstacles to True awareness?

No One Who learns to forgive can fail to remember God. Forgiveness, then, is All that need be taught, because it is All that need be learned. All blocks to the remembrance of God are forms of unforgiveness and nothing else. This is never apparent to the patient and only rarely so to the therapist. The world has martialed All its forces against this one awareness, for in it lies the ending of the world and All it stands for.

Yet it is not the awareness of God that constitutes a reasonable goal for psychotherapy. This will come when psychotherapy is complete, for where there is forgiveness Truth must come. It would be unfair indeed if belief in God were necessary to psychotherapeutic success. Nor is belief in God a really meaningful concept, for God can be but known. Belief implies that unbelief is possible, but knowledge of God has no True opposite. Not to know God is to have no knowledge and it is to this that All unforgiveness leads. And without knowledge One can have only belief.

Different teaching aids appeal to different People. Some forms of religion have nothing to do with God and some forms of psychotherapy have nothing to do with healing. Yet if pupil and teacher join in sharing one goal, God will enter into Their relationship because He has been invited to come in. In the same way, a union of purpose between patient and therapist restores the place of God to ascendance, first through Christ’s Vision and then through the memory of God Himself. The process of psychotherapy is the return to sanity. Teacher and pupil, therapist and patient, are All insane or They would not be here. Together They can find a pathway out, for no One will find sanity alone.

If healing is an invitation to God to enter into His Kingdom, what difference does it make how the invitation is written? Does the paper matter or the ink or the pen? Or is it He Who writes that gives the invitation? God comes to Those Who would restore His world, for They have found the way to call to Him. If any Two are joined, He must be there. It does not matter what Their purpose is, but They must share it wholly to succeed. It is impossible to share a goal not blessed by Christ, for what is unseen through His eyes is too fragmented to be meaningful.

As True religion heals, so must True psychotherapy be religious. But both have many forms, because no good teacher uses one approach to every pupil. On the contrary, He listens patiently to Each One and lets Him formulate His own curriculum, not the curriculum’s goal, but how He can best reach the aim it sets for Him. Perhaps the teacher does not think of God as part of teaching. Perhaps the psychotherapist does not understand that healing comes from God. They can succeed where many Who believe They have found God will fail.

What must the teacher do to ensure learning? What must the therapist do to bring healing about? Only one thing, the same requirement Salvation [die Erlösung] asks of Everyone: Each One must share one goal with Someone else and in so doing, lose All sense of separate interests. Only by doing this is it possible to transcend the narrow boundaries the ego would impose upon the Self. Only by doing this can teacher and pupil, therapist and patient, You and I, accept Atonement and learn to give It as It was received.

Communion is impossible alone. No One Who stands apart can receive Christ’s Vision. It is held out to Him, but He cannot hold out His hand to receive it. Let Him be still and recognize His Brother’s need is His own.

And let Him then meet His Brother’s need as His and see that They are met as One, for such They are. What is religion but an aid in helping Him to see that this is so? And what is psychotherapy except a help in just this same direction? It is the goal that makes these processes the same, for they are One in purpose and must thus be One in means.

c. The Role of the Psychotherapist

The psychotherapist is a leader in the sense that He walks [geht] slightly ahead of the patient and helps Him to avoid a few of the pitfalls along the road by seeing them first. Ideally, He is also a follower [Jünger], for One should walk [gehen] ahead of Him to give Him Light to see. Without this One, Both will merely stumble blindly on to nowhere. It is, however, impossible that this One be wholly absent if the goal is healing. He may, however, not be recognized. And so the little Light that can be then accepted is All there is to light the way to Truth.

Healing is limited by the limitations of the psychotherapist, as it is limited by those of the patient. The aim of the process, therefore, is to transcend these limits. Neither can do this alone, but when They join, the potentiality for transcending All limitations has been given Them. Now the extent of Their success depends on how much of this potentiality They are willing to use. The willingness may come from either One at the beginning and as the Other shares it, it will grow. Progress becomes a matter of decision: It can reach almost to Heaven or go no further than a step or two from hell.

It is quite possible for the psychotherapy to seem to fail. It is even possible for the result to look like retrogression. But in the end there must be some success. One asks for help, Another hears and tries to answer in the form of help. This is the formula for Salvation [die Erlösung] and must heal. Divided goals alone can interfere with perfect healing. One wholly egoless therapist could heal the world without a word, merely by being there. No One need see Him or talk to Him or even know of His existence. His simple Presence is enough to heal.

The ideal therapist is One with Christ. But healing is a process, not a fact. The therapist cannot progress without the patient and the patient cannot be ready to receive the Christ or He could not be sick. In a sense, the egoless psychotherapist is an abstraction that stands at the end of the process of healing, too advanced to believe in sickness and too near to God to keep His feet on earth. Now He can help through Those in need of help, for thus He carries out the plan established for Salvation [die Erlösung].

d. The Process of Illness

As All therapy is psychotherapy, so All illness is mental illness. It is a judgment on the Son of God and judgment is a mental activity. Judgment is a decision, made again and again, against Creation and its Creator. It is a decision to perceive the Universe as You would have created it. It is a decision that Truth can lie and must be lies. What, then, can illness be except an expression of sorrow and of guilt? And Who could weep but for His Innocence?

Once God’s Son is seen as guilty, illness becomes inevitable. It has been asked for and will be received. And All Who ask for illness have now condemned Themselves to seek for remedies that cannot help, because Their faith is in the illness and not in Salvation [die Erlösung]. There can be nothing that a change of Mind cannot effect, for All external things are only shadows of a decision already made. Change the decision and how can its shadow be unchanged? Illness can be but guilt’s shadow, grotesque and ugly since it mimics deformity. If a deformity is seen as real, what could its shadow be except deformed?

The descent into hell follows step by step in an inevitable course, once the decision that guilt is real has been made. Sickness and death and misery now stalk the earth in unrelenting waves, sometimes together and sometimes in grim succession. Yet All these things, however real they seem, are but illusions. Who could have faith in them once this is realized? And Who could not have faith in them until He realizes this? Healing is therapy or correction and We have said already and will say again, All therapy is psychotherapy. To heal the sick is but to bring this realization to Them.

The word “cure” has come into disrepute among the more “respectable” therapists of the world. And justly so. For not One of Them can cure and not One of Them understands healing. At worst, They but make the body real in Their own Minds and having done so, seek for magic by which to heal the ills with which Their Minds endow it. How could such a process cure? It is ridiculous from start to finish. Yet having started, it must finish thus. It is as if God were the devil and must be found in evil. How could Love be there? And how could sickness cure? Are not these both one question?

At best, and the word is perhaps questionable here, the “healers” of the world may recognize the Mind as the source of illness. But Their error lies in the belief that It can cure Itself. This has some merit in a world where “degrees of error” is a meaningful concept. Yet must Their cures remain temporary or another illness rise instead, for death has not been overcome until the meaning of Love is understood. And Who can understand this without the Word of God, given by Him to the Holy Spirit as His gift to You?

Illness of any kind may be defined as the result of a view of the Self as weak, vulnerable, evil and endangered and thus in need of constant defense. Yet if such were really the Self, defense would be impossible. Therefore, the defenses sought for must be magical. They must overcome All limits perceived in the Self, at the same time making a new selfconcept into which the old one cannot return. In a word, error is accepted as real and dealt with by illusions. Truth being brought to illusions, Reality now becomes a threat and is perceived as evil. Love becomes feared because Reality is Love. Thus is the circle closed against the “inroads” of Salvation [die Erlösung].

Illness is therefore a mistake and needs correction. And as We have already emphasized, correction cannot be achieved by first establishing the “rightness” of the mistake and then overlooking it. If illness is real it cannot be overlooked in Truth, for to overlook Reality is insanity. Yet that is magic’s purpose: To make illusions True through false perception. This cannot heal, for it opposes Truth. Perhaps an illusion of health is substituted for a little while, but not for long. Fear cannot long be hidden by illusions, for it is part of them. It will escape and take another form, being the source of All illusions.

Sickness is insanity because All sickness is mental illness and in it there are no degrees. One of the illusions by which sickness is perceived as real is the belief that illness varies in intensity, that the degree of threat differs according to the form it takes. Herein lies the basis of All errors, for All of them are but attempts to compromise by seeing just a little bit of hell. This is a mockery [Vormachen/Vortäuschen] so alien to God that it must be forever inconceivable. But the insane believe it because They are insane.

A madman will defend His own illusions because in them He sees His own Salvation [die Erlösung]. Thus, He will attack the One Who tries to save Him from them, believing that He is attacking Him. This curious circle of attackdefense is one of the most difficult problems with which the psychotherapist must deal. In fact, this is His central task, the core of psychotherapy. The therapist is seen as One Who is attacking the patient’s most cherished possession: His picture of Himself. And since this picture has become the patient’s security as He perceives it, the therapist cannot but be seen as a real source of danger, to be attacked and even killed.

The psychotherapist, then, has a tremendous responsibility. He must meet attack without attack and therefore without defense. It is His task to demonstrate that defenses are not necessary and that defenselessness [Wehrlosigkeit] is Strength. This must be His teaching, if His lesson is to be that sanity is safe. It cannot be too strongly emphasized that the insane believe that sanity is threat. This is the corollary of the “original sin”: The belief that guilt is real and fully justified. It is therefore the psychotherapist’s function to teach that guilt, being unreal, cannot be justified. But neither is it safe. And thus it must remain unwanted as well as unreal.

Salvation’s [die Erlösung] single doctrine is the goal of All therapy. Relieve the Mind of the insane burden of guilt it carries so wearily and healing is accomplished. The body is not cured. It is merely recognized as what it is. Seen rightly, its purpose can be understood. What is the need for sickness then? Given this single shift, All else will follow. There is no need for complicated change. There is no need for long analyses and wearying discussions and pursuits. The Truth is simple, being One for All.

e. The Process of Healing

While Truth is simple, it must still be taught to Those Who have already lost Their way in endless mazes of complexity. This is the great illusion. In its wake comes the inevitable belief that, to be safe, One must control the unknown. This strange belief relies on certain steps which never reach to consciousness:

1) It is ushered in by the belief that there are forces to be overcome to be alive at all.

2) It seems as if these forces can be held at bay only by an inflated sense of Self that holds in darkness what is Truly felt and seeks to raise illusions to the Light.

Let Us remember that the Ones Who come to Us for help are bitterly afraid. What They believe will help can only harm, what They believe will harm alone can help. Progress becomes impossible until the patient is persuaded to reverse His twisted way of looking at the world, His twisted way of looking at Himself. The Truth is simple. Yet it must be taught to Those Who think it will endanger Them. It must be taught to Those Who will attack because They feel endangered and to Those Who need the lesson of defenselessness [Wehrlosigkeit] above All else, to show Them what is Strength.

If this world were ideal, there could perhaps be ideal therapy. And yet it would be useless in an ideal state. We speak of ideal teaching in a world in which the perfect teacher could not long remain; the perfect psychotherapist is but a glimmer of a thought not yet conceived. But still We speak of what can yet be done in helping the insane within [innerhalb (von)/im Innern/nach innen/in Meinem Innern/in] the bounds of the attainable. While They are sick, They can and must be helped. No more than that is asked of psychotherapy, no less than All He has to give is worthy of the therapist. For God Himself holds out [bietet] His Brother as His Savior from the world.

Healing is Holy. Nothing in the world is Holier than helping One Who asks for help. And Two come very close to God in this attempt, however limited, however lacking in sincerity. Where Two have joined for healing, God is there. And He has guaranteed that He will hear and answer Them in Truth. They can be sure that healing is a process He directs, because it is according to His Will. We have His Word to guide Us, as We try to help Our Brothers. Let Us not forget that We are helpless of Ourselves and lean upon a Strength beyond Our little scope for what to teach as well as what to learn.

A Brother seeking aid can bring Us gifts beyond the heights perceived in any dream. He offers Us Salvation [die Erlösung], for He comes to Us as Christ and Savior. What He asks is asked by God through Him. And what We do for Him becomes the gift We give to God. The sacred calling of God’s Holy Son for help in His perceived distress [Bedrängnis] can be but answered by His Father. Yet He needs a voice through which to speak His Holy Word; a hand to reach His Son and touch His Heart. In such a process, Who could not be healed? This Holy interaction is the plan of God Himself, by which His Son is saved.

For Two have joined. And now God’s promises are kept by Him. The limits laid on Both the patient and the therapist will count as nothing, for the healing has begun. What They must start Their Father will complete. For He has never asked for more than just the smallest willingness, the least advance, the tiniest of whispers of His Name. To ask for help, whatever form it takes, is but to call on Him. And He will send His Answer through the therapist Who best can serve His Son in All His present needs. Perhaps the answer does not seem to be a gift from Heaven. It may even seem to be a worsening and not a help. Yet let the outcome not be judged by Us.

Somewhere All gifts of God must be received. In time no effort can be made in vain [vergeblich/vergebens]. It is not Our perfection that is asked in Our attempts to heal. We are deceived already, if We think there is a need of healing. And the Truth will come to Us only through One Who seems to share Our dream of sickness. Let Us help Him to forgive Himself for All the trespasses with which He would condemn Himself without a cause. His healing is Our own. And as We see the Sinlessness in Him come shining [leuchten] through the veil of guilt that shrouds the Son of God, We will behold in Him the Face of Christ and understand that it is but Our own.

Let Us stand silently before God’s Will and do what It has chosen that We do. There is one way alone by which We come to where All dreams began. And it is there that We will lay them down, to come away in Peace forever. Hear a Brother call for help and answer Him. It will be God to Whom You answer, for You called on Him. There is no other way to hear His Voice. There is no other way to seek His Sons. There is no other way to find Your Self. Holy is healing, for the Son of God returns to Heaven through its kind embrace. For healing tells Him, in the Voice for God, that All His sins have been forgiven Him.

f. The Definition of Healing

The process of psychotherapy, then, can be defined simply as forgiveness, for no healing can be Anything else. The unforgiving are sick, believing They are unforgiven. The hangingon to guilt, its huggingclose and sheltering, its loving protection and alert defense, All this is but the grim refusal to forgive. “God may not enter here” the sick repeat, over and over, while They mourn Their loss and yet rejoice in it. Healing occurs as a patient begins to hear the dirge He sings, and questions its validity. Until He hears it, He cannot understand that it is He Who sings it to Himself. To hear it is the first step in recovery. To question it must then become His choice.

There is a tendency, and it is very strong, to hear this song of death only an instant and then dismiss [aufzugeben] it uncorrected. These fleeting awarenesses represent the many opportunities given Us literally “to change Our tune.” The sound of healing can be heard instead. But first the willingness to question the “Truth” of the song of condemnation must arise. The strange distortions woven inextricably into the selfconcept, itself but a PseudoCreation, make this ugly sound seem Truly beautiful. “The rhythm of the Universe,” “the herald Angel’s song,” All these and more are heard instead of loud discordant shrieks.

The ear translates, it does not hear. The eye reproduces, it does not see. Their task is to make agreeable whatever is called on, however disagreeable it may be. They answer the decisions of the Mind, reproducing its desires and translating them into acceptable and pleasant forms. Sometimes the thought behind the form breaks through, but only very briefly, and the Mind grows fearful and begins to doubt Its sanity. Yet It will not permit Its slaves to change the forms They look upon, the sounds They hear. These are Its “remedies”, Its “safeguards” from insanity.

These testimonies which the senses bring have but one purpose: To justify attack and thus keep unforgiveness unrecognized for what it is. Seen undisguised, it is intolerable. Without protection it could not endure. Here is All sickness cherished, but without the recognition that this is so. For when an unforgiveness is not recognized, the form it takes seems to be something else. And now it is the “something else” that seems to terrify. But it is not the “something else” that can be healed. It is not sick and needs no remedy. To concentrate Your healing efforts here is but futility. Who can cure what cannot be sick and make it well?

Sickness takes many forms and so does unforgiveness. The forms of one but reproduce the forms of the other, for they are the same illusion. So closely is one translated into the other, that a careful study of the form a sickness takes will point quite clearly to the form of unforgiveness that it represents. Yet seeing this will not effect a cure. That is achieved by only one recognition: That only forgiveness heals an unforgiveness and only an unforgiveness can possibly give rise to sickness of any kind.

This realization is the final goal of psychotherapy. How is it reached? The therapist sees in the patient All that He has not forgiven in Himself and is thus given another chance to look at it, open it to reevaluation and forgive it. When this occurs, He sees His sins as gone into a past that is no longer here. Until He does this, He must think of evil as besetting Him here and now. The patient is His screen for the projection of His sins, enabling Him to let them go. Let Him retain one spot of sin in what He looks upon and His release is partial and will not be sure.

No One is healed alone. This is the joyous song Salvation [die Erlösung] sings to All Who hear its voice. This statement cannot be too often remembered by All Who see Themselves as therapists. Their patients can but be seen as the bringers [Überbringer] of forgiveness, for it is They Who come to demonstrate Their Sinlessness to eyes that still believe that sin is there to look upon. Yet will the proof of Sinlessness, seen in the patient and accepted in the therapist, offer the Mind of Both a covenant in which they meet and join and are as One.

g. The Ideal Patienttherapist Relationship

Who, then, is the therapist and Who is the patient? In the end, Everyone is both. He Who needs healing must heal. Physician, heal Thyself. Who else is there to heal? And Who else is in need of healing? Each patient Who comes to a therapist offers Him a chance to heal Himself. He is therefore His therapist. And every therapist must learn to heal from each patient Who comes to Him. He thus becomes His patient. God does not know of separation. What He knows is only that He has one Son. His knowledge is reflected in the ideal patienttherapist relationship. God comes to Him Who calls and in Him He recognizes Himself.

Think carefully, teacher and therapist, for Whom You pray and Who is in need of healing. For therapy is Prayer and healing is its aim and its result. What is Prayer except the joining of Minds in a relationship which Christ can enter? This is His home, into which psychotherapy invites Him. What is symptom cure, when another is always there to choose? But once Christ enters in, what choice is there except to have Him stay? There is no need for more than this, for it is Everything. Healing is here and happiness and Peace. These are the “symptoms” of the ideal patienttherapist relationship, replacing those with which the patient came to ask for help.

The process that takes place in this relationship is actually one in which the therapist in His Heart tells the patient that All His sins have been forgiven Him, along with His own. What could be the difference between healing and forgiveness? Only Christ forgives, knowing His Sinlessness. His Vision heals perception and sickness disappears. Nor will it return again, once its cause has been removed. This, however, needs the help of a very advanced therapist, capable of joining with the patient in a Holy relationship in which All sense of separation finally is overcome.

For this, one thing and one thing only is required: The therapist in no way confuses Himself with God. All “unhealed healers” make this fundamental confusion in one form or another, because They must regard Themselves as selfcreated rather than Godcreated. This confusion is rarely if ever in awareness or the unhealed healer would instantly become a teacher of God, devoting His Life to the function of True healing. Before He reached this point, He thought He was in charge of the therapeutic process and was therefore responsible for its outcome. His patient’s errors thus became His own failures and guilt became the cover, dark and strong, for what should be the Holiness of Christ. Guilt is inevitable in Those Who use Their judgment in making Their decisions. Guilt is impossible in Those through Whom the Holy Spirit speaks.

The passing of guilt is the True aim of therapy and the obvious aim of forgiveness. In this their Oneness can be clearly seen. Yet Who could experience the end of guilt Who feels responsible for His Brother in the role of guide for Him? Such a function presupposes a knowledge that no One here can have: A certainty of past, Present and future and of All the effects that may occur in them. Only from this omniscient point of view would such a role be possible. Yet no perception is omniscient, nor is the tiny Self of One alone against the Universe able to assume He has such Wisdom except in madness. That many therapists are mad is obvious. No unhealed healer can be wholly sane.

Yet it is as insane not to accept a function God has given You as to invent one He has not. The advanced therapist in no way can ever doubt the power that is in Him. Nor does He doubt its Source. He understands All power in earth and Heaven belongs to Him because of Who He is. And He is This because of His Creator, Whose Love is in Him and Who cannot fail. Think what this means: He has the gifts of God Himself to give away. His patients are God’s Saints, Who call upon His Sanctity to make It Theirs. And as He gives It to Them, They behold Christ’s shining [leuchten] face as it looks back at Them.

The insane, thinking They are God, are not afraid to offer weakness to God’s Son. But what They see in Him because of this They fear indeed. The unhealed healer cannot but be fearful of His patients and suspect Them of the treachery He sees in Him. He tries to heal and thus at times He may. But He will not succeed except to some extent and for a little while. He does not see the Christ in Him Who calls. What answer can He give to One Who seems to be a Stranger, alien to the Truth and poor in Wisdom, without the God Who must be given Him? Behold Your God in Him, for what You see will be Your Answer.

Think what the joining of two Brothers really means. And then forget the world and All its little triumphs and its dreams of death. The Same are One and nothing now can be remembered of the world of guilt. The room becomes a temple and the street a stream of stars that brush lightly past All sickly dreams. Healing is done, for what is perfect needs no healing and what remains to be forgiven where there is no sin?

Be thankful, therapist, that You can see such things as this, if You but understand Your proper role. But if You fail in this, You have denied that God created You and so You will not know You are His Son. Who is Your Brother now? What Saint can come to take You home with Him? You lost the way. And can You now expect to see in Him an answer that You have refused to give? Heal and be healed. There is no other choice of pathways that can ever lead to Peace. Oh let Your patient in, for He has come to You from God. Is not His Holiness enough to wake Your memory of Him?

3. The Practice of Psychotherapy

a. The Selection of Patients

Everyone Who is sent to You is a patient of Yours. This does not mean that You select Him, nor that You choose the kind of “treatment” that is suitable. But it does mean that no One comes to You by mistake. There are no errors in God’s plan. It would be an error, however, to assume that You know what to offer Everyone Who comes. This is not up to You to decide. There is a tendency to assume that You are being called on constantly to make sacrifices of Yourself for Those Who come. This could hardly be True. To demand sacrifice of Yourself is to demand a sacrifice of God and He knows nothing of sacrifice. Who could ask of Perfection that He be imperfect?

Who, then, decides what each Brother needs? Surely not You, Who do not yet recognize Who He is Who asks. There is Something in Him that will tell You, if You listen. And that is the answer: Listen. Do not demand, do not decide, do not sacrifice. Listen. What You hear is True. Would God send His Son to You and not be sure You recognize His needs? Think what God is telling You: He needs Your voice to speak for Him. Could Anything be Holier? Or a greater gift to You? Would You rather choose Who would be God or hear the Voice of Him Who is God in You?

Your patients need not be physically present for You to serve Them in the Name of God. This may be hard to remember, but God will not have His gifts to You limited to the Few You actually see. You can see Others as well, for seeing is not limited to the body’s eyes. Some do not need Your physical presence. They need You as much, and perhaps even more, at the instant They are sent. You will recognize Them in whatever way can be most helpful to Both of You. It does not matter how They come. They will be sent in whatever form is most helpful: A Name, a thought, a picture, an idea or perhaps just a feeling of reaching out to Someone somewhere. The joining is in the hands of the Holy Spirit. It cannot fail to be accomplished.

A Holy therapist, an advanced teacher of God, never forgets one thing: He did not make the curriculum of Salvation [die Erlösung], nor did He establish His part in it. He understands that His part is necessary to the whole and that through it He will recognize the whole when His part is complete. Meanwhile He must learn and His patients are the means sent to Him for His learning. What could He be but grateful for Them and to Them? They come bearing God. Would He refuse this Gift for a pebble or would He close the door on the Savior of the world to let in a ghost? Let Him not betray the Son of God. Who calls on Him is far beyond His understanding. Yet would He not rejoice that He can answer, when only thus will He be able to hear the call and understand that it is His?

b. Is Psychotherapy a Profession?

Strictly speaking the answer is no. How could a separate profession be one in which Everyone is engaged? And how could any limits be laid on an interaction in which Everyone is both patient and therapist in every relationship in which He enters? Yet practically speaking, it can still be said that there are Those Who devote Themselves primarily to healing of one sort or another as Their chief function. And it is to Them that a large number of Others turn for help. That, in effect, is the practice of therapy. These are therefore “officially” helpers. They are devoted to certain kinds of needs in Their professional activities, although They may be far more able teachers outside of them. These People need no special rules, of course, but They may be called upon to use special applications of the general principles of healing.

First, the professional therapist is in an excellent position to demonstrate that there is no order of difficulty in healing. For this, however, He needs special training, because the curriculum by which He became a therapist probably taught Him little or nothing about the real principles of healing. In fact, it probably taught Him how to make healing impossible. Most of the world’s training follows a curriculum in judgment, with the aim of making the therapist a judge.

Even this the Holy Spirit can use and will use, given the slightest invitation. The unhealed healer may be arrogant [überheblich], selfish, unconcerned and actually dishonest. He may be uninterested in healing as His major goal. Yet something happened to Him, however slight it may have been, when He chose to be a healer, however misguided the direction He may have chosen. That “something” is enough. Sooner or later that something will rise [auferstehen] and grow: A patient will touch His Heart and the therapist will silently ask Him for help. He has Himself found a therapist. He has asked the Holy Spirit to enter the relationship and heal it. He has accepted the Atonement for Himself.

God is said to have looked on All He created and pronounced it good. No, He declared it perfect and so it was. And since His Creations do not change and last forever, so it is now. Yet neither a perfect therapist nor a perfect patient can possibly exist. Both must have denied Their perfection, for Their very need for Each Other implies a sense of lack. A One-to-One relationship is not one Relationship. Yet it is the means of return, the way God chose for the return of His Son. In that strange dream a strange correction must enter, for only that is the call to awake. And what else should therapy be? Awake and be glad, for All Your sins have been forgiven You. This is the only message that any Two should ever give Each Other.

Something Good must come from every meeting of patient and therapist. And that Good is saved for Both, against the day when They can recognize that only That was real in Their relationship. At that moment it is the Good returned to Them, blessed by the Holy Spirit as a gift from Their Creator as a sign of His Love. For the therapeutic relationship must become like the relationship of the Father and the Son. There is no other, for there is nothing else. The therapists of this world do not expect this outcome and many of Their patients would not be able to accept help from Them if They did. Yet no therapist really sets the goal for the relationships of which He is a part. His understanding begins with recognizing this and then goes on from there.

It is in the instant that the therapist forgets to judge the patient that healing occurs. In some relationships this point is never reached, although both patient and therapist may change Their dreams in the process. Yet it will not be the same dream for Both of Them and so it is not the dream of forgiveness in which Both will someday wake. The Good is saved, indeed is cherished. But only little time is saved. The new dreams will lose their temporary appeal and turn to dreams of fear, which is the content of All dreams. Yet no patient can accept more than He is ready to receive and no therapist can offer more than He believes He has. And so there is a place for All relationships in this world and they will bring as much Good as Each can accept and use.

Yet it is when judgment ceases that healing occurs, because only then it can be understood that there is no order of difficulty in healing. This is a necessary understanding for the healed healer. He has learned that it is no harder to wake a Brother from one dream than from another. No professional therapist can hold this understanding consistently in His Mind, offering it to All Who come to Him. There are some in this world Who have come very close, but They have not accepted the gift entirely in order to stay and let Their understanding remain on earth until the closing of time. They could hardly be called professional therapists. They are the Saints of God. They are the Saviors of the world. Their image remains, because They have chosen that it be so. They take the place of other images and help with kindly dreams.

Once the professional therapist has realized that Minds are joined, He can also recognize that order of difficulty in healing is meaningless. Yet well before He reaches this in time He can go towards it. Many Holy Instants can be His along the way. A goal marks the end of a journey, not the beginning, and as each goal is reached another can be dimly seen ahead. Most professional therapists are still at the very start of the beginning stage of the first journey. Even Those Who have begun to understand what They must do may still oppose the settingout. Yet All the laws of healing can be Theirs in just an instant. The journey is not long except in dreams.

The professional therapist has one advantage that can save enormous time, if it is properly used. He has chosen a road on which there is great temptation to misuse His role. This enables Him to pass by many obstacles to Peace quite quickly, if He escapes the temptation to assume a function that has not been given Him. To understand there is no order of difficulty in healing, He must also recognize the equality of Himself and the patient. There is no halfway point in this. Either They are equal or not. The attempts of therapists to compromise in this respect are strange indeed. Some utilize the relationship merely to collect bodies to worship at Their shrine and this They regard as healing. Many patients, too, consider this strange procedure as Salvation [die Erlösung]. Yet at each meeting there is One Who says My Brother, choose again.

Do not forget that any form of specialness must be defended and will be. The defenseless [wehrlose] therapist has the Strength of God with Him, but the defensive [abwehrende] therapist has lost sight of the Source of His Salvation [die Erlösung]. He does not see and He does not hear. How, then, can He teach? Because it is the Will of God that He take His place in the plan for Salvation [Erlösungsplan]. Because it is the Will of God that His patients be helped to join with Him there. Because His inability to see and hear does not limit the Holy Spirit in any way. Except in time. In time there can be a great lag between the offering and the acceptance of healing. This is the veil across the Face of Christ. Yet it can be but an illusion, because time does not exist and the Will of God has always been exactly as it is.

Song of Prayer


a. True Prayer

b. The Ladder of Prayer

c. Praying for Others

d. Praying with Others

e. The Ladder Ends


a. Forgiveness of Yourself

b. Forgivenesstodestroy

c. Forgivenessforsalvation


a. The Cause of Sickness

b. False versus True Healing

c. Separation versus Union

d. The Holiness of Healing

Gifts of God

1. The Dream of Fear

2. The Two Gifts

3. The Ending of the Dream

4. Our Gift to God

5. The Father’s Love

My Replacements

B. – B

re – regarding

i.e. – that is

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no-one – no One

Right-Mindedness – Rightmindedness

"...", ' – “...”, ’

MUST – <b>must</b> (change capitalized words into bold)

you, your, yours, yourself, yourselves, thyself, me, my, mine, myself, he, him, himself, his, she, her, herself, i, everyone, everybody, everything, everywhere, we, us, our, ours, ourselves, themself, themselves, self, whom, who, anyone, anybody, anything, someone, somebody, person(s), partner(s), people, individuals, angel(s), stranger(s), neighbor(s), sonship, human being(s), theorist(s), thee, thy, thine, thou, oneself, savior(s) – You, Your, Yours, Yourself, Yourselves, Thyself, Me, My, Mine, Myself, He, Him, Himself, His, She, Her, Herself, I, Everyone, Everybody, Everything, Everywhere, We, Us, Our, Ours, Ourselves, Themself, Themselves, Self, Whom, Who, Anyone, Anybody, Anything, Someone, Somebody, Person(s), partner(s), People, Individuals, Angel(s), Stranger(s), Neighbor(s), Sonship, human Being(s), , Thee, Thy, Thine, Thou, Oneself, Savior(s)

god, man, men, holy, holier, holiest, holy instant(s), divine, divinity, univers..., blessing, life, reality, peace, strength, truth, truly, true, truest, prayer, creator, light, eternity, father, spirit(s), joy, atonement, brother(s), saint(s), salvation, holiness, sanctity, disciple(s), wisdom, resurrection, heart, miracle(s), soul(s), Miracle worker(s), name(s), text, workbook, manual, innocence, sinlessness, right mind, mind(s), altar(s), holy ghost, spiritual eye, vision(s), creation(s), miscreation(s), misthought(s), miscreator(s), untrue, oneness, unities, unity, trinity, welcome, onemindedness, allencompassing, face of Christ – God, Man, Men, Holy, Holier, Holiest, Holy Instant(s), Divine, Divinity, Univers..., Blessing, Life, Reality, Peace, Strength, Truth, Truly, True, Truest, Prayer, Creator, Light, Eternity, Father, Spirit(s), Joy, Atonement, Brother(s), Saint, Salvation, Holiness, Sanctity, Disciples, Wisdom, Resurrection, Heart, Miracle, Soul(s), Miracle Worker(s), Name(s), Text, Workbook, Manual, Innocence, Sinlessness, Right Mind, Mind(s), Altar(s), Holy Ghost, Spiritual Eye, Vision(s), Creation(s), MisCreation(s), MisThought(s), MisCreator(s), UnTrue, Oneness, Unities, Unity, Trinity, Welcome, Onemindedness, Allencompassing, Face of Christ

thoughtsystem, thought-system – thought system

Optional, Großschreiben wenn es sich auf einen Mensch, eine Person, Leute, die Seele, den Verstand, die Sohnschaft, ein Wunder, den Heiligen Geist, das Geistige Auge, einen Altar, das Versöhntsein, die Wahrheit, die Dreieinigkeit, die Liebe oder den Kurs bezieht, oder ein Hauptwort ist. Bei all nur wenn es im Deutschen mit Alles, Allen, Aller, Allem, Alle oder All übersetzt werden kann: these, those, them, they, their, equals, which, another, others, other, both, innocent, two, all, each, individual, forgiven, sinless, innocent, ones, one – These, Those, Them, They, Their, Equals, Which, Another, Others, Other, Both, Innocent, Two, All, Each, Individual, Forgiven, Sinless, Innocent, Ones, One

Optional, wenn es ein Hauptwort ist: real, might, love, course, good, present, miracleminded, lives – Real, Might, Love, Course, Good, Present, Miracleminded, Lives

Optional, Großschreiben wenn es mit "Eins" übersetzt werden kann: one – One

Miracle(s) – Alles was sich auf einen Mensch, eine Person, Leute, die Seele, den Verstand, die Sohnschaft, ein Wunder, den Heiligen Geist, das Geistige Auge, einen Altar, das Versöhntsein, die Wahrheit, die Dreieinigkeit, das Licht, die Heiligkeit, den Urtext oder den Kurs bezieht immer großschreiben, wie z. B. It, Which, That, They, ...

- – –

thought-creations – Thoughtcreations (wenn zwei Worte mit dem - verbunden wurden bitte einfach ein Wort daraus machen.)

() und / nach Möglichkeit eliminieren. Ein “or” oder “and” ist hilfreich.

, or – or

Optional: , and – and/. And

Optional: ; – ,/:/. (Wenn der Text nach dem ; ein eigenständiger Satz ist ein Doppelpunkt und groß weiterschreiben. Ansonsten ein Komma. ; ist irgendwie so hässlich)

Optional: Ego(s), Giver(s), Receiver(s), Healer(s), Psychotherapist(s), Therapist(s), Patient(s), Doer(s), Theorist(s), Professor, Speaker(s), Parent(s), Child(ren), Priestess(es), Teacher(s), Pupil(s), Learner(s), Sister(s), Mother(s), Physician(s) – ego(s), giver(s), receiver(s), healer(s), psychotherapist(s), therapist(s), patient(s), doer(s), theorist(s), professor, speaker(s), parent(s), child(ren), priestess(es), teacher(s), pupil(s), learner(s), sister(s), mother(s), physician(s)

Optional (kursiv bedeutet, es ist wahr, in Anführungszeichen ist es ein Zitat des egos): <i> ... </i> – “ ... ”

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